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Stories by Alison St John

Lessons From Fukushima For San Onofre

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The former head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said plans to restart San Onofre at 70 percent power do not inspire him with confidence. Gregory Jaczko and former Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan spoke in San Diego at a seminar.

Seminar Brings Perspective On Risks Of Nuclear Power To San Diego

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As the future of the San Onofre nuclear power plant hangs in the balance, a public seminar on nuclear power is planned for Tuesday in San Diego County Chambers. It is billed as an alternative to the public meetings hosted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

San Onofre: How Did It Come To This?

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San Diego is heading into its second summer without the San Onofre nuclear power station. We take a look at what has led up to this point, as questions swirl over whether the plant will ever restart.

U-T San Diego Phases Out North County Edition

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U-T San Diego is reducing its coverage of local city government. The recent cuts in staffing also affects the North County Edition of the paper.

Encinitas Divided Over Growth

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The debate over Encinitas' Proposition A highlights a divide over how communities should grow in the future.

Night Patrol Aims To Prevent Sexual Assault On Naval Base

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The Navy is conducting night time shore patrols around the 32nd Street barracks in response to the news that sexual harassment has emerged as a crisis in the ranks of the military.

San Diego Schools Honored For Pledge To Technology In The Classroom

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Technology is changing fast and schools are doing their best to keep up. We take a look at what's going on in San Diego's schools to help advance learning with the use of technology.

Survey Shows Majority Of Experts Agree Humans Are Cause Of Climate Change

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Public opinion on climate change may still be divided but a new survey finds climate experts agree on the cause. They point to humans as the problem behind global warming. That validates research done nearly a decade ago by a University of California, San Diego professor who says the science has always backed up the effects of climate change.

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Joe Hill On His New Book 'NOS4A2'

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Horror writer Joe Hill's new novel, "NOS4A2," came out April 30. Listen to his full interview with KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando.

In 'Stung,' Researcher Connects Jellyfish Blooms To Doomed Oceans

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In her new book, "Stung," researcher Lisa-ann Gershwin Ph.D., compares jellyfish to an angel of death whose presence in the ocean is causing destruction, death and disruption. And she says humans are contributing to the problem.

CPUC Considers What Ratepayers Will Pay For San Onofre

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California’s Public Utilities Commission is considering whether Edison's costs to maintain San Onofre while it is offline are reasonable to charge ratepayers.

Escondido Residents Fight Proposal To Build On Golf Course

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Signature gatherers are gearing up in Escondido for a campaign to prevent a developer from turning a bankrupt golf course into a housing tract.

Diaz To Challenge Abed For Escondido Mayor's Seat

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Escondido’s political future gets interesting as City Councilwoman Olga Diaz challenges Sam Abed for the mayor’s seat next year.

La Costa Canyon High Newspaper Fights For Journalism Curriculum

The editor of a student newspaper in Carlsbad is fighting to have the journalism class at her school reinstated.

Edison To Decide Fate Of San Onofre By Year's End

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The CEO of Southern California Edison says the company will decide by year’s end whether to shut down San Onofre, if the NRC does not approve their application to restart Unit Two.

Will Amgen Tour Of California Pump Up Profits In Escondido?

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Escondido will host the first leg of the Amgen Tour of California, the largest cycling event in the United States, this month. Escondido city leaders are hoping the economic benefits outweigh the costs.

County Leaders Mull Broader Representation On Fair Board

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Supervisors will continue negotiations for more local control of the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Del Mar Fairgrounds May Get More Local Control

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A plan to have more local control over the Del Mar Fairgrounds is before San Diego County Supervisors this week.

Is San Onofre Cost Effective In The Long Term?

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If it could be restarted safely, would the San Onofre nuclear power plant still be a cost effective way to generate electricity?

Judge: County's Climate Action Plan Is Inadequate

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A judge has confirmed his ruling that San Diego County’s plan to address climate change is inadequate. The Climate Action Plan was approved by Supervisors last summer but the Sierra Club said it has no teeth.

'Once-Through' Cooling Another Hurdle For San Onofre

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California regulators meet today to discuss expensive upgrades needed for the state's nuclear power plants' cooling systems.

San Diegans In Boston Horrified By Explosions

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Runners and others from San Diego in Boston during today's Boston Marathon said they've been shaken by what they witnessed.

Near Libby Lake, Neighborhood Services Are Few

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The community near Oceanside’s Libby Lake, where two teens were shot dead last month, is rallying to keep children off the street after dark. But resources to help them are limited.

CA Senator Blasts Gov't Agency Overseeing San Onofre

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As the government agency that regulates San Onofre issues a preliminary ruling on restarting the plant at reduced power, a California Senator calls the move "dangerous and premature." And ratepayers want to know: who is picking up the tab?

New Law Would Make Nuclear Power Costs More Transparent

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The operator of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has officially applied for a temporary license amendment to restart one reactor at 70 percent power for two years. State legislation announced today would let ratepayers see the true cost of running the nuclear plant longer term.

Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad Builds On Region's Attractions

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Legoland’s first U.S. hotel should help build tourist numbers for San Diego County.

San Diego Home Price Ranking In Step With Job Growth

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As home prices begin to rise again, some ask whether another housing bubble is in the works. One analyst suggests San Diego’s housing market is on firmer footing than some other big cities.

Edison Presents Its Restart Plan For San Onofre

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Southern California Edison has presented its plan to restart the San Onofre nuclear power station to the NRC. But the regulatory agency may not be in a hurry to approve it.

Carlsbad Council Approves Quarry Creek Development

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The controversial Quarry Creek development will add hundreds of new homes to Carlsbad to meet state mandated housing goals.

Avoiding Gridlock Up The San Diego Coastline

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Tonight the public has a chance to comment on a $6 billion plan to relieve congestion in Coastal North County throughout the next 40 years.

NRC Considers Edison's Request To Run At 70 Percent Power

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The Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission meets today to consider a request for a license amendment from the operator of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, which has been shut down for more than a year.

Suspects In Libby Lake Shooting To Be Arraigned

Four suspects in the fatal shooting of two teenagers at Libby Lake Park in Oceanside are expected to be arraigned in Vista Superior Court today.

Governor Brown Responds To Sequestration With Military Advisory Council

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Governor Jerry Brown has set up a Military Advisory Council. That could provide political help to San Diego to save its installations and other military assets.

San Diego Dance Companies Reach Milestones Post-Recession

Malashock Dance is celebrating its silver anniversary. San Diego Theatre is in its 41st year. But just how have San Diego's cutting edge dance companies survived through thick and thin?

Nat'l Honor Given To San Diego's Father Joe Carroll

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Father Joe Carroll is well known to San Diegans for his work with the poor and homeless through St. Vincent De Paul Center and then Father Joe's Villages. His work is being recognized by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Foundation.

San Onofre Operator Requests to Restart Reactor

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The operator of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, Southern California Edison, has submitted a draft request for a license amendment to restart the plant at 70 percent power this summer. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission meets this week to consider the request.

Many San Diego Low Income Families Missing Out On Tax Credit

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A federal tax credit established to help low income families is underused nationwide. In San Diego County, it's estimated about $70 million goes unclaimed.

San Diego Organizing Group Report Shows 'Potential' Of Underrepresented Voters

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Alliance San Diego reports its efforts to engage new-citizen voters and voters of color resulted in an 11 percent increase in overall voter turnout this past November in the city of San Diego.

Construction Begins On Pipeline For Desalination Plant

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The San Diego County Water Authority broke ground on a huge pipeline in San Marcos today to carry water from a desalination plant under construction in Carlsbad. The 10-mile-long pipe is part of a $1 billion project to add desalted ocean water to the region’s drinking water system.

Camp Pendleton Marines Plan Earthquake Response

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Camp Pendleton Marine Base is hosting a two-day meeting of emergency response agencies from around the nation to practice dealing with a 7.9 earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.

Encinitas Tries To Preserve Small Town Character

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Encinitas City Council will decide tonight on the details of an initiative that would give citizens more control over growth and development. The coastal city wants to preserve its “funky” neighborhood character.

Quarry Creek Up For A Vote

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A controversial new housing development in North County promises a big turnout at a Carlsbad City Council meeting tonight.

Ailing San Onofre Power Plant Eyes Summer Restart

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The operator of the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant in California is considering a new pathway to get one of the shuttered reactors back in service by summer.

Restarting San Onofre Isn't Cost Effective, New Study Suggests

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San Onofre may be offline for another summer, and a new analysis suggests this will be cheaper than restarting the plant.

San Diego To Consider Laura's Law

San Diego County is considering whether to adopt Laura's Law, a state law that allows court-ordered treatment for mentally ill patients who refuse to take medication.

California Utility Commissioners Deliberate In Public And Private Meetings In San Diego

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An invitation-only meeting with California’s Public Utility Commissioners today in La Jolla is generating protests.

Edison Says One Of San Onofre's Reactors Could Run At 100 Percent Power for 11 Months

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A consultant concluded that one of the two reactors at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station could be safely restarted and put to use at full power, Southern California Edison announced today, but only for a limited period.

Behind The Scenes In The CPUC Investigation Into San Onofre

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The California Public Utilities Commission investigation into problems at San Onofre is continuing, but it is not on the agenda for this week’s PUC meeting in San Diego. However, legal battles are going on behind the scenes over how much ratepayers should be paying for the shuttered nuclear power plant.

North County Regional Vision Takes Flight At Palomar Airport

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North County leaders gathered at rapidly expanding Palomar Airport to hear an optimistic “State of North County” address from County Supervisor Bill Horn.

Suit Against California's Public Utilities Commisioners To Be Heard In San Diego

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A court hearing is scheduled in San Diego today for a lawsuit filed against California’s five Public Utility Commissioners. The suit claims many stakeholders are being excluded from a private meeting with Public Utilities Commissioners.