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Stories by Adrian Florido

A Day In The Imperial Valley Helping Migrants Unseen

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Volunteers with the Water Station leave water for migrants crossing California's Imperial Valley desert.

Construction On Airport Terminal Linking Tijuana To San Diego Is Off The Ground

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A 500-foot bridge will allow travelers using the Tijuana airport to walk over the border fence directly into San Diego.

California Grants Driver's Licenses To Immigrants Living In US Illegally

The governor signed a bill that will make California the 10th state in the nation, plus Washington D.C., to grant driver's licenses to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Unleashing Boy Scouts To Counter Drug Cartels

The United States has started funding community programs in Mexico in an effort to prevent young people from joining drug cartels.

Construction On Border Crossing Continues Despite Government Shutdown

SAN DIEGO - Construction will continue on the ongoing expansion of the San Ysidro border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego despite the temporary United States government shutdown.

Construction On Border Crossing Continues Despite Government Shutdown

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The expansion of the port of entry between San Diego and Tijuana is the busiest land border crossing in the world.

Border Patrol Trucks To Get Dashboard Cams

The Associated Press reports that the Department of Homeland Security will begin testing the use of dashboard cameras in U.S. Border Patrol trucks.

Border Apprehensions Increase For Second Consecutive Year

The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of apprehensions of people caught trying to illegally enter the United States has increased for the second straight year.

Border Patrol Trucks To Get Dashboard Cams

The move comes amid growing allegations about unnecessary use of force by Border Patrol agents.

Border Apprehensions Increase For Second Consecutive Year

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Federal data shows the number of people caught trying to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border increased for the second straight year.

Number Of Undocumented Immigrants In U.S. May Have Grown

Pew researchers say the number of undocumented immigrants may have grown from 11.2 million to 11.7 million.

Calculating The Cost Of Thursday's Border Shutdown

Teachers protesting a proposed education reform bill in Mexico shut down the commercial border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego for 90 minutes.

California Immigrant Protection Law Passes State Senate

SAN DIEGO - The California State Senate has passed Assembly Bill 4 -- better known as the TRUST Act. If signed into law, the bill will protect many immigrants arrested for minor crimes in California from deportation.

San Francisco Could End Immigrant Detentions

San Francisco County appears ready to make it illegal for local jails to detain people suspected of being in the country illegally and turn them over to immigration agents.

Cross-border Airline Terminal Under Construction

Construction is beginning on the cross-border airline terminal that will give travelers easier access to the Tijuana airport form the San Diego side.

Cases Test The Border Patrol's Police Powers

Several ongoing court cases are testing the authority that United States Border Patrol agents have to enforce laws not within their jurisdiction.

How Crossing The Border Can Get Your Laptop Confiscated

A report by The New York Times sheds light on how the United States government has routinely confiscated and searched the computers and electronic devices of people entering the U.S., even without a search warrant.

How Crossing the Border Can Get Your Laptop Confiscated

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A little-known exception to the Fourth Amendment allows customs officers to confiscate, without a warrant, the computers of suspected criminals.

California Immigrant Protection Law Passes State Senate

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If signed into law, the bill will protect many immigrants arrested for minor crimes in California from deportation.

Construction Begins On Cross-Border Airport Terminal

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The terminal will provide direct access to Tijuana's airport from the San Diego side of the border.

Advocate For Tijuana Deportees Dies At 67

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Micaela Saucedo labored daily to improve the lives of people stranded in Tijuana after being deported from the U.S.

Ex-Tijuana Police Chief Banned From Office For 8 Years

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Julián Leyzaola's tenure was controversial for his aggressive strategy against drug cartels and crime in general.

California TRUST Act Moving Toward Passage

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The TRUST Act has been called the anti-Arizona bill, because it seeks to prevent the kind of collaboration between local police and federal immigration agents that's been so controversial in Arizona.

How Fish Tacos Crossed The Border

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In the 1970s, Ralph Rubio and friends from San Diego State University went camping in a small Baja California beach town. This is event would become the catalyst for popularizing the fish taco.

San Diego Police Chief Endorses TRUST Act

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The TRUST Act would restrict cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents.

Deported Migrants Cope After Tijuana Police Destroy Their Homes

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Hundreds of migrants deported from the U.S. were evicted from the Tijuana River canal where they lived, but some are returning.

US Brings Charges To Disrupt Pact Between Cartel, L.A. Gang

Officials say the partnership between a major Mexican drug cartel and a Los Angeles street gang would have created a meth distribution system in Southern California.

Officials Destroy Makeshift Homes Along Tijuana River

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Many of the people living in shacks or dug-out holes along the river were people deported from the U.S.

Region's Poets Convene In Tijuana

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The fourth annual festival in Tijuana brings together Mexican and America poets.

Tijuana's Mayor Takes Issue With State Department's Tijuana Travel Warning

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Mayor says much of Tijuana's crime is committed by people the U.S. deports to his city.

Protesters Oppose The Senate's Proposed 'Border Surge'

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Protesters gathered nationwide Wednesday, including in San Diego, to oppose a Senate proposal they say would unacceptably militarize the U.S.-Mexico border.

Choice Of Napolitano As UC President Gets Mixed Response From Immigrant Advocates

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The Homeland Security Secretary has a record of supporting undocumented students, but that's not enough for many immigrant advocates.

Mexico May Ease Restrictions On Foreign Ownership Of Property

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Supporters say a Mexican constitutional amendment allow non-U.S. citizens to more easily buy coastal property would spur tourism.

New Trend May Draw U.S. Manufacturers To Mexico

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Mexico's close proximity to the U.S. and cheaper labor may draw U.S. manufacturers out of China.

Supreme Court Ruling Brings Relief To Gay Bi-National Couples

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The Supreme Court's ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act doesn't legalize gay marriage nationwide, but it does require the federal government to recognize marriages carried out in states where it is legal, which has big implications for immigration law.

In Tijuana, A Breakfast Hall For The Stranded

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The Padre Chava breakfast hall serves more than 1,100 people every morning, most are deportees from the U.S. But many have one thing in common — a desire to return.

Census Data Shows Growth In Multiracial Population

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The growth rate of multiracial Americans is far outpacing the growth of the U.S. population as a whole.

ACLU Opposes Anonymity For Border Agents Accused Of Abuse

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Government says accused border agents' names should remain secret in court, but the ACLU disagrees.

After Deportation to Tijuana, Many Lives Quickly Slide Into Despair

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The trajectory from recent deportee to homeless and destitute can be swift for people dropped off in border cities without money or ties.

Hulu Web Drama Targets Latino Teen Audience

"East Los High" follows the lives of Latino teenagers in East Los Angeles, and the pressures they face from sex, violence and bullying.

Census: Immigration Will Be Main Driver Of U.S. Population Growth

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Immigration is expected to account for more of the nation's growth than births on United States soil by 2038.

Hazard Crossing: Researchers Assess Health Impacts of Long Border Waits

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They hope their findings will influence better border infrastructure design.

Report Scrutinizes New Border Patrol Punishments

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A widely touted Border Patrol initiative to send migrants back to Mexico far from the points they are caught entering the U.S. illegally has one of the worst track records at discouraging people from trying again, according to a new study.

Man Convicted of Drug Smuggling Will Get New Trial

The Tijuana perfume salesman, who said he didn't know drugs were in the car, won an appeal after the government destroyed evidence in the case.

11 Million Immigrants: What's In A Number?

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Eleven million has become the most cited statistic in the immigration reform debate. We take a closer look at the number.

Restaurant Owners Weigh In On E-Verify

A survey by the National Restaurant Association found that restaurant owners are generally supportive of the system for checking employees' eligibility to work.

San Diego, Tijuana Hope For First Binational Olympics

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee confirmed San Diego-Tijuana want to host the 2024 Summer Games.

A Rusted Gate In The Border Fence Opens For The First Time

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The gate was built into the border fence for maintenance, but has never been opened. Activists swung it open Sunday — briefly — in a gesture of binational friendship.

With Immigration Reform Pending, Calls For An End To Workplace Audits

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Hundreds of people marched through downtown San Diego on Friday, calling on President Barack Obama to stop workplace immigration enforcement until an immigration reform bill is passed.

ACLU Sues California Over English Instruction In Schools

Grossmont Union High School District is among the schools singled out for not providing adequate English instruction to foreign language speakers.

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