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Local Hero Vickie Turner Dreams With Her Eyes Open

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For Vickie E. Turner, becoming a lawyer wasn’t a childhood dream, but as an accountant for the Las Vegas Gaming Commission, she felt that something was lacking and wanted more. ... Read more

Child of Nature, M. Eloise Battle, Works to Preserve Tecolote Canyon

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Most people seem to have a phobia about rats, and that's just what the boys in M. Eloise Battle's school were counting on the day they tossed a large, dead ... Read more

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Review: San Diego Latino Film Festival's Un Mundo Extraño

March 13
By Beth Accomando
1 Comment /news/2014/mar/13/review-san-diego-latino-film-festivals-un-mundo-ex/
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The San Diego Latino Film Festival kicks off it’s 21st season tonight. But while it’s easy to fill the house with opening and closing night crowd pleasers, I suggest getting out of your comfort zone and checking out the bizarre world of Un Mundo Extraño.

Cosmetologist Tessie Bonner Saves Lives Through Breast Cancer Prevention

Black History Month 2014 Honoree

Jan. 31
By Monica Medina
1 Comment /news/2014/jan/31/cosmetologist-tessie-bonner-saves-lives-through-br/
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Tessie Bonner considers herself a "church lady," given that her religious beliefs are at the core of who she is and how she lives her life. But Bonner, whose friends and close associates tend to also think of her as "the little engine that could," seems to be so much more than any one label.

Preview: Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Jan. 23
By Beth Accomando
1 Comment /news/2014/jan/23/preview-human-rights-watch-film-festival/
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Human Rights Watch wants to use film to make a difference in the world. The organization’s film festival returns to the Museum of Photographic Arts tonight for the fourth year.  

San Diego Woman Named Navy Medical Sailor Of The Year

Jan. 21
By Beth Ford Roth
0 Comments /news/2014/jan/21/san-diego-navy-medical-sailor-year-/
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Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (SW/AW) Monica M. Reeves is the 2013 Navy Medicine Sailor of the Year. Reeves works at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Review: 'The Punk Singer'

Dec. 5
By Beth Accomando
0 Comments /news/2013/dec/05/review-punk-singer/
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“The Punk Singer” (opening Dec. 6 at the Digital Gym Cinema) is a documentary focusing on Kathleen Hanna, the dynamic lead singer of Bikini Kill. She was a feminist and activist who mysteriously stopped singing in 2005.

Sisters Behind The Camera: Arab Women Directors At Arab Film Fest

Nov. 16
By Rebecca Romani
3 Comments /news/2013/nov/16/sisters-behind-camera-arab-women-film-directors-sa/
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More Arab women are occupying the director's chair and one documentary short by Sara Ishaq of Yemen, screening at the San Diego Arab Film Festival has been short listed for an Oscar.

Rose-Margaret Orrantia Finds Purpose in Helping American Indian Foster Youth

American Indian Heritage Month 2013 Honoree

Oct. 29
By Monica Medina
0 Comments /news/2013/oct/29/rose-margaret-orrantia-finds-purpose-helping-ameri/
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Rose-Margaret Orrantia has spent a lifetime working to help American Indian children in the foster care system. After all, helping children is where her heart has led her. And helping to place these children in American Indian homes has been her way of giving back to her community and ensuring its future.

Behind The Scenes: 'Logan Heights'

Sept. 20
Evening Edition
2 Comments /news/2013/sep/20/behind-scenes-logan-heights/
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Last weekend, playwright Josefina Lopez had two plays running in San Diego, the politically charged "Detained in the Desert" at the La Jolla Playhouse’s Shank Theater and the highly personal "Logan Heights" at Onstage Playhouse. The productions reveal the role community theater plays in telling these stories.

Fabiola Navarro, Local Hero & Human Rights Activist

Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 Honoree

Sept. 13
By Monica Medina
0 Comments /news/2013/sep/13/fabiola-navarro-local-hero-human-rights-activist/
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The world is filled with injustice. All you need do is pick up a newspaper or go online and you’ll find a litany of human rights violations—victims of torture and kidnappings, people being sent to prison camps by their own government, women suffering untold abuse at the hands of their husbands or fathers while authorities look the other way, and children being forced into labor and prostitution. Here in San Diego, Chilean-born Fabiola Navarro sees fighting such human rights violations as a life-long cause.

Andrea Skorepa Advocates for San Ysidro

Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 Honoree

Sept. 13
By Monica Medina
1 Comment /news/2013/sep/13/andrea-skorepa-advocates-san-ysidro/
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Andrea Skorepa is a Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero who lives and breathes San Ysidro – both as a passionate advocate, and as a life-long resident of the town by the border.

Review/Interview: 'The East'

June 14
Evening Edition
0 Comments /news/2013/jun/14/reviewinterview-east/
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Corporations that refuse to be held accountable for their actions are taken to task by an anarchist group in the new indie film, “The East," which opened June 14 at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas and AMC La Jolla.

Video: 'American Mary' Q&A

June 4
By Beth Accomando
0 Comments /news/2013/jun/04/video-american-mary-q/
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Over the weekend, The Film Geeks kicked off a late night film series at The Digital Gym Cinema with "American Mary." Here is a video of the post-film Q&A with filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska.

Preview: 'American Mary'

May 29
By Beth Accomando
0 Comments /news/2013/may/29/preview-american-mary/
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A new late night film series kicks off this Friday at the Digital Gym’s micro cinema. It’s being presented by a group of programmers and myself and we call ourselves the Film Geeks. The first film is “American Mary” (screening May 31 and June 1 at 10pm) and represents tour dedication to genre films that push the envelope.