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Appeals Court Hears Arguments On Obama Immigration Action

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The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments over whether President Obama can shield millions from deportation.

ICE Under Fire For Detaining Too Few Immigrants

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Texas Rep. John Culberson, a Republican, says the federal government is required to hold 34,000 immigrant detainees a day, but the Obama administration disagrees with that interpretation of the law.

Tijuana Mandates Drug Treatment For Hundreds Of Homeless

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About a month ago, Tijuana officials placed hundreds of homeless people in rehabilitation centers, causing concerns about the quality and humaneness of the treatment they'll receive.

U.S. Government Holding Fewer Immigrants In Detention

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Federal authorities are holding fewer immigrants in detention, a reversal in a decade-long upward trend of locking people up who are in the deportation process. The detainees are facing deportation for various reasons, including committing a crime or being in the U.S. illegally.

San Diego Tech Companies Seek Visas For Skilled Foreign Workers

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Hundreds of tech companies in San Diego hire skilled foreign workers from abroad. But a cap on visas mean businesses can't attract as much foreign talent as they would like.