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US Immigration Courts Speed Up Children's Cases

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Instead of bumping children to the back of a long line of immigration cases, courts are now giving each child an initial court hearing within three weeks.

San Diego Muslims Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr (Photos)

San Diego Muslims Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr (Photos) Tease photo

Young photographers from The AjA Project, a community arts nonprofit, captured in images local celebrations that marked the end of Ramadan.

Brown: California Willing To Shelter More Migrants

Brown: California Willing To Shelter More Migrants Tease photo

While California Gov. Jerry Brown's three-day visit to Mexico was primarily aimed at business matters, the governor also took on the immigration issue.

Why Nicaraguan Kids Aren’t Fleeing To U.S.

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Nicaragua is Central America's poorest country, yet its children aren't fleeing to the border along with their Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran neighbors. Experts say that's because of the country's low crime rate, effective police force and unique migration history.

Roundtable: Reflecting On Filner, No Shelter In Escondido, Padres And Chargers

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Irene McCormack Jackson reveals what it was like to work for Mayor Bob Filner. Escondido reveals it doesn't want to shelter migrant children. The Padres reveal trades, and the Chargers reveal hopes for 2014.