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Stories by Alison St John

U.N. Report: Avoiding Climate Change Possible With 'Substantial Emission Reductions'

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The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just released its fifth report on the rapidly closing window of time to take action on reducing greenhouse gases.

San Diego County Report Shows Drop In Violent Crime In 2013

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The latest report on crime in San Diego County is out, and a lot of people have been watching the trends carefully, concerned that realignment — the transfer of thousands of offenders from the state to the county system — might result in higher crime rates here.

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Museum Of Making Music

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The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad allows people to gain a deeper understanding of music, how it is made, and how people create and use instruments. Its latest special exhibit focuses on the banjo.

Escondido County Club Controversy Turns Offensive With Fowl Odor

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The owner of a derelict Escondido golf course risks paying severe fines for depositing chicken manure on the fairways near neighboring homes.

Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes?

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The introduction of e-cigarettes, depending on who you talk to, is either an appealing alternative to help addicted current smokers give up tobacco or gateway devices for a new generation of tobacco smokers.

Encinitas To Spend $10 Million To Keep Coastal Property Public

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The Encinitas City Council voted recently to buy the Pacific View Elementary school site for $10 million in an effort to prevent a prime piece of public land from falling into private developers hands.

San Diego Business Helping Rwandans Thrive 20 Years After Genocide

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Twenty years ago this month, a brutal massacre took place in Rwanda where political rivalry between Hutus and Tusis tribes led to the genocide and 1 million deaths. A San Diego company is one of many working in the region helping Rwandans thrive and heal.

Camp Pendleton Marines Head For First Major Deployment To Australia

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Almost 1,000 Marines leave Camp Pendleton this week for the first major U.S. deployment to Australia, part of a strategy to refocus U.S. forces in the Western Pacific.

North County Economic Development Council Holds First Summit

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The North County Economic Development Council held its first Economic Summit to focus on attracting more jobs to the region.

Del Mar Plans To Build New City Hall

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The city of just more than 4,000 people has been making do with a city hall that was once a little brick schoolhouse, but now more than 70 percent of the residents want to see a change.

Residents Rally Against Plans For San Luis Rey Downs Golf Course

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Residents packed a public meeting to oppose plans to turn the San Luis Rey Golf Course in Bonsall back into native wetlands.

San Luis Rey Downs Golf Course Could Revert to Wetlands

North County residents living near the San Luis Rey Downs golf course will find out tonight about a proposal to return the golf course to natural habitat.

Amgen Bike Race Not Stopping In San Diego This Year; Escondido Not Disappointed

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The route of the Amgen Bicycle Race will not include San Diego this year. Escondido, which hosted the starting line last summer, lost money on the enterprise.

San Diego County Jail Changing Medical Model For Needs Of Long-Term Inmates

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Lack of access to medical care in state prisons was a significant part of the problem that eventually resulted in prison realignment. Ironically, one of the side effects of prison realignment in San Diego is being seen in the medical care being dispensed at San Diego County jails.

San Diego Treatment Center To Assist Iraq/Afghan Veterans

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A first-of-its-kind residential rehabilitation center opened this week in San Diego. The focus is to treat newly returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are struggling with the invisible battle scars such as PTSD. Join us for a look at the Aspire Center.

CSU San Marcos Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Course for Water Managers

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A new certificate in water management is launching at CSU San Marcos, the first of its kind in the state.

Gregory Canyon Landfill Hits Another Hurdle

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Three major backers of the proposed Gregory Canyon landfill in North County have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Solana Beach Says 'Yes' To Prop B Over Fletcher Cove Community Center

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The "yes" vote means private parties will be allowed at the oceanfront community center every weekend instead of every second weekend, and there won't be a guest drink-limit.

Solana Beach Votes 'Yes' On Prop B Over Fletcher Cove Community Center

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With 100 percent of the vote counted, Prop B in Solana Beach has passed with 52 percent of the vote.

Third Of SD County Jail Population Would Have Been In State Prison Before Realignment

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A new report tracks the effects of the state’s decision to transfer offenders from the state prison system to county jurisdiction. We take a look at how this is affecting San Diego County.

CSU San Marcos President Wants No Students To Fall Through Cracks

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The president of Cal State San Marcos said her campus is a model of higher education that accurately reflects the diversity of the community.

Community Raises Questions About Palomar Airport Master Plan Update

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A new master plan for Palomar Airport in Carlsbad is in the making, and this week the community had a chance to comment.

Cities Sign Up For 'NextGen' Regional Communication System

San Diego County is gathering support for the purchase of a new regional communication system that will ultimately cost more than $100 million.

Roundtable: Marine Faces Another Murder Trial; Uncovering Financial Scandals; San Diego's Economy

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Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins will be retried for a murder in Iraq seven years ago. How anyone with a computer can investigate campaign finances. And how does the state of San Diego's economy compare to President Obama's State of the Union?

Recall Launched Against Escondido City Councilwoman Olga Diaz

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Escondido City Councilwoman Olga Diaz, who is running for the mayor’s seat in November, is facing a possible recall campaign.

Roundtable: Campaign Finance Scandal, PACs In Mayor's Race, Draining Lake Morena

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The Feds charge three men in an alleged -- and quite bizarre -- conspiracy to shovel illegal campaign funds to San Diego candidates for mayor. Meanwhile, legal political action committees are also giving big money. And Lake Morena is slowly being drained by the city, to the chagrin of the county.

Encinitas In Tussle Over Pacific View Elementary's Multimillion-Dollar Site

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The city of Encinitas and the Encinitas School District are in a tussle over what to do with a former elementary school that is now valuable oceanfront property.

Escondido Moves Rapidly Ahead On Charter Debate

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Escondido is moving rapidly ahead with plans to put a new city charter on the November ballot.

Utilities Commissioners Comment On Edison's Handling Of San Onofre

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California regulators met Wednesday to debate whether to accept a recommendation that electricity users get a $94-million refund after the San Onofre nuclear power plant fiasco.

Carlsbad Approves New "Peaker Plant" Deal

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The Carlsbad City Council has signed off on an agreement for a new gas-powered “peaker” plant.

Carlsbad's Vote On New Peaker Plant Hinges On Removal Of Smokestack

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The iconic Encina smokestack on Carlsbad’s coastline would be demolished to make way for a new power plant, under an agreement the city council considers tonight.

"Operation Corridor" Targets North County Gangs Tied To Mexican Mafia

An investigation called “Operation Corridor” has charged 22 people in North County with engaging in drug trafficking and racketeering. Those indicted are accused of involvement with Mexican Mafia prison gangs.

Cities Weigh In On How To Replace San Onofre Power

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The city of Solana Beach votes Wednesday night on whether to formally oppose building new fossil fuel power plants in San Diego to make up for the loss of San Onofre’s nuclear power.

Construction Progresses At North County Desalination Plant

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Desalinated sea water will be flowing into San Diego County homes within two years as construction of huge Carlsbad plant is on schedule.

Public Transit Improvements Benefit Public Health

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Most people still get around San Diego by car, but it turns out cutting down on carbon emissions is not the only reason policy makers want us to change that.

Biographer Reconsiders Ulysses Grant's Legacy

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In 'The Man Who Saved the Union,' author H.W. Brands shows former U.S. President Ulysses Grant was a troubled man who became a great leader during a very difficult time in U.S. history.

How Sustainable Is Sustainable Food Model For San Diego Restaurants?

The farm-to-table movement might be facing more of an uphill battle in San Diego since the recent closure of a couple farm-to-table restaurants.

San Diego Study: Acupuncture Effective For Pain Management In Children After Tonsillectomy

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A new study by a San Diego pediatric surgeon finds acupuncture is effective for pain management in children post-op tonsillectomy. Codeine was often used for pain relief after this surgery until it was banned by the FDA earlier this year because of the risk of death.

No One Found Guilty In Stephanie Crowe Killing

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The acquittal Friday of Richard Tuite for the 1998 murder of Stephanie Crowe means that case remains unresolved. Why hasn't anyone been convicted of killing the Escondido preteen?

Report Shows Concerns Growing Over San Diego Street Gangs

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A report released by the San Diego Association of Governments shows local officials are more concerned about gangs today than five years ago.

San Diego Businesses Join Fight Against Distracted Driving

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It's against the law in California to drive while talking on the phone or text, but many are still doing so, which increases the risk of a collision four-fold. A UC San Diego campaign is targeting businesses to get the word out to employees about the risks.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Celebrates Life And David Chase

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The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus has flourished under choral director David Chase, who celebrates his 40th year this season.

National Survey Shows 40 Percent Of Military Personnel Have Difficulty Making Ends Meet

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Long deployments are just one of the additional challenges military families face when it comes to keeping their finances straight. Nearly a third of those surveyed in new report are still resorting to high-interest pay day loans, or fall prey to predatory lending practices that trap them in a cycle of debt.

Chef Alice Waters Discusses The Future Of The Slow Food Movement

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While in San Diego for a book signing, chef Alice Waters discusses the "slow" food movement.

San Diego Professor Discusses Warning Signs For Communication Difficulties In Children

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After a poll finds many caregivers are missing the warnings signs, a new campaign underway aims to educate them about identifying the signs of a communication disorder in children.

Amy Tan's Journey To 'The Valley Of Amazement'

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Bestselling author Amy Tan explores the world of Chinese courtesans, the relationships between mothers and daughters and themes of abandonment and identity in her new novel, "The Valley of Amazement."

What's Buried Under An Abandoned Caltrans Building In San Diego's Old Town?

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After decades of negotiating, a former Caltrans building in Old Town is now part of the State Parks system. Experts say it could tell us a lot about San Diego's earliest days.

Aging With AIDS: San Diegans Living With Virus On The Rise

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On the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, we discuss the growing number of people living longer with the disease and the unique challenges they face as they age with AIDS.

Will San Diegans Spend Cyber Monday Shopping?

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The rat-a-tat-tat of keyboards will be clicking all day as Cyber Monday gets into full swing. Those who dislike packed malls and parking lots will be taking advantage of sales from behind their desktops, tablets and smartphones.

San Diego Small Businesses Are Banking On Saturday Shoppers

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is designated Small Business Saturday, a day created by American Express to encourage shoppers to buy local. In San Diego, many businesses are hoping shoppers will spend money at their stores.