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Faith & Spirituality

Local University Says No To LGBT Organization

Dec. 17
By Deb Welsh
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Point Loma Nazarene University will not allow an LGBT organization on campus. For many students not only is the decision disappointing, but it's also frustrating.

Elderly Members Of Atheist Group Face Jeers, Fears From Peers

Dec. 5
By Claire Trageser
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A group of retirement center residents in Carlsbad have started a group called Atheists Anonymous. But the group's leader says their reception hasn't been positive.

Parents Considering Legal Action Over School Yoga

Oct. 22
Associated Press

A group of parents are bent out of shape over yoga classes in the Encinitas Union School District.

New Pew Study Explores Link Between Religion And Politics In Latinos' Lives

Oct. 18
By Laurel Morales, John Rosman
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More than half of the country’s Latinos favor allowing same-sex marriage, according to a recent poll by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Sister Helen Prejean, Church Leaders Urge Passage Of Prop 34

Oct. 2
By Tom Fudge
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A dozen San Diego religious leaders joined the author of "Dead Man Walking" in a movement to repeal the death penalty.

Review: 'Inherit The Wind'

Aug. 1
By Beth Accomando
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Last month protesters outside Comic-Con held signs urging people to "Read Their Bible." You will see similar signs in the Globe's new production of "Inherit the Wind" (running through September 25 at the Globe's Lowell Davies Festival Stage). Listen to my radio feature.

Surfing Madonna Finds New Home In Nearby Leucadia

June 27
By Dwane Brown
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One year and three days after a popular glass mosaic was removed from public property north of San Diego in Encinitas, the surfing Madonna has a new home about a mile away from the old site and its already drawing lots of attention.

House Bills Promote Religion At War Memorials

Jan. 25
JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press
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The House on Tuesday passed two bills endorsing the use of religious symbols at military memorials.

Science Vs. Spirituality: An Interview With Deepak Chopra And Leonard Mlodinow

Nov. 29
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow join us to talk about their new book, which presents spiritual and scientifically based views on universal questions.

At 106, Life Is Beautiful For This San Diego Woman

Nov. 22
By Katie Schoolov
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Laura Simon, who will be 106 years old Saturday, shares some of the insights she's gained in over a century of life.

Religious Leader Organizes Communal Meal At Occupy Protest Site

Nov. 21
By Nico Smedley

Attendees of "OCCU-PIE San Diego" are likely to leave Monday's event with a full stomach.

Navigating Food Traditions As A Somali Refugee Family

Oct. 19
By Ruxandra Guidi
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Last year, resettlement workers assisted more than 5,000 new refugees to San Diego; most of them ended up in City Heights. Among many things these newcomers have had to adjust is their diet.

The "Quantum Leap" Between Religion And Science

Oct. 4
Midday Edition
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Dr. Dean Nelson, founder of the journalism program at Nazarene University, speaks about his recent book on renowned theoretical physicist, John Polkinghorne.

Who Are The Rastafari?

June 29
Midday Edition

We will be providing discussion and insight into the very small religion of the Rastafari. Who are the most vital historic figures? What tenets does it prescribe to? And how do they respond to the public view of the Rastafari?

What Is Scientology?

June 7
Midday Edition

We will be providing a forum to discuss one of the most controversial religious traditions of modern American times- Scientology.

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