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Covered California Tells Latinos Enrollment Info Isn't Shared With Immigration Authorities

Dec. 3
By Kenny Goldberg
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An estimated 600,000 Latinos in California are uninsured.

San Diego-Based USS Vandegrift Uncovers 875 Pounds Of Smuggled Cocaine

Nov. 26
By Beth Ford Roth
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The San Diego-based USS Vandegrift crew teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard to uncover roughly 875 pounds of cocaine that was hidden on a fishing boat off the coast of Central America.

Advocates Say More Immigrants Eligible For Medi-Cal Under President's Executive Action

Nov. 25
Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio
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Immigrant advocates say more immigrants who are in California illegally will be eligible for Medi-Cal under President Barack Obama’s recent executive action granting them deportation relief and work permits.

San Diego’s Mexican Consulate Pledges Help For Obama’s Immigration Reforms

Nov. 24
By Erik Anderson
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The Mexican Consulate in San Diego is promising to reach out to people who may be eligible for relief under President Barack Obama’s immigration reforms.

Documentary Raises Questions About Mexican Cartel Leader's Arrest

Nov. 21
Evening Edition
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A new documentary — "¿Es El Chapo?" — opened Friday in Chula Vista and raises questions about Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's capture.

San Diego Communities Respond To Obama's Immigration Plan

Nov. 21
By Dwane Brown
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More than two dozen people gathered Friday on the steps of St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown San Diego to talk about the effect President Barack Obama's immigration action orders will have on San Diego families.

Roundtable Analyzes Obama's Plan, Wastewater Recycling and The Millions Given To City Heights

Nov. 21
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
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President Obama announces executive action on immigration, drawing cheers and jeers. The prolonged drought has made it easier to recycle wastewater. And when philanthropists drop billions in one neighborhood, what can they expect?

What Obama's Immigration Actions Mean For Tech Workers

Nov. 20
By David Wagner
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In his executive orders on immigration, President Barack Obama outlined plans for drawing high-skilled workers into the country.

Another Family Makes Claim On John Doe On Life Support

Nov. 21
Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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John Doe was severely brain injured in a car accident near the Mexico/U.S. border more than 14 years ago and has been on life support ever since.

San Diegans React To Obama's Immigration Orders

Nov. 20
By Megan Burks, Jill Replogle
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Some long-term immigrant residents living in San Diego County illegally were comforted by the announcement that people with no criminal records won’t be targeted for deportation.