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What's Behind Trend That Has Mexicans Leaving U.S.

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A study from Pew Research Center found that in recent years the number of Mexicans leaving the U.S. is larger than the number coming to the U.S.

Study Finds More Mexicans Leaving The US Than Coming

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The Pew Research Center found that slightly more than 1 million Mexicans and their families, including American-born children, left the U.S. for Mexico over a five-year period, while 870,000 Mexicans came to the U.S.

San Diego County Supervisors Debate What To Call People In The U.S. Illegally

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A routine item up for consideration by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors led to a debate about word choice when referring to people living in the county without proper documentation.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Delays Use Of Body Cameras

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Customs and Border Protection isn't ruling out the possibility of requiring body-worn cameras in the future, but says it needs more time to study the technology.

San Diego Petition Calls For Body-Worn Cameras For Border Patrol

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Immigrant rights groups have launched a petition calling on President Barack Obama to require body-worn cameras for U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and to discipline those involved in an immigrant's death.