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Vote On Restrictions To San Diego County Grant Program Put On Hold

Sept. 24
By KPBS News and Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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San Diego County supervisors put on hold Tuesday a vote on restricting gifts and personal recognition from organizations that receive grants through a $10 million fund that supervisors can essentially spend any way they wish, U-T San Diego reported.

San Diego Fails Stormwater Test, Agrees To Millions In Fines And Upgrades

Sept. 22
Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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The city of San Diego is on the hook for as much as $2.5 million in fines and upgrade costs for failing to properly enforce rules that require businesses and the city itself to make sure runoff is filtered before it drains into the ocean and the bay.

Giving Out San Diego County Grants May Become A Thankless Job

Sept. 19
Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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New rules being voted on next week would restrict gifts and personal recognition that county supervisors can receive for doling out taxpayer-funded grants.

San Diegans’ Income Still Below Great Recession Levels

Sept. 18
Joe Yerardi / inewsource
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If you live in the San Diego area and still feel pinched by the Great Recession of 2007-2009, you're not alone.

Peters Vs. DeMaio: Where Things Stand In The Money Race

Sept. 10
Joe Yerardi / inewsource
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Pundits predicted the San Diego County congressional race between Democratic Rep. Scott Peters and Republican Carl DeMaio would be expensive. They were right. Both candidates are over the $2 million mark.

San Diego Unified Got An Armored Vehicle Under Military Surplus Program

Sept. 9
Joe Yerardi / inewsource
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The school district's police department got the MRAP — mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle — for free under the U.S. Defense Department's Excess Property Program, which has come under scrutiny after military equipment from it was used in Ferguson, Missouri.

Gay GOP Luminaries Fuel DeMaio Fundraising Vehicle

Sept. 5
By Joe Yerardi
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While Republican Carl DeMaio trails Rep. Scott Peters in fundraising from PACs, he’s raised lots of money by partnering in joint fundraising committees, which are being funded by big names in the GOP gay rights movement.

Whistleblower Nurse Awarded Damages In San Diego Hospice Suit

Sept. 3
By Joanne Faryon
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A registered nurse who was fired from the San Diego Hospice in 2011 alleges staff were encouraged to find creative ways to admit people into care who weren’t eligible.

San Diego County Supes Accept Gifts And Thanks, Despite Rules To Prevent It

Sept. 2
Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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Organizations that receive grants through San Diego County's Neighborhood Reinvestment Program sometimes give county supervisors gifts and recognition. And some supervisors accept these gratuities, despite rules set up to avoid the appearance of influence buying.

California Lawmakers Approve Stripped-Down Reform For GI Bill Funding

Aug. 29
Aaron Glantz, The Center for Investigative Reporting
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California lawmakers unanimously approved legislation designed to prevent for-profit schools from preying on veterans at taxpayer expense — but not before the bill’s author removed most of its significant provisions.

PACs Back Incumbents; Just Ask Rep. Scott Peters

Aug. 28
By Joe Yerardi
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Two years ago, when Democrat Scott Peters successfully challenged Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray in the 52nd Congressional District, most of the PAC money went to Bilbray. This year, Peters is getting money from 100 PACs that gave to his opponent in 2012.

SDSU Beefs Up Sexual Assault Policies; Critics Ask Why It Took So Long

Aug. 25
By Angela Carone
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While San Diego State University’s incoming freshman class spent the summer saying goodbye to high school friends, the school’s administrators were scrambling to react to a state investigation critical of the university's policies on sexual assault.

Why Three North County Cities Canceled Their Elections

Aug. 21
Leo Castaneda / inewsource
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What happens if a city holds an election and only one person runs? If those cities are San Marcos, Del Mar and Solana Beach, there is no election.

Feds Allege Mexican Billionaire Has Long History Of Criminal Activity

Aug. 20
By Tarryn Mento
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Federal prosecutors say a Mexican billionaire at the center of a campaign finance scandal in San Diego has a long history of criminal activity.

Judge To Decide If NCTD Documents Will Be Made Public

Aug. 15
By Brad Racino
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“The Rady documents” detail the strengths and weaknesses of more than a dozen senior managers at the North County public transit agency. KPBS media partner inewsource has sued for their release.