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Somalis Settling In San Diego, Challenges Remain

Somalis Settling In San Diego, Challenges Remain

Sept. 27, 2010
Multimedia Feature

San Diego has one of the largest Somali communities in the nation. Many Somalis are immigrating to the U.S. from Mexico. Their circuitous path is raising concerns among intelligence officials at a time when the Somali terror group, al-Shabab, is recruiting from the U.S.

  • Gangs

    Featured Section

    What's the gang world like in America's Finest City? For several months, KPBS reporter Ana Tintocalis has been compiling a series of reports that she calls San Diego Gang Stories. It explains local gangs through the eyes of the people who come in contact with them. For the next hour, we'll bring you a special report that incorporates this series of Gang Stories.

  • Life In Prison: The Cost Of Punishment

    Featured Section

    This Project Envision documentary explores the cost of California’s "tough on crime" legislation. Hosted by Joanne Faryon, the 30-minute video gives you an inside look into three state prisons, including the California Medical Facility. CMF houses the oldest and sickest inmates in the state. "Life In Prison" aired on January 25, 2010, on KPBS Television.

  • War Comes Home

    War Comes Home

    Sept. 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    More than 100,000 active duty sailors and Marines are based in San Diego County, as well as more than 240,000 veterans. We know more Department of Defense dollars are spent in San Diego than in any other county. What is less clear is how our community is affected by the aftermath of war in our military families.

  • Food: A Project Envision Documentary

    Featured Section

    "Food" is a 30-minute documentary that follows your dinner from the plate to the field, farm and ocean. The investigation reveals some surprising facts about the modern food chain. You may be surprised how far your oranges have traveled, what's in your farmed salmon, and why your chicken breasts are so large these days.

  • Teens and Duct Tape: Drug Smugglers' Latest Tactic

    Teens and Duct Tape: Drug Smugglers' Latest Tactic

    Sept. 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    Drug smugglers along the U.S. Mexico border are using a new tactic to sneak their contraband into the U.S. They're recruiting Jr. high and high school students, some as young as 13 years old. KPBS border reporter Amy Isackson reports on this growing trend.

  • Special Coverage: Swine Flu

    Special Coverage: Swine Flu

    Oct. 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    Millions of Americans have been infected with swine flu, and the outbreak is continuing to spread. Currently, 46 states have widespread flu, including California, and the president has declared a national emergency. KPBS will provide on-going coverage of the situation in San Diego County and around the world.

  • Facing the Mortgage Crisis

    Facing the Mortgage Crisis

    Aug. 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    The mortgage crisis is a perfect storm of economic and market forces. The magnitude of the crisis and its ripple effect is felt throughout our society. Here we present a look at those forces, what is being done, and what resources are available to you.

  • Port's Maritime Losses

    Port's Maritime Losses

    July 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    For most of its 46-year history, the Port of San Diego's marine operations has run at a loss of about $80 million. Port officials say maritime has made money for the past three years. But critics say that profit is the result of an accounting maneuver. Since 2004, the port has transferred millions of dollars in real estate revenue into maritime. Port Chief Financial Officer Jeff McEntee defends the transfers and says the leases are for businesses connected to maritime.

  • Hepatitis C & IV Drug Users

    Hepatitis C & IV Drug Users

    July 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    Millions of Americans are infected with hepatitis C. The disease is the number one cause of liver cancer and liver transplants. Hepatitis C is spread by blood-to-blood contact. IV drug users are at the highest risk of hepatitis C infection. This four-part series take a look at hepatitis C, and how San Diego and New York have different approaches to battling the virus.

  • Wildfires

    Featured Section
  • San Diego's DNA: Military Roots

    San Diego's DNA: Military Roots

    June 2009
    Multimedia Feature

    San Diego's DNA: Military Roots explores the region's history through the stories and personal artifacts of remarkable San Diegans. The 30-minute documentary features vignettes of six veterans whose personal accounts create a unique narrative.

  • KPBS Comic-Con News

    Featured Section

    KPBS Comic-Con News is your inside source for all things Comic-Con. A motley crew of KPBS staff and associates join forces to bring you the best of the Con.

  • San Diego's Evolving Downtown

    San Diego's Evolving Downtown

    Jan. 2010
    Multimedia Feature

    Downtown San Diego was once a place to avoid. But now it’s become a destination. In a new series, KPBS reporter Katie Orr looks at how San Diego’s urban core has changed over the years and what the future holds.

  • Border Battle

    Featured Section

    More than 350 people were killed in Tijuana during the last few months of 2008. Drug cartels were locked in a historic war to control the city and its key smuggling corridor to the billion dollar U.S. drug market. This project is a snapshot of that period. We go beyond the body count to show what these deaths say and how this war hits home in San Diego.