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High Charges Lead San Diego County Schools To Battery Power

Nov. 30
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource
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Electricity bills make up a significant share of the overall cost of running a school. That’s one of the reasons school districts in Poway and Escondido are looking at battery power.

San Diego Energy Study Never Finished

Nov. 23
By Claire Trageser
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The city didn’t pay for the incomplete and tardy study — leaving the funding of the report to an environmental nonprofit. Now it’s clear the city’s decision played out as an example of you get what you pay for.

Airline Curfew Violations At San Diego Airport Often Go Unpunished

Nov. 13
By Chris Young / inewsource
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Since 2010, airlines have broken the curfew a total of 217 times at Lindbergh Field, records from the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority show.

San Diego Unified Accelerates Plan To Air Condition Schools

Nov. 11
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource
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Citing increasing certainty that climate change is making its mark on the region, the top construction planner for the second largest school district in California laid out a plan to expedite air conditioning in every classroom.

New Culprit In San Diego Water Main Breaks — Asbestos Cement

Nov. 10
By Joe Yerardi / inewsource
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Water mains in San Diego broke 306 times from January 2012 through September 2015, wasting an estimated 35 million gallons of water. Nearly three of every five breaks occurred in asbestos cement pipes whose replacement the city has only recently begun to address.

San Diego Teachers: Air Conditioning Classrooms Needs More Attention

Nov. 3
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource
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More than 40 percent of schools in the San Diego Unified School District, the second largest in California, lack full air conditioning. This puts the district in the minority.

Edison Never Told Federal Regulators Of San Onofre Equipment Design Flaw

Oct. 30
By Amita Sharma
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Records show Southern California Edison knew in 2005 about a flaw in the San Onofre nuclear power plant's new steam generator design but omitted that detail in a meeting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Critics say the omission deserves legal scrutiny.

ID Of Man On Life Support At Coronado Facility Remains Elusive

Oct. 29
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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Nursing home staff wants to identity the man who has been on life support for 15 years so he can be reunited with his family. He's been dubbed 66 Garage.

Meters Raise $10,000 For San Diego’s Homeless

Oct. 27
By Chris Young / inewsource
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Next month marks four years since the Downtown San Diego Partnership installed the first donation meter. Since then, the nonprofit group has raised nearly $10,000 using 21 donation stations.

New Map Shows San Diego Classrooms Without Air Conditioning

Oct. 12
Ingrid Lobet / inewsource
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Across San Diego, children and teachers spend long days in classrooms that surpass 90 degrees. San Diego Unified, the state's second largest school district, has 33 schools that lack even a single air-conditioned classroom.

San Diego Company’s New ‘Sweetness Enhancer’ Draws Scrutiny

Oct. 8
By Chris Young / inewsource
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Senomyx's new artificial ingredient promises to help reduce how much sugar Americans consume. But some scientists say we don’t know enough about its safety.

YMCA Investigation Finds No Evidence Of Wrongdoing, Says Board Chairman

Oct. 1
By Amita Sharma
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The YMCA is mum on whether the findings will be revealed.

Details Emerge In Investigation Of YMCA Of San Diego County Management

Sept. 30
By Amita Sharma
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The YMCA of San Diego County is facing turmoil at the top. KPBS previously reported that the YMCA’s corporate board had hired a consultant to oversee an investigation into mismanagement allegations. Here are edited excerpts from an interview with KPBS Investigative reporter Amita Sharma.

Health Experts Debate Masks’ Value In Flu Prevention

Sept. 29
Cheryl Clark / inewsource
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Evidence is sparse that even when worn correctly, flu masks prevent transmission of influenza from a healthcare worker to a patient, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Flu Triggers ‘Vaccinate Or Mask’ Rules At Hospitals

Sept. 28
Cheryl Clark/inewsource
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In hospital settings, roughly 9 percent of health care workers declined the vaccine during the flu season that ended March 31, according to an inewsource survey.

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