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    National News

  • Ugandan LGBT Activist Recommended For Asylum In U.S.

    Sept. 21, 2014
    By Tom Dreisbach / NPR

    John Abdallah Wambere applied for asylum in the U.S. after Uganda passed a harsh anti-gay law earlier this year. His application has now been recommended for approval, pending a background check.

  • Mission To Study Mars' Climate Reaches Next Step

    Sept. 21, 2014
    By Joe Palca / NPR

    Tonight, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft will arrive at Mars to study the thin Martian atmosphere to give scientists a better idea of why the Martian climate changed so dramatically billions of years ago.

  • Snowden Reveal Makes Israeli Spies' Protest An American Issue

    Sept. 21, 2014
    By NPR Staff / NPR

    Forty-three veterans of Unit 8200, Israel's secretive surveillance organization, say they were directed to spy indiscriminately on Palestinians. Were they using intelligence gathered by the NSA?

  • Thousands Of Refugees Flee Syria In Chaotic Scene At Turkey's Border

    Sept. 21, 2014
    By Bill Chappell / NPR

    While a U.N. agency reported about 70,000 refugees this weekend, a Turkish official says 100,000 Syrians have entered Turkey in the past week. Fighters from ISIS are closing in on the border.

  • Man Caught At White House Is An Army Veteran

    Sept. 21, 2014
    By Bill Chappell / NPR

    Omar J. Gonzales, the 42-year-old man who the Secret Service says ran onto the White House grounds and entered a door Friday night, is an Army veteran who served in Iraq.