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State Lottery A Gamble For San Diegans

April 29
By Joe Yerardi / inewsource
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People spent more than $5 billion on lottery tickets in California last year. And new data shows that many folks playing the lottery in San Diego County are middle income.

Citizen America: Taking The Oath

April 28
Madison Hopkins / inewsource
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Who are the 650,000 people becoming U.S. citizens every year?

Cory Briggs Gets Paid In Sunroad Debacle; No Money Yet To San Diego For Land

April 20
By Brad Racino / inewsource
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The settlement between Sunroad and Briggs called for a $10,000 donation to the city of San Diego in addition to a second payment based on the value of an appraisal. So far, no appraisal has been done.

ICE Under Fire For Detaining Too Few Immigrants

April 17
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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Texas Rep. John Culberson, a Republican, says the federal government is required to hold 34,000 immigrant detainees a day, but the Obama administration disagrees with that interpretation of the law.

Balancing Rights In College Sex Assault Cases

April 15
Midday Edition
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As colleges scramble to do a better job dealing with assaults on campus, are they trampling on the rights of the accused?

San Diego Mayor Calls For Special Derelict Housing Enforcement Team

April 13
By Megan Burks
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Mayor Kevin Faulconer's proposal could mean the city will begin treating substandard housing the way it treats marijuana dispensaries and derelict foreclosures: proactively.

Briggs-Related Nonprofit Sues inewsource, SDSU

April 10
By Brad Racino / inewsource
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San Diego attorney Cory Briggs has been the subject of a recent series of investigative stories by inewsource. A nonprofit Briggs is associated with has now sued inewsource and its executive director, as well as San Diego State University.

Second Lawsuit Involving San Diego Attorney Briggs Raises Conflict Issues

April 9
By Brad Racino / inewsource and Brooke Williams / inewsource
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An inewsource report shows that attorney Cory Briggs’ personal and professional partner played a key role in an environmental review of a project near the Mexican border. Briggs eventually sued the city of San Diego and a private developer over the project on environmental grounds.

San Diego Gets $143K Settlement In Briggs-Cacciatore Conflict

April 7
By Brad Racino / inewsource
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The City Council unanimously approved the settlement with La Mesa-based Helix Environmental Planning, which employed attorney Cory Briggs’ significant other. She also was a vice president in Briggs’ firm when he sued the city over a project Helix had worked on.

U.S. Government Holding Fewer Immigrants In Detention

April 6
By Joanne Faryon / inewsource
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Federal authorities are holding fewer immigrants in detention, a reversal in a decade-long upward trend of locking people up who are in the deportation process. The detainees are facing deportation for various reasons, including committing a crime or being in the U.S. illegally.

Calls To Overturn San Onofre Settlement Intensify Amid PUC Revelations

March 31
By Amita Sharma
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Consumer advocates say emails and seized notes expose a narrative they have long suspected: The California Public Utilities Commission colludes with the power companies it is supposed to regulate.

Briggs Lawsuit, Land Deal End Badly For Family

March 26
By Brad Racino / inewsource and Brooke Williams / inewsource
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Legal and real estate experts question San Diego attorney Cory Briggs' actions in a lawsuit and real estate transaction involving a family in San Bernardino County.

More Contradictions Found In Briggs-Cacciatore Land Records

March 25
By Brad Racino / inewsource and Brooke Williams / inewsource
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San Diego attorney Cory Briggs and his personal and professional partner, Sarichia Cacciatore, have signed contradictory documents about where they live and their relationship — potential felonies according to a prosecutor and mortgage fraud experts.

Ticking Time Bonds: San Diego Homeowners Face Big School District Tax Bills

March 16
By Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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The tax bills, homeowners pay for school bonds, can come to hundreds of dollars a year. And people in some of the poorest districts pay some of the biggest bills.

Helix Environmental: San Diego Attorney's Wife Did Not Disclose Role In His Firm

March 3
By Brad Racino / inewsource and Brooke Williams / inewsource
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The environmental consulting firm that employed attorney Cory Briggs’ wife added another layer to the conflict-of-interest inquiry surrounding the couple, saying it did not know she had a position in Briggs’ law firm.