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Judge Allows Deported Mexicans To Return For Hearings

Feb. 27
By City News Service
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Hundreds of non-citizens who signed "voluntary return" forms in Southern California and were expelled to Mexico will be given the chance to apply to return to the U.S. and seek legal status,.

San Diego County-Tijuana Kids Send 'Unite For The Sea' Message

Feb. 26
By Jean Guerrero, KPBS News
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Nearly 1,500 children stood to form the words at Borderfield State Park and Playas de Tijuana near the U.S-Mexico border after picking up trash on the beaches.

Falling Price Of Crude Leads To Theft In Texas Oil Patch

Feb. 26
Lorne Matalon / Fronteras
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The decline in the price of crude oil is translating into job losses in the oilfields and the theft of oil, tools and piping by disgruntled workers.

Highly Skilled Immigrant Spouses Can Soon Work In US

Feb. 25
By Jean Guerrero, Associated Press
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The Obama administration announced a visa rule revision that will let spouses of some highly skilled immigrants apply to work in the United States starting this year.

Bipartisan Deal Sets Up Homeland Security Vote In Senate

Feb. 25
By Associated Press
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Approval in the Senate would send the issue to the House, where some conservatives derided the plan as a surrender to the White House. Other Republicans predicted it would clear, but Speaker John Boehner declined to say if he would put it to a vote.

Mexican Millionaire Says Feds Told Him To Flee Amid Political Scandal

Feb. 24
By Amita Sharma
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Businessman José Susumo Azano Matsura is accused of channeling $600,000 into the campaigns of San Diego mayoral candidates and others.

San Diego County Community Clinics Fear Congress Will Cut Funding

Feb. 24
Promise Yee
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Health officials meeting in San Diego this week for the Western Forum for Migrant and Community Health are worried that Congress is considering a 70 percent cut in funding for community clinics that serve the poor.

9th Annual Border Film Week Focuses On Human Side Of Immigration Debate

Feb. 24
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Border Film Week at the University of San Diego's Trans-Border Institute kicks off Tuesday. The focus will be the human stories of immigration.

Man On Life Support For 15 Years In Coronado Dubbed Sixty-Six Garage

Feb. 20
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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The name apparently comes from the garage where a van he was in was taken after it crashed near the Mexican border about 100 miles east of San Diego in June 1999.

Judge Sentences Immigrant Smugglers Who Let Pregnant Woman Die

Feb. 18
By City News Service
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The woman died in the Otay Mountain wilderness. "These smugglers showed a profound lack of humanity when they refused to call for help and left a dying woman alone in the middle of nowhere," U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said.

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