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Stories by Adrian Florido

Deportations Are Up, But Is Anyone Applauding?

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The Department of Homeland Security has released new deportation statistics, and they show the number of immigrants being removed from the U.S. reaching all-time highs. Or do they?

School District Opens Office To Process Requests From Undocumented Students

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The office will issue the school documents students need to qualify for the government's work permit and deportation reprieve program.

Arellano-Felix Brother Extradited to San Diego

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Eduardo Arellano-Felix will face federal prosecution for his alleged role in running Tijuana's most powerful drug cartel.

TRUST Act Passes California Legislature

The bill now awaits the governor's signature, and would limit local law enforcement's ability to hand arrested undocumented immigrants over to federal agents.

ICE Agents Removed From San Diego Sheriff's Offices

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San Diego County Sheriff says when he found out, he ordered federal immigration agents out of North County offices.

Latino College Enrollment Is Surging

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Analysis of Census data finds Latinos now make up the largest ethnic minority group on four-year college campuses.

As Heat Dries Land And Lake, Asthma Fears Rise In Imperial County

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Imperial County's water is being sold to thirsty Los Angeles and San Diego, raising fears that fallowed land is worsening an already bad asthma problem there.

Feds Halt New Highways In Imperial County, Citing Air Pollution

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The Federal Highway Administration said new highway projects must stop because the California county hasn't taken steps to improve air quality.

Officials Meet To Address Border Environmental Health

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency director Lisa Jackson joined her Mexican counterpart to commit to find bi-national solutions to environmental hazards along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Kehoe Withdraws Request To Audit Controversial Escondido Checkpoints

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State Senator Christine Kehoe withdrew her request for a state audit following concerns Escondido was illegally overcharging drivers whose cars were towed.

In San Diego, Tracking Hate Symbols Is Key To Solving Hate Crimes

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Southern California has one of the nation's highest concentrations of hate groups, and law enforcement partners with anti-hate nonprofits to solve and prevent hate crimes.

Family: Grand Jury Investigating Death Of Immigrant

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An attorney for the family of a man who died after an encounter with San Diego border agents said a federal grand jury has been called to investigate the incident.

Former Border Patrol Agents Go On Trial

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Brothers Raul and Fidel Villarreal are accused of using their positions as Border Patrol agents to smuggle undocumented immigrants from Tijuana to San Diego.

Plan For Southbound Border Inspection Booths Raises Health Concerns

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Community advocates in the border neighborhood of San Ysidro fear U.S. government plans to inspect cars before they leave the U.S. will cause more congestion and pollution.

Caution Advised As Dust Settles on Obama's Immigration Policy

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Undocumented immigrants are warned to avoid unlicensed consultants who promise immediate help.

U.S. To Stop Deporting Younger Illegal Immigrants

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President Barack Obama eased enforcement of immigration laws Friday, offering a chance for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to stay in the country and work. Immediately embraced by Hispanics, the extraordinary step touched off an election-year confrontation with congressional Republicans.

Escondido Voters Will Decide On New Election System

Facing a voting-rights lawsuit, the Escondido City Council will ask voters decide whether to implement district elections, which could help more Latinos get elected.

Hoping A Vandalized Mural Becomes A Call To Action

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Graffiti on a long-respected Sherman Heights mural suggests a neighborhood rivalry, and an activist says it's a wake-up call.

Mayoral Candidates Debate Latino Issues

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At the forum organized by the La Raza Lawyers Association, candidates discussed the education gap, minority businesses, immigration and the border.

Son Jarocho Creates Community On Both Sides Of The Border

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Son Jarocho is a musical style with roots in rural southern Mexico, but in recent years its popularity has surged in Mexican cities and in the U.S.

ACLU Demands Investigation Of Alleged Customs And Border Protection Abuses

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The ACLU is calling for an investigation into alleged abuse by Customs and Border Protection agents along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Calls For Justice In Tasing Death At The Hands Of Border Agents

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Activists launched a national campaign asking the Justice Department to investigate the 2010 death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas.

Feds: Loss Of Arizona Power Line Caused Massive September Blackout

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Federal regulators said the loss of a power line in Arizona sparked the blackout. But they said if the electricity grid had been operating properly, it should have prevented the ensuing blackout, which affected millions in Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico.

ICE Announces Change To 'Secure Communities' Deportation Policy

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Undocumented immigrants arrested for minor traffic violations will no longer be subject to deportation unless they're convicted.

Report: Net Mexican Migration To The U.S. Falls To Zero

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A Pew Hispanic Center Study found that during a five-year period, just as many Mexican immigrants returned to Mexico as arrived in the U.S.

Neighbors Shocked By Walmart's Partial Demolition of Iconic Building

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Bulldozers took to the building six weeks after Walmart announced it would convert it into one of its stores.

Border Patrol Apprehends Boatload of Undocumented Immigrants

Agents spotted the boat two miles off the coast of Ocean Beach and swarmed it when made landfall.

Downtown's Shade Trees May Be Replaced With Palms

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A proposal to line Broadway with palm trees would come at the expense of more than 100 shade trees.

Lawsuit Aims To Elect More Latinos In Escondido

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A lawsuit working its way through the court system alleges the city's current system for electing city council members disenfranchises Latinos. Proponents want the city to implement district-wide elections.

Escondido Official Says City Should Reassess Contracts With DUI Checkpoint Tow Operators

The ACLU says it is more concerned than ever that Escondido has been illegally profiting from the controversial checkpoints.

El Cajon Iraqis Shaken After Deadly Beating

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A 32-year-old Iraqi immigrant died Saturday, three days after she was discovered brutally beaten at her home in El Cajon. Indications of a possible hate crime have shaken residents of the city, which is home to thousands of Iraqi refugees.

Ross Clothing Stores Settle Discrimination Claims

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The Department of Justice investigated the company after a woman complained that a California store refused to hire her even though she provided paperwork showing she was authorized to work in the U.S.

Study: Asians & Latinos Making Greater Jobs Gains In Recovery

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As the economy recovers from the Great Recession, Asians and Latinos are getting jobs faster than other ethnic groups, according to analysis from the Pew Hispanic Center. Part of the reason: they are the fastest growing ethnic groups in the country.

'Reportero' Film Highlights Dangers For Journalists In Mexico

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The new documentary tells the story about the journalists at Zeta, a Tijuana newspaper that reports on the drug war, corruption and other controversial issues in the Mexican border city. Several journalists have been slain, presumably for their work.

Minorities Lack Representation In Many California Cities

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A California Watch report finds 34 majority-minority cities in California have only one or no minorities on the city council. Part of the reason is at-large elections in which voters - often white – choose the winners.

More Boats, Fewer People Caught Illegally Crossing Border By Sea

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Last year was the Border Patrol's first recorded drop in maritime apprehensions.

U.S. Census Inspires Film Festival Line Up

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For the first time in its 19-year history, the San Diego Latino Film Festival's theme is Latinos in the U.S. It will also feature events with Latino television stars.

Indian Tribes Use Casino Profits To Buy Real Estate

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Newly wealthy tribes are buying private land and asking the federal government to add it to their reservations, making it sovereign Indian territory. The consequence: local governments stand to lose vital tax revenue.

USD Report Tallies Victims Of Mexican Drug-War Violence

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How bad has drug war violence been in Mexico? A new report says 50,000 people murdered in the last five years. The report from the University of San Diego assesses the death toll of drug cartel violence in Mexico. Researchers have pinpointed where the most deaths have occurred and trace the root causes of the violence.

Drug Violence Down On U.S.-Mexico Border

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A University of San Diego report found that drug-related killings decreased along the border last year, even as violence grew across Mexico.

Asylum Cases From Mexico Doubled Last Year

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The number of Mexicans seeking political asylum in the United States has soared. But the number of people who succeed in receiving asylum is very low.

Arrests Made In Shooting That Killed 5 In Tijuana

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Baja California state police say a 24-year-old woman ordered the Jan. 28 killings at a family party in Tijuana. A 13-year-old boy who was a U.S. citizen was among those slain.

More Latinos Get College Degrees, But Education Gap Widens

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New data shows the education attainment gap between Latinos and other ethnic groups is widening, even though more Latinos are obtaining college degrees.

Study: Latinos Having More Kids Than Whites

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A look at U.S. Census figures finds the gap between Latino and White births has continued to widen. And Latinos are branching out from the traditional areas where they have lived and are transforming the American South.

Restoring A Neglected Canyon And Creek, With Some Help From The Neighbors

The Chollas Creek watershed has been neglected and polluted for decades. A nonprofit is working to restore it into a natural park for the working class communities that surround it.

In Contraception Clash, Catholic Latinas Stray From Doctrine

In their push to reverse Obama's contraception rule, Catholic leaders aren't likely to find Latina allies.

Coalition Seeks To Increase Citizenship Applications

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In the run-up to this year's elections, a nonprofit coalition has said it will work to get more eligible immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Latino Activist To Run In New City Council District, But Challenges Abound

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Latinos are a majority in the new 9th City Council District, but that raw numerical advantage is tempered by immigration status and a lack of political mobilization.

California Indian Tribe Expels 154 Members

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The expulsion equals 15 percent of the Pala Band of Mission Indians. They will no longer receive payments from the tribe, which operates a casino in North San Diego County.

San Diego City Council Approves Backyard Chickens, Goats and Bees

The city has become the latest of many nationwide to pass land use laws meant to promote food production in urban areas.