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Culinary Events

Hawaiian-Themed Beer Dinner At The Grill At Torrey Pines

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 The Lodge at Torrey Pines, 11480 N Torrey Pines Rd La Jolla, CA

San Diego Cloud9 Singles Speed Dating 20's & 30's At Jake's On 6th Wine Bar

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Jake's On 6th Wine Bar, 3755 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

MiraCosta College Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Thursday, April 24, 2014 MiraCosta College, 1 Barnard Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056

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Will Troops Ever Get Pizza As An MRE? (Video)

Oct. 25
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2013/oct/25/will-troops-ever-get-pizza-mre-video/
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The dreaded MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) has been dubbed everything from "Meals Rejected by Everyone," and "Meals, Rarely Edible," to the more vulgar "Meal Ready to Expel." But there soon may be a reason to celebrate where MREs are concerned. Pizza may finally become an MRE dining option for the U.S. military.

Military Commissaries Reopen After Government Shutdown Forced Closure

Oct. 7
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2013/oct/07/military-commissaries-reopen-government-shutdown/
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Stateside military commissaries forced to shut their doors because of the government shutdown are once again open for business. The Pay Our Military law allowed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to recall many Department of Defense employee furloughs, giving the commissaries the workers they needed to open back up.

Is San Diego Craft Beer Creating A Beer Culture?

Sept. 13
By Beth Accomando
1 Comment /news/2013/sep/13/san-diego-craft-beer-creating-beer-culture/
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San Diego is something of a beer mecca drawing people from around the world with nearly 70 licensed breweries making an exceptionally diverse array of craft beers. So the question I explored for KPBS Arts Spectrum is, are San Diego craft breweries creating a beer culture?

Best Of Home Post: Soldiers In Afghanistan React To Change In Breakfast Service

Sept. 10
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2013/sep/10/home-post-soldiers-afghanistan-react-change-b/
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After I wrote a post about an internet rumor that troops in Afghanistan were no longer getting hot breakfasts, the soldiers themselves began to write Home Post with their personal experiences. Originally posted January 15, 2013.

BEERology, New Exhibit Explores The History of Beer

Aug. 29
Midday Edition
0 Comments /news/2013/aug/29/beerology-new-exhibit-history-beer-opens-museum-ma/
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From hunter-gatherers to hipsters, BEERology takes visitors through the science and history of beer making around the world.

How Fish Tacos Crossed The Border

Aug. 26
By Adrian Florido
1 Comment /news/2013/aug/26/how-fish-tacos-crossed-border/
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In the 1970s, Ralph Rubio and friends from San Diego State University went camping in a small Baja California beach town. This is event would become the catalyst for popularizing the fish taco.

Commissary Officials Cancel September Worldwide Case Lot Sale

June 28
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2013/jun/28/commissary-cancel-september-case-lot-sale/
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Sequestration budget cuts have prompted the Defense Commissary Agency to cancel its September case lot sale worldwide. During case lot sales, commissaries sell cases of items to shoppers at a discount.

Military Moms Seeing Red Over Ketchup Gate 2013

June 6
By Beth Ford Roth
3 Comments /news/2013/jun/06/military-moms-arms-over-ketchup-gate-2013/
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A Washington Post article suggesting military families are taking advantage of the American taxpayer because they pay wholesale costs on food items like ketchup has many military moms seeing red.

From Garden To Plate: Summer Camp At Suzie's Farm

June 5
Midday Edition
0 Comments /news/2013/jun/05/garden-plate-summer-camp-suzies-farm/
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Many San Diego-area children are headed to summer camp during their break from studies. At Suzie's Farm, they'll be getting their hands dirty taking food from the garden to their plates.

Food Foraging Movement Taking Root In San Diego

June 3
Midday Edition
0 Comments /news/2013/jun/03/food-foraging-movement-taking-root-san-diego/
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A foodie movement in San Diego is moving from beyond locally-grown and into the wild.

San Diego's Food Network Star Stacey Poon-Kinney

May 30
Evening Edition
0 Comments /news/2013/may/30/san-diegos-food-network-star-stacey-poon-kinney/
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Running The Trails Eatery is tough work but being a finalist in a reality TV show can be even more challenging. Stacey Poon-Kinney prepares for her Sunday debut as one of 12 finalists for Food Network Star.

Craft Breweries Debut New Beer On Memorial Day To Raise Money For Military Families

May 24
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2013/may/24/craft-breweries-beer-memorial-day-homefront-ipa/
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Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido is one of nine craft breweries nationwide that helped create Homefront IPA, a new beer debuting Memorial Day. Proceeds from the sale of the beer will be donated to Operation Homefront.

Military Commissaries To Close Mondays Due To Sequestration

May 24
By Beth Ford Roth
7 Comments /news/2013/may/24/military-commissaries-close-mondays-sequestration/
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The effects of sequestration are about to hit home for many military families. The Pentagon announced today most military commissaries will soon be closed on Mondays.

Rants And Rave: Bugs and Beer!

May 2
By Beth Accomando
0 Comments /news/2013/may/02/rants-and-rave-bugs-and-beer/
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Since I covered the opening of the Dr. Entomo's Palace of Exotic Wonders at TheNAT I feel a certain affinity for anything creepy and crawly going on over there, so naturally I attended the Bugs and Beer event last night.