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Bill Aims to Make It Easier to Prosecute Child Sex Traffickers

Aug. 12
By Amita Sharma

One bill before the state legislature would recognize the role mental manipulation plays in the crime.

San Diego County Probation Opens New Office

Aug. 9
By Alison St John

San Diego County opened a new, expanded probation office in Chula Vista this week. It will serve two purposes.

Central Valley Gang Crackdown Results In 100 Arrests

June 8
By California Capitol Network

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has announced more than 100 arrests as the culmination of an anti-gang operation in the Central Valley.

Studying At The School Of Hard Knocks

May 18
These Days
Tease photo

An SDSU Professor is about to host his 100th student field trip to some of California's toughest prisons. We'll find out why he does it.

Modern-Day Slavery In San Diego County?

April 28
These Days

Federal authorities have indicted 38 people in gang-run prostitution ring in Oceanside. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy called the operation "modern-day slavery." We'll find out why teen prostitution has been called a growing problem across the country.

From Gang Member To College Student With Positive Peer Influence

April 20
By Padma Nagappan
Tease photo

A free tutoring program helps troubled teens turn their lives around and win scholarships to college.

Stronger Penalties For Gang-Related Crimes Proposed By San Diego Law Makers

April 8
City News Service

A bill co-sponsored by San Diego-area lawmakers to add pimping, pandering and human trafficking to a list of crimes associated with street gangs will receive its first vetting by an Assembly committee next week.

Drug Gang Crackdown Leads To 45 Arrests In SD

March 1
City News Service

A nationwide crackdown on drug gangs led to 45 arrests in San Diego County, federal authorities said today.

From Juvenile Hall To The Classroom

Feb. 15
By Ana Tintocalis

A recent report finds nearly half of teenage boys arrested in San Diego County are gang members. When they return home from juvenile hall, they are faced with living a normal lifestyle, which includes going back to school.

SD County Uses Graffiti Database To Nab Vandals

Jan. 27
By Ana Tintocalis

Graffiti vandals in San Diego County could face stiffer penalties if they're caught painting public property. That's because the county now relies on a digital database to prosecute taggers.

Local Gang Members Become 'Foot Soldiers' Of Drug Cartels

Jan. 25
By Ana Tintocalis
Tease photo

San Diego street gangs historically lay claim to their own neighborhoods. But investigators say their allegiance now extends beyond their own turf and across the U.S.-Mexico border.

SD County Supervisors Look To Crack Down On 'Gang Pimps'

Jan. 11
By Ana Tintocalis

San Diego County will lead the way in trying to aggressively punish and prosecute so-called “gang pimps” in California. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to sponsor new state legislation in Sacramento.

Gang Members Make Up Half Of SD Male Juvenile Arrests

Jan. 5
City News Service

Nearly half of the arrested male juveniles surveyed in San Diego County in 2009 were current gang members, according to a study released today by the San Diego Association of Governments.

US Firearms Officials Want To Track Semi Automatic Sales

Dec. 20
By Amy Isackson

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms wants to monitor the sale of semi-automatic weapons in states along the U.S.-Mexico border to help control drug cartel violence.