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The Move To Recall The Mayor

As the scandal surrounding Mayor Bob Filner has grown, so has the call to recall him. If organizers are successful in ousting the mayor from his post, Filner will be the first San Diego mayor to be recalled.

The Latest

Effort To Recall Mayor Filner Officially Launches

The effort to recall embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner officially kicked off today, as petitions were circulated at midnight and volunteers worked at three daytime civic events, capped by a Freedom From Filner rally attended by more than 300 supporters in front of City Hall.

Recall By The Numbers

102,000: Number of signatures needed

Sept. 26: Deadline to qualify for the ballot

800: Number of signature collection volunteers

Group Working To Recall Filner Schedules Signature Gathering Events

Organizers of the campaign to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner announced their schedule of events for Sunday, the first day they can begin gathering signatures.

The Challenges

Councilman Says City Code On Recall Elections Should Be Amended

Councilman Mark Kersey proposed Friday that a San Diego municipal code section on recall elections be amended to bring it into line with state law.

Plenty Of Ways Filner Recall Could Fail

Never in San Diego's history has a mayoral recall seemed more possible. Yet experts say it will still be an extremely daunting feat.

The Organizers

Filner Recall Co-Chairwoman Announces Resignation

An original organizer of the effort to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner announced Tuesday that she has resigned as co-chairwoman of the campaign, but will remain active in coordinating volunteers.

Filner Recall Organizers Pallamary, Corbin Will Combine Efforts

The organizers of two separate efforts to recall Mayor Bob Filner announced Friday they will combine their efforts.

How It Started

Rally Called First Step In Recall Of Mayor Bob Filner

About 100 people gathered in downtown San Diego's Civic Center Plaza for a rally they said was the first step in the process to recall Mayor Bob Filner.