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San Diego's First Pediatric Heart Transplant Performed At Rady Children's Hospital

Jan. 22
By Kenny Goldberg
Tease photo

Eric Montaño, 11, is the recipient of the first pediatric heart transplant ever performed in San Diego. But his twin brother is still waiting for a donor.

No-Cost Tax Filing Service For Military Families

Jan. 14
By Beth Ford Roth
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Does the mere thought of having to do your taxes fill you with dread? Well, if you're part of a military family, there's a way to make tax season less painful. The Department of Defense and H&R Block are teaming up to offer no-cost tax preparation for service members and their families.

Prisoner Swap For Camp Pendleton Marine Veteran Held In Iran?

Jan. 14
By Beth Ford Roth
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Amir Hekmati, a Marine Corps veteran who served at Camp Pendleton, has been held against his will in Iran for more than three years. Now his Michigan-based family says Iranian officials want to free him as part of a prisoner swap - an idea they oppose.

Military Families Stationed Overseas Find Commissary Shelves Empty

Jan. 8
By Beth Ford Roth
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Military families stationed in Europe and the Pacific are finding it difficult to get the food and supplies they need from their local base commissaries.

San Diego County To Give Car Seats To Low-Income Families

Jan. 5
By Claire Trageser
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San Diego County plans to give out 1,944 car seats this year to low-income families using a $245,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD: Daniel's Winter Adventure/Neighborhood Nutcracker

Dec. 18
By Jennifer Robinson
DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD: Daniel's Winter Adventure/Neighborhood Nutcracker Tease photo

In “Daniel’s Winter Adventure,” Daniel, Dad, Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday are all going sledding! But once they get to the hill and see how tall it is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad assures them that if they try it a little bit at a time, they might surprise themselves and have a great time. In “Neighborhood Nutcracker,” Daniel is going to see a show called "The Nutcracker Ballet!" Once he arrives at the performance, he finds out that Prince Wednesday is sick and needs Daniel to fill in for him and dance on stage. Daniel is reluctant at first, but realizes that if he learns the steps a little bit at a time, he can dance the Nutcracker and the show will go on!

Peg + Cat + Holidays

Dec. 9
By Jennifer Robinson
Peg + Cat + Holidays Tease photo

This is a special holiday episode of Peg + Cat featuring "The Christmas Problem," "The Hanukkah Problem," and "The Penguin Problem. " This series is designed to engage preschool children and teach them how to solve math-based problems with Peg, a chatty and tenacious five year-old, her feline pal, Cat, and her smart, handsome, cool friend Ramone.

San Diego County Streamlines Adoption Process

Dec. 9
By Dwane Brown
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San Diego County is launching a new adoption campaign to streamline the process and make it easier for empty nesters, singles and non-traditional families to adopt children.

Wife Turns Tables On Marine Husband, Surprises HIM At Camp Pendleton Homecoming (Video)

Dec. 8
By Beth Ford Roth
Tease photo

The video of this surprise military homecoming with a twist has gone viral, garnering more than 1.3 million hits in the last month. It all started when Sara Taylor decided to surprise her husband, Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Fort Taylor, when he returned to Camp Pendleton after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.

NORAD Santa Claus Tracker Website Up And Running (Video)

Dec. 2
By Beth Ford Roth
Tease photo

Santa Claus won't start his journey around the globe for at least another three weeks. But NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has its Santa Tracker website up and running - with lots of games, music, and movies to keep the kiddos busy until the big day arrives.