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Nonprofit Helps Murrieta Veteran Grow Farm Business

May 26
By Megan Burks
Tease photo

There's a good chance some of the chicken wings and drumsticks on Southern California barbecues on Memorial Day came from Primal Pastures in Murrieta. The meat farm is growing thanks to a nonprofit called the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Former San Diego Foster Child Becomes Advocate For Change

May 4
Midday Edition
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As May marks National Foster Care Awareness month, former foster youth and author of memoir "Foster Girl" examines reforms in California's foster care system.

After Historic Arguments, Court To Rule On Same-Sex Marriage

April 28
Midday Edition
By Associated Press
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Same-sex couples now can marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia, and the court is weighing whether gay and lesbian unions should be allowed in all 50 states.

Vietnam War Ended 40 Years Ago But Lives On For MIA Families

April 23
By Susan Murphy
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Point Loma's Elaine Zimmer Davis lost her Marine pilot husband in 1969 when his plane was shot down over Vietnam. Capt. Jerry Zimmer is one of 1,600 U.S. service members who is still listed as missing in action from the Vietnam War.

California Assembly Measure Would Expand Family Leave

March 25
By Kenny Goldberg
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California was the first state in the nation to offer paid family leave in 2002. A measure that would expand the program will get its first hearing in the state Assembly next month.

187 Weddings Planned For Valentine's Day At San Diego County Clerk's Office

Feb. 13
By City News Service
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The County Clerk's office will be open with special hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday to conduct wedding ceremonies.

DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: It's Love Day! / Daniel's Love Day Surprise

Feb. 13
By Jennifer Robinson
DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: It's Love Day! / Daniel's Love Day Surprise Tease photo

It's Love Day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Daniel and all of his friends come up with their own special ways to show their love and care for one another. The kids dance, sing, and tell jokes to say "I love you." t's Love Day and Grandpere is coming to visit! How can Daniel find a way to show how much he loves Grandpere? With a treasure hunt, that's how! Daniel hides little hearts all over the house for Grandpere to find... that is, unless little Margaret finds them first! Strategy: Find your own way to say "I love you."

San Diego State Gets $1M Grant To Support Lifelong Learning

Feb. 9
By City News Service
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The grant will go to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SDSU, which offers a variety of university-level courses for people 50 and older.

CURIOUS GEORGE: Happy Valentine's Day, George!/Oh Deer

Feb. 6
By Jennifer Robinson
CURIOUS GEORGE: Happy Valentine's Day, George!/Oh Deer Tease photo

George wants to make his friends the best Valentine's Day card ever, but even with four paws, it takes a long time to create homemade cards for everyone. With a little help from sponge shapes, red paint, and a waffle iron, George creates the first ever monkey Valentine's Printing Press! Then, when a hungry deer keeps nibbling on the flowers in George and Allie's garden, George uses all of his five senses to keep the deer out. But a scarecrow, loud noises, sticky tape, and stinky rotten eggs don't work, leaving George with one last sense -- taste! Will George's recipe keep the deer away or make them hungry for more?

Was Navy Jet's UC Berkeley Fly-By A Brotherly Shout-Out? (Video)

Feb. 2
By Beth Ford Roth
Tease photo

A Navy jet's fly-by the UC Berkeley campus last week left babies crying, dogs barking, and a baffled community in its wake. Now, it turns out the pilot may have been trying to give his brother a shout-out before moving to Texas.

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