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Stories by Alison St John

'Destination' Mall Proposed For Carlsbad Lagoon

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A developer who wants to build an upscale, open-air mall on the edge of Carlsbad’s Agua Hedionda lagoon presents his plans as a way to preserve open space.

Oceanside Floats The Idea Of Encouraging Graywater Systems

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To help meet state-mandated 25 percent water cutbacks, the city of Oceanside is urging residents to consider installing graywater systems.

Commission Opts To Compare Alternatives Before Voting On Carlsbad Power Plant

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The California Public Utilities Commission has decided not to approve SDG&E's proposed contract for a new power plant in Carlsbad until they have more information about renewable alternatives.

Long-Awaited Vote On Carlsbad Energy Center Due This Week

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A vote could come Thursday that would determine whether a new gas-powered "peaker” plant is built on the coast in Carlsbad, on the site of the existing Encina power plant.

Proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill Digs Itself Out Of A Hole

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The proposal to build a new landfill in Gregory Canyon in North County is back on track.

San Diegan Worries For His Family In Remote Nepali Village

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Lotte Lama, who is from Nepal, is spending sleepless nights worrying about the best way to help his family whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake.

Interstate 5-Highway 78 Interchange In A Tough Spot

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Oceanside residents will meet Tuesday to talk about how plans for a new Interstate 5-Highway 78 interchange will affect their neighborhoods.

Mayor Faulconer On San Diego Chargers, 2016 Budget, Water Enforcement

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer talks about the chances of the Chargers staying in San Diego, his proposed 2016 budget, and enforcing mandatory water restrictions.

Study: Diesel, Gas Exhaust Mostly To Blame For Calexico’s Polluted Air

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The Imperial Valley's bad air has long been blamed on agricultural burns. But a new study shows idling cars at the Calexico border crossing are having a bigger impact on poor air quality.

San Diego Professor Delves Deep Into Politics, Culture of 'Mad Men'

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A new book takes an academic look at the TV series that has become a cultural phenomenon.

San Diego County Postpones Vote On Growth Policy

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San Diego County will do more public outreach before changing key principles in its general plan for where to build more housing in the backcountry.

San Onofre Security, Storage Topic Of Panel Discussion

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Security at the now-shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant will be on the agenda of Edison's Community Engagement Panel on Thursday night.

Proposed Housing Development In Valley Center Goes Before Planning Group

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A major housing development proposed for semi-rural Valley Center goes before the Valley Center Planning Group Monday evening.

Part Of Del Mar Wetlands Boardwalk To Remain

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Supporters of the San Dieguito Lagoon Boardwalk are pleased with a compromise reached with the California Coastal Commission staff to let a portion of the walkway remain.

Building Civilian Career Is Challenge For National Guard Members

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Building a career is no easy task for those in the National Guard who have to balance their commitments to a civilian job and their military training.

Debate Heats Up Over Carlsbad Gas Plant

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A delegation of San Diegans who want SDG&E to choose cleaner energy sources heads up to San Francisco Thursday. A discussion of a proposed gas plant is on the California Public Utilities Commission docket.

Batiquitos Lagoon Land To Be Preserved As Mitigation For Freeway Widening

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Fifty acres of natural habitat next to the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad will be preserved as part of a plan to mitigate for transit improvements along the North Coast corridor.

Future Of Carlsbad Power Plant Remains In Limbo

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The iconic smokestack of the Encina power plant is set to be torn down if a new gas-powered plant is approved to replace it. But two state agencies are involved, and more is at stake than just the view from Interstate 5.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Urged To Review Procedures

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An environmental group is calling on the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review why faulty steam generators were installed at the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

Oceanside City Councilman Jerry Kern To Run For Chávez's Assembly Seat

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Oceanside Republican City Councilman Jerry Kern will run for the 76th California State Assembly seat to be vacated by Rocky Chávez next year.

San Diego Museum Of Art Exhibition Explores Issues Surrounding Role Of Women In Arab Culture

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Ten large-scale photographs from Moroccan-born, New York–based photographer Lalla Essaydi at the Balboa Park museum through Aug. 1.

Oceanside's Rocky Chávez And His Long-Shot Bid For The U.S. Senate

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Republican state Assemblyman Rocky Chávez's name recognition is low and many observers believe his candidacy for Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat in 2016 is a long shot. So who is showing up to support him?

Judge Rules Against Escondido In Battle Over Golf Course

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Vista Superior Court Judge Earl Maas III issued a ruling Friday that is a blow to Escondido residents hoping to preserve a golf course as open space.

North County's Economy Hit Hard By Recession But Recovering

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That's one of the conclusions of a report released Tuesday as part of the second North County Economic Summit being held in Carlsbad.

San Marcos Trails Damaged In Cocos Fire Reopened

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The city of San Marcos has reopened some of the trails running through hillsides burned by last year’s Cocos fire. The refurbished trails are part of an ambitious plan for the hills of North County.

Residents Take A Swing At Rezoning The Escondido Country Club

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The fate of the former Escondido Country Club remains undecided, but residents will tell the city what they would like to see happen to the now-brown golf course at a public workshop Thursday.

Battle Over One Paseo Development Not Over Yet

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The San Diego City Council voted 7-2 to approve the Carmel Valley development, but opponents have launched a petition drive to overturn that decision.

Judge Delays Ruling On Escondido Country Club Development

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One act of the legal battle over a developer’s plan to turn the former Escondido Country Club into a housing development played out in court Thursday. But it’s only part of what could be a long, drawn-out drama.

Both Sides Debate Merits of One Paseo Project In Carmel Valley

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The San Diego City Council will hold a public hearing Monday on the proposed $630 million project that would bring homes, offices and shops to Del Mar Heights Road.

Assemblyman Looking Into Dealings Over San Onofre Closure

A California Assemblyman will look into allegations of unethical communication between the California Public Utilities Commission and utility executives.

One Paseo Project In Carmel Valley Gets Its Public Hearing Monday

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It will be up to the San Diego City Council to decide whether to approve the $650 million One Paseo multi-use project in Carmel Valley that some residents say is too dense and will bring too much traffic to the area.

'Mitigation Bankers' See Profit in Converting Developed Land Back Into Natural Habitat

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Private companies called “Mitigation Bankers” find it can pay to turn developed land back into wetlands, and sell it to developers to mitigate for projects elsewhere. But, not everyone buys into that idea.

Cal State San Marcos President Talks About Preparing For 'Real' Jobs

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Cal State San Marcos President Karen Haynes celebrates the nimbleness of the youngest university in the San Diego region in her “Report to the Community” address.

Changing Demographics Put Some San Diego Golf Courses In Jeopardy

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The Farmers Insurance Golf Tournament tees off at Torrey Pines on Thursday. Golf courses around San Diego hope the excitement generated will boost enthusiasm for the game, which has seen a marked decline. But in San Diego golf courses face a crisis on two fronts.

Calls For State To Get Involved In Nuclear Waste Question

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The head of a panel monitoring the decommissioning of San Onofre says if Congress can’t agree on a place to store radioactive spent fuel, the state should get involved.

'Smart Homes' Will Make Life A Little Easier For Severely Wounded Veterans

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A Marine who lost both his legs and has been through 240 surgeries will find life a little easier, thanks to a new home that broke ground Tuesday in Fallbrook.

Edison Convenes Panel To Focus On Government's Role in Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

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Southern California Edison convenes a panel this week to focus on the federal government’s role in disposing of spent nuclear fuel from San Onofre.

Bonsall Community Considers Initiative To Save Golf Course

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The San Luis Rey Downs Golf closed down last summer, but the local community is still fighting a plan to turn it back into natural habitat.

New Network To Promote North County Arts

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The North County Arts Network is an initiative to strengthen the arts in North County. It was launched Thursday night.

'Innovation Industry' Fueling San Diego County's Economy

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Businesses linked to the health sciences, biotech and telecommunications are keeping the region's unemployment rate low and helping drive the region's economy.

Why San Diego County's Homeless Count Matters

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This year's annual count of homeless people in San Diego County comes at a time when various agencies and programs have set ambitious goals to end homelessness in the region.

Carlsbad Schools To Reopen Wednesday After Instagram Threat

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Carlsbad High School and Carlsbad Village Academy temporarily closed after an Instagram threat surfaced. An investigation has yet to discover the source of the threat.

DMV: New California Licenses Meant To Increase Safety, Not Deportations

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Thousands of immigrants living illegally in San Diego are expected to apply for a driver’s license under a California law that went into effect Jan. 1.

New Indoor Ice Rink Opens In North San Diego County

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IceTown in Carlsbad is buzzing with activity after opening this week.

New Carlsbad Sign Goes Up Over Highway 101

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After 14 years of planning, the coastal city has its own landmark archway sign.

San Diego Native Tackles Immigration In New Animated Series 'Bordertown'

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Chicano cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is on the team working on a new animated comedy sitcom tackling changing demographics and immigration. "Bordertown" debuts on Fox in fall 2015.

Terminal 1 Focus Of San Diego Airport Development Plan

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Rebuilding Terminal 1 is part of a long-term plan for the San Diego International Airport, which is designed to help the airport meet demand through 2035.

San Diego's Cuban-Americans Respond To Effort To Revive U.S.-Cuba Relations

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President Barack Obama's announcement on Wednesday sparked debate across the country. Now, local Cuban-Americans share their reactions.

What Motivates People To Give During The Holidays?

The charitable giving season is in full swing and some estimates suggest people being more generous. A San Diego professor explains the psychology behind giving.

Ending Homelessness Among San Diego Veterans Remains A Challenge

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The number of homeless veterans in the U.S. has been cut by 33 percent since 2009 but the country is far from reaching its goal of ending chronic homelessness completely.