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NORAD Santa Claus Tracker Website Up And Running (Video)

Dec. 2
By Beth Ford Roth
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Santa Claus won't start his journey around the globe for at least another three weeks. But NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has its Santa Tracker website up and running - with lots of games, music, and movies to keep the kiddos busy until the big day arrives.

3-D Printers Add Dimension To The College Experience

Nov. 28
By Nathan John
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SDSU's Love Library will soon have an open, free 3-D printing studio. The goal: to get students hooked on the technology and materialize their ideas.

What Obama's Immigration Actions Mean For Tech Workers

Nov. 20
By David Wagner
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In his executive orders on immigration, President Barack Obama outlined plans for drawing high-skilled workers into the country.

Detailed Picture Of ZMapp Shows Room For Improvement

Nov. 18
By David Wagner
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San Diego researchers have published the most detailed picture yet of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp, and the images suggest the formula could be improved.

California Sea Stars May Be Victims Of A Virus

Nov. 17
By David Wagner
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Researchers have identified a virus as the most likely cause behind millions of sea star deaths along the Pacific coast.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department Ends Facebook Page

Nov. 17
Associated Press
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The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has taken down its Facebook page after a man accused it of violating his free speech rights and sued for deleting his comments.

How A San Diego Researcher Aims To Predict Military Suicides

Nov. 13
By David Wagner
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Researchers say a computer model they've built could help identify Army soldiers most likely to commit suicide.

San Diego Researchers Measure Ice Shelf Stress In Antarctica

Nov. 12
By David Wagner
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Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers made the difficult trek to Antarctica in order to study the continent's largest ice shelf.

'Tooth Fairy' Brings Insight To San Diego Autism Researchers

Nov. 11
By David Wagner
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San Diego researchers are using donated baby teeth to get a look inside the autistic brain.

San Diego Scientists Discover Root Of 10-Year-Old Girl's Severe Epilepsy

Nov. 6
By City News Service
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Scientists mapped the DNA of a 10-year-old girl and discovered a DNA mutation that leads to a severe form of epilepsy.