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San Diegans Meet At Andrés Cuban Restaurant For Food, Debate

Dec. 17
By Tom Fudge
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President Obama's plan to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba was a hot topic Wednesday at the San Diego eatery on Morena Boulevard. It's owned by two Cuban-American brothers.

New App To Ease Crossing The Border

Dec. 16
By Dwane Brown
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection is launching a new mobile application that tracks border crossing wait times.

More Benefits Put Immigrants At Risk

Dec. 16
Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio
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California Attorney General Kamala Harris has issued several consumer alerts warning of scams targeting immigrants and their families.

Mexicans Not Convinced Police Takeover Would Solve Corruption

Dec. 15
Lorne Matalon / Fronteras
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Mexico's president wants legal authority to take over municipal governments infiltrated by organized crime.

San Diego's New City Council President Lays Out Priorities

Dec. 15
By Tarryn Mento
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Sherri Lightner, San Diego's new — and first female — City Council president, said she wants to focus on the priorities of her colleagues and address infrastructure, open data and police officer compensation.

San Diego Artists Honor 43 Abducted Mexican Students

Dec. 12
By Jill Replogle
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Artists are joining the cry for justice in the case of students suspected to have been killed by a drug gang in Central Mexico. The art will be displayed at a Saturday evening show.

Mexican And Central American Asylum Rates Remain Low

Dec. 11
Midday Edition
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Many of the young people who surged across the US border this year say they are refugees seeking asylum. A conference in San Diego focuses on how to improve refugee policies.

House Republicans Pass Bill Declaring Obama's Immigration Action 'Null And Void'

Dec. 4
Associated Press
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The Yoho bill was part of a two-part strategy by House GOP leadership to appease conservative immigration hardliners without risking a government shutdown.

Covered California Tells Latinos Enrollment Info Isn't Shared With Immigration Authorities

Dec. 3
By Kenny Goldberg
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An estimated 600,000 Latinos in California are uninsured.

San Diego-Based USS Vandegrift Uncovers 875 Pounds Of Smuggled Cocaine

Nov. 26
By Beth Ford Roth
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The San Diego-based USS Vandegrift crew teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard to uncover roughly 875 pounds of cocaine that was hidden on a fishing boat off the coast of Central America.