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Former U.S. Labor Secretary Visits San Diego To Promote Cross-Border Collaboration

April 13
By Jean Guerrero
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Robert Reich said the cross-border region has the opportunity to tackle its unique inequality problems in a way that can serve as a global model.

US Justice Department To Launch Review Of Calexico Police Department

April 13
By Associated Press
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Calexico Mayor John Moreno said Monday that the federal government was intervening at the city's request in an effort to restore public confidence.

Tijuana Mandates Drug Treatment For Hundreds Of Homeless

April 13
By Jean Guerrero
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About a month ago, Tijuana officials placed hundreds of homeless people in rehabilitation centers, causing concerns about the quality and humaneness of the treatment they'll receive.

Tijuana Police Officers Claim Corruption In The Force

April 10
By Jean Guerrero
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A recent survey of Tijuana police officers shows more than 80 percent of the force acknowledges some level of corruption, according to the University of San Diego's Justice in Mexico.

San Diego Groups Weigh In On Proposed Immigration Bills

April 9
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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This week California Democrats proposed an immigration package consisting of 10 bills aimed at extending health care, legal rights and business protections to immigrants living in the state illegally.

Second Lawsuit Involving San Diego Attorney Briggs Raises Conflict Issues

April 9
By Brad Racino / inewsource and Brooke Williams / inewsource
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An inewsource report shows that attorney Cory Briggs’ personal and professional partner played a key role in an environmental review of a project near the Mexican border. Briggs eventually sued the city of San Diego and a private developer over the project on environmental grounds.

Drug Tunnel Discovered Near Tijuana Airport

April 8
By 10News
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The entrance of the tunnel was built inside of a closet in a house under construction. Nine people were arrested following the discovery of the tunnel.

U.S. Government Holding Fewer Immigrants In Detention

April 6
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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Federal authorities are holding fewer immigrants in detention, a reversal in a decade-long upward trend of locking people up who are in the deportation process. The detainees are facing deportation for various reasons, including committing a crime or being in the U.S. illegally.

Reward Offered For Sinaloa Cartel Member

April 3
By City News Service
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Rene Arzate-Garcia is a high-ranking member of the Mexico-based Sinaloa Cartel. He is wanted for murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

Old American Cars Bound For Guatemala Market

April 2
Lorne Matalon / Fronteras
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There's a great market for old cars in Guatemala. The trick is to get them there through Mexico.