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Keeping Accounts Secure When Russian Hackers Steal More Than A Billion Web Credentials

Aug. 6
By Tarryn Mento
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If you’ve been on the web recently, you probably have heard about a Russian hacking gang that stole more than a billion user names and passwords. Here's how to beef up your security.

How The Ebola Serum Traveled From San Diego To West Africa

Aug. 6
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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The serum used to treat two American aid workers infected with the Ebola virus was developed based on research conducted in San Diego.

2 Aid Workers Receive Experimental Ebola Serum From San Diego Biotech

Aug. 4
By KPBS , City News Service and Associated Press
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Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, infected with Ebola while working in West Africa, were given ZMapp, a drug created by Mapp Biopharmaceutical in San Diego.

An Afterlife For California's Offshore Oil Rigs?

July 29
By David Wagner
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They look ugly and lifeless from the shore. But beneath the water's surface, offshore oil rigs in California harbor rich ecosystems that some people want to want to preserve.

New CPR App Unveiled By San Diego Officials Monday

July 28
By Erik Anderson, City News Service
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The PulsePoint app is designed to get help to victims of sudden cardiac arrest in the critical moments before paramedics arrive. Only 8 percent of such patients survive, according to county officials.

Hoping To Save On IT Costs, California Joins The 'Cloud'

July 25
Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio
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The state of California is turning to the “cloud” for its computing and data storage needs. It launched a cloud computing system Thursday for use by state and local government agencies.

Scripps Research Institute President Stepping Down

July 22
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Less than two weeks after ending talks aimed at merging with a major university in Southern California, the Scripps Research Institute has announced the resignation of its president, Mike Marletta.

'Cujo' The Robotic Mule Helps Marines Take A Load Off (Video)

July 14
By Beth Ford Roth
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A robotic mule - affectionately named "Cujo" by the Marines in charge of testing it - is getting its first try at helping troops carry heavy loads as part of RIMPAC 2014 in Hawaii.

Scripps Research Institute Ends Merger Talks With USC

July 9
By City News Service
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The merger would have allowed the Scripps Research Institute to receive less of its $310 million annual operating budget from the National Institutes of Health, and would have added to USC's prestigious life-science institutes.

Sally Ride's Public And Private Life Shared In New Biography

July 9
Midday Edition
Evening Edition
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Former ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr discusses her new biography "Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space."