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San Diego Gang Stories Retrospective

Feb. 17
By Maureen Cavanaugh, Ana Tintocalis

What's the gang world like in America's Finest City? For several months, KPBS reporter Ana Tintocalis has been compiling a series of reports that she calls San Diego Gang Stories. It explains local gangs through the eyes of the people who come in contact with them. For the next hour, we'll bring you a special report that incorporates this series of Gang Stories.

Roundtable Reviews the SDPD, Baja Press Problems, Salton Sea Crisis

March 20
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer, Neiko Will
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The results of the federal audit of the SDPD are in. Government leaders in Baja are accusing a newspaper chain of extortion. And the Salton Sea is still in deep trouble and the consequences more apparent.

San Diego Gangs Outsourcing Pimping Duties To Women

Feb. 9
By Amita Sharma
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The women serve as enforcers who still turn tricks — but they reap none of the profits and are used to shield pimps from police scrutiny.

San Diego Rapper Pleads Not Guilty To Gang Conspiracy Charge

Dec. 4
By California Capitol Network
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The nine local shootings connected to Duncan's case occurred between May 2013 and February of this year.

San Diego Rapper Faces Life Sentence For Album

Dec. 4
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Rapper Brandon Duncan, who goes by the name "Tiny Doo," is on trial today in connection with a string of gang-related shootings. His connection to the alleged crimes: a rap album.

Dozens Arrested In Imperial County Drug Bust

Oct. 21
By Jill Replogle
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Authorities arrested 43 people in predawn raids Tuesday that prosecutors said are linked to a large-scale methamphetamine and heroin trafficking organization in Imperial County.

'Los Palillos' Boss Gets Nine Life Terms For Killings, Kidnappings In San Diego

Oct. 14
Kelly Wheeler / City News Service
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Los Palillos splintered off from Tijuana's Arellano Felix drug cartel in 2002. It set up operations in San Diego, murdering nine people.

Council Supports Initiative To Fight San Diego Gangs But Requests Details

Sept. 29
Midday Edition
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To address gang activity, the city’s Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention proposed a new initiative that begins as early as preschool.

A Letter Parents Don't Want To Get From The Cops: Your Kid's In A Gang

May 7
By Megan Burks
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Parents can protest the gang designation, but KPBS found recently that the 10 parents who received the letters from the San Diego police didn't challenge the finding.

San Diego Gang Notification Letters Are A Win For Transparency — And So Far Not Much Else

April 28
By Megan Burks
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A new law lets parents step in before police add their child's name to a statewide gang database. So far, no one has taken the cops up on the offer.

45 West Coast Crips Gang Members Arrested In San Diego

April 24
By City News Service
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The arrest of 45 San Diego gang members is expected to dramatically improve public safety in El Cajon and Spring Valley.

San Diego County Responds To Growing Link Between Childhood Trauma And Health

April 8
By Megan Burks
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As statewide conversations on childhood trauma grow, San Diego health, welfare and education leaders push service providers to get "trauma-informed."

The Scope Of San Diego's Gang Problem

April 2
By Megan Burks
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For a city whose gang problem pales in comparison to so-called gang capitals Los Angeles and Chicago, we sure have been talking about gangs a lot lately. Here's a primer on San Diego's gang landscape.

Bringing Legitimacy – And Money – to San Diego Street Outreach Workers

March 25
By Megan Burks
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Tasha Williamson, an activist and educator schooled in fighting gangs in Los Angeles, is using her street skills to battle gang violence in San Diego. She's one of dozens of street outreach workers new group License to Serve is working to organize and support.

‘At-Risk, Whatever That Means’: Who Actually Needs Gang Intervention

March 18
By Megan Burks
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A street outreach worker in San Diego says the term "at-risk" is too vague and too broadly applied — sometimes to the detriment of those truly in danger of becoming entrenched in gang life.

San Diego Police Helping End Gang Retaliation With Text Messages

March 17
By Megan Burks
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The San Diego Police Department shares real-time information on gang homicides so former gang members can work to stop retaliation — starting at the hospital.

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