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Local Heroes

Women’s History Month Local Hero Shara Fisler Helps Youth Become Scientific Leaders

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Shara Fisler thrives at her job. She is the executive director for the Ocean Discovery Institute, an educational program she founded 15 years ago, in order to empower young people ... Read more

Women’s History Month Local Hero Starla Lewis is a Champion for Love

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Children love pretend games and Starla Lewis was no different. She remembers when she was a child living with her grandmother in Springfield, Missouri, playing a game with her cousins ... Read more

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Podcast Episode 42: Feminist Western And Horror Film List

Oct. 29
By Beth Accomando
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Feminist western barely qualifies as a subgenre since there are so few entries but "The Keeping Room" (opening Oct. 30 at Landmark's Ken Cinema) offers a strong entry.

Podcast Episode 33: SDFF Auteur Award Recipient Brit Marling

Sept. 30
By Beth Accomando, Nicholas McVicker, Katie Schoolov
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The 14th Annual San Diego Film Festival will hand out its tribute awards on Saturday, with Brit Marling receiving its Auteur Award.

Controversial German Director Leni Riefenstahl Inspires 'Amazons And Their Men'

Sept. 18
By Beth Accomando, Katie Schoolov
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Diversionary Theatre has a new artistic director who wants to showcase new works. But "Amazons and Their Men," the first play of the 30th anniversary season, looks to the past to find insights into the future.

LGBT Pride Month Local Hero Christine Kehoe Improves Quality of Life for San Diegans

LGBT Pride Month 2015 Honoree

June 8
By Monica Medina
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Becoming a politician was the last thing on Christine Kehoe’s mind when she was growing up in Troy, New York. She didn’t even run for student government at her high school. Yet in 1993, Kehoe would open doors, becoming the first member of the LGBT community to hold an elected office in San Diego.

Jewish American Heritage Month Local Hero Virginia Gordon is a Lifelong Activist

Jewish American Heritage Month 2015 Honoree

May 4
By Monica Medina
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Throughout her life, Virginia Gordon’s passion for activism has been front and center. She remembers how her grandmother Sadye was deeply involved in Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, and served as an organizer for Youth Aliya, an organization that was founded during World War II to bring Jewish children out of Germany and relocate them to England and Palestine.

Jewish American Heritage Month Local Hero Robin Rady Helps Cancer Patients Get Organized with ‘Binder of Hope’

Jewish American Heritage Month 2015 Honoree

May 1
By Monica Medina
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Four years ago, Robin Rady was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though it was caught early, it’s the kind of news that could have been enough to put anyone in a deep funk or a tailspin. But Robin, who is known for her warmth and positive energy, searched for clarity and calm. She found it in a binder–and that binder ended up seeing her through one of the toughest periods of her life, a time filled with surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and so much more.

San Diego Women Fought For Role In 1915 Expo At Balboa Park

April 23
By Tom Fudge
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Historians explain how the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, which created the Balboa Park we know today, was also a touchstone of the women’s movement in San Diego.

14 Films In 4 Days: My Experience At TCM Classic Film Festival

April 2
By Beth Accomando
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This past weekend I watched 14 feature films and a handful of shorts in less than four days at the TCM Classic Film Festival, and it reminded me why I fell in love with movies in the first place.

FilmOut Presents High Art And Low Camp With Karen Black Double Feature

March 17
By Beth Accomando
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Actress Karen Black died in August 2013. FilmOut San Diego on Wednesday night will pay tribute to her great range with a double feature at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinemas.

San Diego Jewish Film Fest Celebrates A Quarter Century

Feb. 4
By Beth Accomando
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Fifty shorts, 48 features and documentaries, 10 days and five venues — the 25th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival promises lots of choices and diversity.

Dr. Gail Knight Inspires as First African-American Woman Chief of Staff at Rady Children’s Hospital

Black History Month 2015 Honoree

Feb. 2
By Monica Medina
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In Dr. Gail Knight’s office is a wall of photos of patients she has treated. They are mementos of childhood milestones—birthday celebrations, family vacations and graduations. Though she hasn’t treated most of them in years, Knight's pride in them shines through. The pride in knowing that through her work these children are thriving.

First Women's Studies Department Founder On A Life Committed To Feminism

Jan. 29
Midday Edition
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Carol Rowell Council co-founded the first Women's Studies Department in the world at San Diego State University in 1970.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: What To See

Jan. 22
By Rebecca Romani
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The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which promises at least one story with a local angle, starts Thursday night at the Museum of Photographic Arts. Here's a rundown of the film schedule.

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