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Mexicans Protest Disappearance Of 43 Students

Nov. 18
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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An estimated 22,000 people have gone missing in Mexico since 2006. But lately, anger has reached a tremendous pitch in the country as a result of the kidnapping and disappearance of 43 students.

The Impact Of Prop 187, 20 Years Later

Nov. 17
Midday Edition
By Marissa Cabrera
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Proposition 187 was passed 20 years ago. It was aimed at prohibiting people living in California illegally from using health care, public education, or getting other social services.

Texas Court Case Challenges Border Patrol On Roving, Racial Profiling

Nov. 13
Lorne Matalon
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A case now before the courts in Texas may set a precedent in alleged racial profiling cases brought against the Border Patrol.

California DMV Prepares For Rush Of New Immigrant Drivers

Nov. 12
By Jill Replogle
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A new law allows immigrants without legal residency to apply for driver's licenses. The Department of Motor Vehicles expects more than a million applications to roll in next year.

Covered California Works To Insure More Youths, Latinos

Nov. 12
Midday Edition
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Covered California officials say they’re trying new moves to get more people to sign up for health insurance as open enrollment approaches Saturday.

Families Of The Missing In Baja California Protest Students' Disappearance

Nov. 10
By Jill Replogle
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The disappearance of 43 students from a rural teaching college in central Mexico has galvanized family members of missing persons in other states, like Baja California.

Imperial Beach Contaminated By Tijuana River Sewage

Nov. 4
City News Service
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A pollution alert was in effect in Imperial Beach today due to an influx of sewage-fouled water out of Tijuana, authorities said.

Baja California Economy Lagging Behind Rest Of Mexico

Nov. 3
By Jill Replogle
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New statistics show Baja California's economy contracting early this year, though officials say strong agricultural growth has helped counterbalance the poor performance.

Marine Jailed In Tijuana Returns To US After Judge Orders Release

Oct. 31
Associated Press
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A Mexican judge ordered the immediate release Friday of retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He walked across the border at San Ysidro, boarded a private jet at Brown Field and flew home to Florida.

Suspended Chaldean Priest Continues To Work, Awaits Word From Pope

Oct. 24
By Megan Burks
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The Rev. Noel Gorgis will continue serving the Chaldean Catholic Church in El Cajon despite his suspension. The head of the Chaldean church told him and other priests in the U.S. to return to Iraq or leave the church.