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Stories by Adrian Florido

How Do Mexicans Feel About The Corona-Budweiser Merger?

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The U.S. Justice Department has settled an antitrust lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch InBev. That clears the way for the world's largest brewer to buy out Grupo Modelo, the Mexican company that makes Corona beer. How do Mexicans feel about the merger?

Border Patrol Agent Acquitted of Abuse Charges

Agent Luis Fonseca had been accused of beating and choking an immigrant at a Border Patrol station.

LGBT Couples Not Satisfied With Immigration Bill

Binational LGBT spouses had hoped to gain immigration rights, but senators excluded them from their bill.

Both Sides Find Things To Like, Hate About Immigration Bill

Immigrant rights activists and business groups say the bill is a good first step, but they'll still lobby for changes.

President's Budget Requests Border Expansion Funding

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Nearly $300 million of the federal budget would go to expand border crossings in San Diego and Laredo, Texas.

Labor Unions Have A Big Stake In Immigration Reform

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Unions hope legalization for 11 million immigrants without authorization will make organizing those immigrants easier.

Border Patrol Postpones Staff Furloughs

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The agency had warned of long border waits and fewer agents on the ground, but those haven't come to pass.

Trial Underway In San Diego For Alleged Drug Gang Leaders

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Two alleged leaders of a San Diego drug gang with roots to the Arellano-Felix drug cartel in Tijuana are on trial in San Diego for multiple murders. The trial could take a year, at a time when the county court system is dealing with massive budget cuts.

San Diego Trial Begins for Alleged Drug Gang Leaders

The defendants are alleged members of a splinter group of Tijuana's Arellano-Felix cartel.

A Decade After War's Start, Iraqi Refugees Are Transforming A California Town

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Since the start of the Iraq War, more than 11,000 Iraqis have arrived in the city of El Cajon, east of San Diego.

Study Aims For Fuller Picture of Cross-Border Arms Trafficking

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University of San Diego researchers say the problem of cross-border arms trafficking is worse than previously thought, but their findings come with caveats.

San Diego Leaders Tackle Immigration Reform

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As Congress and the White House continue to work on a comprehensive immigration-reform package, a coalition of San Diego leaders today are launching a joint local campaign.

Court Limits Border Agents' Ability To Search Personal Computers

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A federal court has ruled that border agents can only go so far when it comes to searching border crossers' digital devices without reasonable suspicion of a crime.

Declining Interest In 'Chicano Studies' Reflects A Latino Identify Shift

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For the second semester in a row, San Diego State University's Chicano Studies department has fallen short of enrollment targets, despite a record number of Latinos on campus.

Mexican Union Boss Accused of Embezzlement Has San Diego Ties

Mexican federal prosecutors say the union boss bought two homes in Coronado and spent more than $2 million at Fashion Valley's Neiman Marcus store, all with stolen money.

Tijuanans Throw Birthday Party For A Pothole

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An online video shows Tijuana youth celebrating a pothole's birthday to pressure the city to complete repairs.

Gay Couples Push For Inclusion In Immigration Reform Bill

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The law that makes it easy for a U.S. citizen to adjust a spouse's immigration status doesn't apply to gay couples, who want that addressed as immigration reform takes shape.

Border Patrol Says Its Drones Not Being Used In Dorner Manhunt

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The report originally appeared in the U.K.'s Daily Express newspaper.

Drug Violence In Mexico Dropped In 2012

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The number of homicides dropped to between 20,000 and 25,000 last year, and between 45 to 60 percent of those were organized-crime-style murders.

ICE Fines San Diego, Imperial County Businesses More Than $173,800

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fined 10 businesses in San Diego and Imperial counties more than $173,800 for hiring “unlawful” employees.

A Quarter-Century Later, 1986 Amnesty Still Informs the Immigration Debate

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In the 1980s, immigration reform was described as a three-legged stool: amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and border and workplace enforcement to prevent future ones.

Farmers And Advocates Want Guest Worker Reform

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As talk of immigration reform heats up, farmers want to streamline the guest worker program, while advocates generally oppose it.

Border Apprehensions Reach Record Lows In San Diego

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Tougher border security in San Diego has driven would-be border crossing migrants east, to the deserts of Arizona and Texas.

Tijuana Opens City's First Composting Center

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A Tijuana nonprofit is opening the city’s first composting center with U.S. funding as part of an effort to reduce waste that affects both sides of the border.

City Of San Diego To Open Tijuana Office In February

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The mayor's staff in Tijuana will focus on encouraging binational economic development.

Man, Dog Traverse U.S.-Mexico Border For Charity

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Tom Fremantle and his adopted street dog Pancho walked 1,000 miles, crisscrossing the border between CIudad Juarez and Tijuana.

Long Border Waits Test Patience, But Relief May Be On The Way

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The wait to cross into San Diego from Tijuana can top three hours on weekdays and five on weekends, straining crossers' sanity, bladders and the regional economy.

2012: Top Mexico Border Stories

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KPBS takes a look at the news made at the U.S.-Mexico border this year with our Fronteras Desk reporters Adrian Florido and Jill Replogle.

Activists Protest Paving Of Tijuana Creek

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Activists are fighting to save a natural watershed that runs through some of Tijuana's poorest neighborhoods from concrete.

Border Patrol To Stop Translating For Local Police

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Advocates had criticized the agency for allegedly using its interpretation services as an opportunity to deport people.

Arrests Made In Large California Drug Trafficking Operation

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Fifteen arrests were made this week as the result of an investigation into a large drug trafficking operation.

Latina Takes A Top Post At San Diego ACLU

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Norma Chavez-Peterson's appointment to associate director signals the ACLU's growing focus on Latino civil rights.

U.S. Companies Sending Used Lead Batteries To Mexico

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Commission for Environmental Cooperation finds costlier U.S. regulations have led companies to send batteries south of the border for recycling.

Even as Tijuana Tourism Diversifies, Plaster Piggy Banks Retain A Slot

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Batman! Hello Kitty! Santa Claus! They're all for sale, cast in plaster, as you wait to cross the border.

Latino Voter Registration Surges Before Election

About 40 percent of new voters registered in San Diego County since February have been Latino, according registrar statistics.

In Bilbray-Peters Race, Immigrant Activists Try Making Their Mark

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The race for the 52nd Congressional District is among more than a dozen that immigrant rights activists are focusing on nationwide.

Escondido Settles Lawsuit Over Checkpoint Monitors

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After ACLU lawsuit, Escondido agrees not to disperse protesters who stake out public sidewalks to record police conducting checkpoints.

Immigrant Activists Putting Pressure On Bilbray

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DREAM Act supporters protested outside Congressman Brian Bilbray's office Thursday, and an immigrant rights coalition started running radio ads against him.

Now Entering Mexico -- But First, Turn Right

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Cars leaving San Diego and entering Tijuana are finding the exit from the U.S. doesn't line up with the entrance to Mexico.

Prop. 35 Would Throw The Book At Human Traffickers

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Proposition 35 would send sex traffickers to prison for up to a life term.

DHS To Investigate Use Of Force By Border Patrol

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The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing border patrol use of force guidelines. The move is prompted by an increase in deaths in recent years.

Reprieves For Young Undocumented Immigrants Start Trickling In

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Last week Ana Mendoza got something she'd never had: recognition from the federal government.

20 Years Later, Environmentalists Still Unhappy With NAFTA

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NAFTA opened the border to rapid industrialization, but implemented only limited provisions for dealing with the environmental fallout.

Cartel Member Charged With Constructing Tijuana-San Diego Drug Tunnels

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Jose Sanchez Villalobos is accused of building and operating the most sophisticated drug tunnel ever discovered along the U.S.-Mexico border.

California Governor Vetoes TRUST Act, Grants Licenses To Young Undocumented Immigrants

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The TRUST Act would have limited cooperation between local police and federal agents to deport undocumented immigrants.

Calls For Change On Border Patrol Practices Along U.S.-Canada Border

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The Immigration Policy Center claims Border Patrol agents are helping translate for local police as a pretext for deporting people.

Civil Rights Group: Voter ID Laws Could Disenfranchise Minorities

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A nonprofit's survey found that additional voting requirements in 23 states could conspire to keep Latinos and other minorities from the polls.

California Launches Online Voter Registration

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The new system aims to reach out to California's six million eligible citizens who are not registered to vote.

Court Overturns Smuggling Conviction, Citing Deportation Of Key Witness

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals faulted a local judge and U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy's office for keeping important testimony from a jury.

Survey: Media Depictions Influence Impressions Of Latinos

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A survey finds the media influences how people feel about Latinos.