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San Diego Scientists Can Turn Memories Off And On Like A Light Switch

June 2
By David Wagner
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San Diego neuroscientists have figured out how to instill a memory in a mouse, then erase that memory, and then reactivate it.

Video Artist Cy Kuckenbaker Cuts Up Everyday Scenes Of San Diego

May 20
By David Wagner
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Cy Kuckenbaker's videos have racked up millions of views online, but they don't scream "viral." They're built on everyday images of San Diego, reshuffled meticulously to collapse time.

Saved From Auction Block, San Diego Museum Fossils Headed To Kansas

May 12
By David Wagner
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Following protests over its initial plan to auction them off, the San Diego Natural History Museum has donated a collection of prehistoric fossils to a museum in Kansas.

What's The 511? New San Diego Traffic App Unveiled By SANDAG

May 9
By Katie Schoolov
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A new app that provides real-time traffic information for commuters on Interstate 15 was released Friday by San Diego's regional planning agency.

Scientists Coming To San Diego To Talk About Roots Of Human Violence

May 8
Midday Edition
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Men have been at the forefront of human aggression and violence since pre-historic times, now UC San Diego and Salk Institute are bringing scientists from around the world to San Diego to examine why. A public symposium will be held May 16.

Could A Smartphone App Train You To Speed Read? Not So Fast

May 8
By David Wagner
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New tech startups promise to help readers get through entire books in a single hour. But will any of these speed reading apps actually work?

San Diego Scientists Add Two Letters To DNA Alphabet

May 7
Midday Edition
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Scripps researchers have taken DNA's four familiar building blocks — A, T, C and G — and added two new ones: X and Y.

NOAA To Commission Newest Research Vessel In San Diego

May 1
By Susan Murphy
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The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Friday is set to commission its newest research vessel, the Reuben Lasker, at the Navy Pier in San Diego.

San Diego Researcher Discovers The Best Way To Ask For Help

April 30
By David Wagner
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If you ever need help with something, choose your words wisely. A new study out of UC San Diego shows actions are strongly influenced by language.

Study: Tech Industry Fueled 23% Of San Diego Economy In 2013

April 29
By City News Service

San Diego rates highly in seven tech sectors like biomedical products, biotech, environmental technology and recreational goods, compared to other U.S. cities, according to a recent study.