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The project

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Incoming is a podcast from So Say We All, a performing arts nonprofit, and KPBS. The show aims to provide a platform for true stories from America’s military — about their experiences leaving war and transitioning back to civilian life.

The show's creators endeavor to capture these stories with full knowledge that American veterans who served in the "Forever Wars" have died as a result of suicide than combat, on a markedly disproportionate scale.

That is why the creators dedicate this project to those who never came home.

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The preview


Trailer, Incoming

Incoming is a podcast from the KPBS Explore Project about military life. Full season coming soon.

The music

All the music you hear on Incoming was performed by local artists just for these stories.

Chris Warren: lead composer, audio editor, software and assorted noisemakers

Ariana Warren: woodwinds

Kristopher Apple: violin and electronics

Christian Kjeldsen: electronics

A.F. Jones: guitar and electronics

Charlie Arbelaez: tenor saxophone

Nakul Tiruviluamala: piano

Nicolee Kuester: french horn

Sol Jorge Moscol: guitar

Tim Koch (aka 10:32): composer, outro song, "Blue Little"