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10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre

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The 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre is a multi-faceted venue that features a 107 seat black box theatre for live performances and movie screenings, an art gallery, private studios for artists, and the Top Of The 10th rooftop skydeck with a fantastic view of the downtown San Diego skyline. The 10th offers artists of all types the opportunity to get those masterpieces out to the San Diego art lovers. Whether its a live production, a movie, an art exhibit, or a combination of all three, the 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre presents art to the "10th" degree.

The 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre was established in 2007. With the help of Sledgehammer Theater and Eveoke Dance Company the first floor was transformed into a viable entertainment venue. The old sloped floor of the building’s sanctuary was changed to a level floor suitable for a wide variety of theatrical and dance productions. A versatile lighting grid was hung. All the necessary theatrical equipment was loaded in and the arts were thriving at 930 10th Avenue.

From the staged productions in the 1st floor theatre all the way up to the artistic endeavors of the resident artists on the 3rd floor, the 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre strives to support the arts in San Diego. The Centre is proud to be an affordable, vibrant haven for artists to develop, create, and showcase their masterpieces. The 10th is the artistic hub of the East Village and we welcome artists and their patrons to join us in the sharing of art.

Check out the different floors online at the 10th Avenue Theatre available for rental!

Transportation: San Diego Trolley stops two blocks away. The City bus lines stop one block away.

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