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Judge Sentences Immigrant Smugglers Who Let Pregnant Woman Die

Feb. 18
By City News Service
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The woman died in the Otay Mountain wilderness. "These smugglers showed a profound lack of humanity when they refused to call for help and left a dying woman alone in the middle of nowhere," U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said.

Obama's Immigration Policy On Hold — What's Next?

Feb. 18
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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President Barack Obama's plan for expanded deportation relief for millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally is on hold after a federal judge issued a temporary injunction.

Border Patrol Agents Shoot At Vehicle In Alpine

Feb. 18
By City News Service
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Agents opened fire after the driver of the vehicle nearly ran down an agent, authorities said.

Judge's Immigration Ruling Leaves San Diegans In Limbo

Feb. 17
By Dwane Brown
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A federal judge in Texas blocked President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration — leaving thousands of immigrants who call San Diego home wondering what will happen next.

Study Sheds Light On Mid-City's 'Unauthorized, Uninsured' Immigrants

Feb. 17
By Megan Burks
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A San Diego State demographer is taking a closer look at City Heights immigrants. A study out this month shows one in four children in the neighborhood has a parent without legal status.

Judge Orders $500K Payment To Man Shot By Border Patrol

Feb. 16
By Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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Few immigrants in the U.S. illegally who are shot by Border Patrol agents survive, and in even fewer cases is an agent found to have used excessive force.

Roundtable Looks At Sempra Vs. Azano, SDPD Pay Raises, Wacky Waterfront Projects

Feb. 13
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
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Bribery accusations highlight the prolonged battle between Mexican businessman Jose Azano and Sempra Energy. Will increased take-home pay mean more San Diego Police Department officers stay here? And what's up with all the waterfront proposals?

Solar Project To Bring Electricity, Money To Rural Mexican Town

Feb. 12
Lorne Matalon / Fronteras
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Boquillas, Coahuila has great potential for building a tourist economy. And now the creation of a solar farm could solve the problem that has stood in the way of growth. The town's lack of energy.

State Dept. Official: Heroin Smuggling Up Because U.S. Cocaine Use Is Down

Feb. 11
By Amita Sharma
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U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield made the comments while in San Diego this week to build partnerships with state and municipal law enforcement.

What Mayor Faulconer's Telling National News Media About San Diego

Feb. 10
By Tarryn Mento
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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer appeared on CNBC, Wall Street Journal Live and Bloomberg during a trip to New York City.