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Fledgling San Diego Biotech Pledges Not To Make Money

June 19
By Kenny Goldberg
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Drugs & Diagnostics For Tropical Diseases, or DDTD, develops tests that detect whether someone is infected with worms.

San Diego Study: Trans Fats Linked With Memory Problems

June 17
By David Wagner
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Men under 45 who ate more trans fats did worse on a memory test, according to a new study out of UC San Diego.

Red Crab Invasion At San Diego Beaches May Signal Coming El Niño

June 12
By Susan Murphy
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Massive numbers of small red crabs that normally inhabit the warm waters off of Baja California have invaded San Diego’s beaches — from Ocean Beach to La Jolla.

Court Rules San Diego Company’s Prenatal Test Patent Invalid

June 12
By David Wagner
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Ruling says Sequenom should not have received a patent on a test that detects fetal abnormalities using maternal blood samples.

San Diego Autism Researchers Are Testing A New Use For An Old Drug

June 11
By David Wagner
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UC San Diego is launching a clinical trial to test a century-old drug in patients with autism.

UCSD Researchers Find Gene Mutation Causing Black-And-White Vision

June 8
By David Wagner
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San Diego researchers have helped pinpoint a gene underlying a rare eye disorder that causes patients to see the world in black and white.

San Diegans Make Apps For National Day Of Civic Hacking

June 5
By Claire Trageser
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The local version of the National Day of Civic Hacking is organized by open government advocacy group Open San Diego. Community members will work on apps to avoid street sweeping tickets and find the best nearby parks.

San Diego Biotech Company: Don't Call Our Crop A GMO

June 4
By David Wagner
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Cibus is hoping to cater to a growing demand for non-GMO food, while holding on to the benefits of genetic engineering.

UC San Diego Study Offers Insight Into Bee Colony Collapse

June 3
Midday Edition
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For a decade now, we've been hearing about the phenomenon of bee colony collapse and significant bee die-offs. Now a new study may shed light on one piece of that puzzle.

In Virtual Reality, San Diego Scientist Sees Tool To Help The Visually Impaired

May 29
By David Wagner
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Virtual reality can be more than just fun and games, according to a UC San Diego doctor using a cheap new headset with patients in mind.