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Women’s History Month Local Hero Shara Fisler Helps Youth Become Scientific Leaders

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Shara Fisler thrives at her job. She is the executive director for the Ocean Discovery Institute, an educational program she founded 15 years ago, in order to empower young people ... Read more

Women’s History Month Local Hero Starla Lewis is a Champion for Love

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Children love pretend games and Starla Lewis was no different. She remembers when she was a child living with her grandmother in Springfield, Missouri, playing a game with her cousins ... Read more

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Globe's 'The Twenty-Seventh Man' Finds Inspiration In Soviet History

Feb. 27
By Beth Accomando, Maureen Cavanaugh, Katie Schoolov
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For the Globe’s new production of "The Twenty-Seventh Man" (running through March 22), playwright Nathan Englander found inspiration in an incident known as the Night of the Murdered Poets that took place under Stalin’s regime.

Comedian Maz Jobrani Discusses 'Memoirs Of A Middle Eastern Funnyman'

Feb. 17
Midday Edition
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Iranian-American actor and comedian Maz Jobrani tells his story about growing up as an Iranian immigrant in Southern California.

Aztec Printing Owner Shares His Memories Of The Chicano Movement

Feb. 13
By Marielena Castellanos
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As Aztec Printing closes its doors, the pictures on its walls tell a story of struggles, protests and victories in the Chicano Movement in San Diego.

Warning: 'Avenue Q' Contains Full Puppet Nudity

Feb. 6
By Beth Accomando, Katie Schoolov
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Coronado Playhouse just extended its run of the musical "Avenue Q" through March 7. But don't be fooled by the cute puppets, this show is not for kids.

San Diego Jewish Film Fest Celebrates A Quarter Century

Feb. 4
By Beth Accomando
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Fifty shorts, 48 features and documentaries, 10 days and five venues — the 25th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival promises lots of choices and diversity.

Blind Camp Pendleton Marine Vet Competing In Marathon Via Wheelchair (Video)

Feb. 3
By Beth Ford Roth
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In 2009, Marine veteran Staff Sgt. James Carey lost his sight and his ability to walk when he almost drowned during training at Camp Pendleton. Carey has already competed in three marathons, with the help of his fellow Pendleton Marines. Now Carey has moved to Phoenix, where he plans to participate in that city's marathon.

Dr. Gail Knight Inspires as First African-American Woman Chief of Staff at Rady Children’s Hospital

Black History Month 2015 Honoree

Feb. 2
By Monica Medina
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In Dr. Gail Knight’s office is a wall of photos of patients she has treated. They are mementos of childhood milestones—birthday celebrations, family vacations and graduations. Though she hasn’t treated most of them in years, Knight's pride in them shines through. The pride in knowing that through her work these children are thriving.

First Women's Studies Department Founder On A Life Committed To Feminism

Jan. 29
Midday Edition
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Carol Rowell Council co-founded the first Women's Studies Department in the world at San Diego State University in 1970.

US Marine's Bid To Get Murder Charges Dropped In Death Of Transgender Filipina Rejected

Jan. 27
By Beth Ford Roth
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An attempt by U.S. Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton to get murder charges against him dropped in the death of a transgender Filipina has failed. A Department of Justice panel in the Philippines rejected Pemberton's appeal in the murder case of Jennifer Laude.

Black History Month Local Heroes Jones & Wooten Strengthen Bonds Between Fathers and Children

Black History Month 2015 Honorees

Jan. 26
By Monica Medina
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Andre Jones and Aaron Wooten know first-hand the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. Jones grew up with his father, Wooten did not; and though their lives took different paths because of it, the two have come together to run Father2Child. The program has one goal: to strengthen the bonds between African-American fathers and their children.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: What To See

Jan. 22
By Rebecca Romani
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which promises at least one story with a local angle, starts Thursday night at the Museum of Photographic Arts. Here's a rundown of the film schedule.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival At Museum of Photographic Arts Aims To Make A Difference

Jan. 22
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival returns to the Museum of Photographic Arts for its fifth year Thursday night.

USS Carl Vinson Crew Member Advises Aspiring Blue Angels (Video)

Jan. 21
By Beth Ford Roth
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The Blue Angels are hiring new crew members. But exactly what does it take to make the Navy's elite flight demonstration squadron? One former Blue Angel now serving aboard the USS Carl Vinson has some words of advice for those aspiring to make the team.

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