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Stories by Ana Tintocalis

S.D. School Superintendent Frontrunners To Be Named Next Week

The San Diego Unified school board will announce the top three candidates for superintendent next week. This is the first time the district is revealing the names of frontrunners for the top job.

S.D. School Board Pushes Forward In Superintendent Selection Process

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education takes another step in finding a new superintendent on Tuesday. The names of three finalists could be revealed.

SD School Board One Step Closer To Finding A New Leader

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education is one step closer to picking a new superintendent. The trustees could name the top three finalists as early as tomorrow.

S.D. School Board Takes First Big Step in Selecting School Chief

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education began its first round of interviews today in its search for a new superintendent.

Report Finds Violations Widespread In San Diego City Schools

The San Diego County Grand Jury finds there is a lot of fraud, waste and abuse in the San Diego Unified School District. The panel found some school officials are raiding the coffers of Associated Student Body groups at their campuses.

Report Finds S.D. School Officials Are Raiding Student Coffers

A new report finds San Diego public school officials are raiding the coffers of student groups at various San Diego Unified campuses.

School Board Election Comes At Precarious Time For District

Public education in San Diego city schools is shaped by the decisions of five school board trustees. Two of them are up for re-election next week. Some people say a possible leadership change comes at a precarious time for the San Diego Unified School District.

San Diego Unified Faces More Budget Woes After May Revise

The San Diego Unified School District may now have to cut even deeper into its programs and services next school year.

Small High Schools In SD Faltering

Ten small high schools in San Diego are not producing the academic results that district officials anticipated. Now the school board wants to know why.

San Diego School Year To End One Week Early Next Year

The traditional school year in the San Diego Unified School District will end one week earlier in June next year due to teacher furloughs. That means parents will have to tack-on an extra five days to their child daycare plans in the summer.

Vista's Homeless Student Population Skyrockets

Vista school officials say the number of homeless students in their school district has quadrupled over the past three years. There are currently more than 2,500 homeless students in the Vista Unified School District. That's about 10 percent of the overall student population.

Chula Vista Teachers Keep Jobs But Others Not So Lucky

Roughly 160 teachers in Chula Vista who were notified in March they would be let go will keep their jobs for the next school year. But teachers in other San Diego County school districts are not so lucky.

Poway Parents Have To Dig In Pockets To Protect Busing

Parents in the Poway Unified School District have to dig deeper into their pockets if they want to keep school buses on the road next school year.

Japanese Americans Given Honorary Degrees Six Decades Later

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Japanese Americans who were denied a college education at San Diego State more than 60 years ago received honorary degrees Monday. It's part of a statewide initiative to make amends to these former students.

Students Suffer When Deportation Tears Families Apart

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Research shows there are approximately five million U.S. children with at least one undocumented parent. Many of those children live in California and go to local public schools and colleges. Teachers say these students usually keep their family's identity a secret until a loved one is deported.

Five San Diego Schools Become Makeshift Food Stamp Centers

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Public schools in San Diego's poorest neighborhoods are now doubling as food stamp enrollment centers for low-income families.

San Diego Unified Restricts District-Related Travel To Arizona

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The San Diego Unified School District is the first large urban school district in California to publicly boycott the state of Arizona. The five-member school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to “restrict” travel to that state.

SD School Board To Vote On Policy Against Arizona

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San Diego's five school trustees will vote on a resolution that warns school kids and their families not to travel to or spend time in Arizona. That same policy has been approved by other governmental agencies in the past weeks. However, San Diego Unified could be the first large, urban school district in California to take a stand.

Calexico Schools Face Loss Of Learning Challenges Following Earthquake

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Calexico elementary and middle school students begin their first full week of classes Monday since an earthquake struck the Imperial Valley last month. All 13 campuses were damaged in the border-city. More than 9,000 Calexico students were forced to stay home.

Earthquake Aftermath Continues To Impact Calexico Students

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Earthquake damage to Calexico schools raises concerns for student education.

Calexico Students Excited To Be Back In School

Even before last month's devastating earthquake, Calexico, in the Imperial Valley, had the highest home foreclosure and unemployment rates in California. Today, schools in Calexico Unifed will reopen after repairs from earthquake damage.

Calexico Schools Reopen After Month-Long Break Due To Quake

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Calexico Unified school kids return to classes on Wednesday after spending the past month without classroom instruction. The Easter earthquake in April had forced all Calexico schools to shut down until now.

UCSD Black Student, Faculty Leaders Report 'Slow But Steady' Progress

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It's been four months since UC San Diego was rocked by a series of racially-charged incidents targeting black students on campus. Since then, top ranking UCSD officials have agreed to a litany of terms and conditions aimed at making the campus more diverse and tolerant.

Legislation Would Require CSU Campuses To Cater To Local Student Populations

San Diego Assemblyman Marty Block is once again criticizing San Diego State University for changing its admission policy last year. Now he’s proposing a legislative fix.

SD Assemblyman Proposes Legislative Fixes To SDSU Admissions Policy

San Diego Assemblyman Marty Block is pushing a bill in Sacramento aimed at reversing a controversial change in San Diego State University's admissions policy.

Community Outlines Qualities For San Diego's Next School Leader

A community taskforce helping to pick San Diego's next school superintendent held the last of five town hall meetings on the topic Wednesday evening. One taskforce member says he knows what kind of leader students want.

San Diego Unified To Vote On Weighted Grades For AP Classes

The San Diego Unified School board will decide today whether high school students who take an Advance Placement class should get an automatic boost in their grade.


Forum Targets Educational Challenges Of Military Kids

California public schools are now required to lift educational barriers affecting the children of military families. Hundreds of military and school officials in San Diego County attended a forum on Monday to talk about putting the change into practice.

Brown Berets Of Barrio Logan Unite To Protect Community

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The San Diego neighborhood of Barrio Logan celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Chicano Park on Saturday. The park is under the onramp to the Coronado Bridge near downtown San Diego. It’s considered a legacy of the Chicano Power movement. A group called the Brown Berets has been a big part of that movement since the 1960s.

Bill Aims To Save Spots For Community College Transfer Students

The chancellors of the California State University and California Community College systems want to give transfer students guaranteed spots at CSU campuses.

Poway School Bus Drivers Fight To Keep Wheels On The Road

Bus drivers in the Poway Unified School District say they'll fight to keep their school buses on the road next school year. The Poway Unified School Board is considering eliminating or scaling back on bus transportation because of deep budget cuts.


Calif. Schools Chief Launches Statewide Breakfast Initiative In San Diego

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The state's Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell says school breakfasts make a big difference in student achievement. That's why he launched a statewide school breakfast initiative on Monday in San Diego.

UCSD Renews Efforts To Recruit Minority, Transfer Students

Community college students packed a lecture hall at Mesa College on Wednesday to meet with UC San Diego Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. It was part of UCSD's renewed effort to recruit minority transfer students.

UCSD Offers Admission To More Blacks, Latinos

UC San Diego is offering more minority students admission to the campus for the fall semester.

Summer School Saved From Budget Ax

Summer school in the San Diego Unified School District was saved from the budget ax Tuesday evening. The school board unanimously voted to preserve the program despite an $83 million budget hole.

San Diego Unified's CFO Resigns

Another top-ranking school official has unexpectedly resigned from the San Diego Unified School District. James Masias was the district's chief financial officer.

UCSD Officials Say Health Care Bill Brings Financial Aid Relief To Their Students

UC San Diego officials say thousands of their students will benefit from financial aid reform thanks to President Barack Obama's health care bill. Tucked inside his health care bill was significant financial aid reform.

San Diego Professor, Students Make Halfway Point In Statewide March

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San Diego community college professor Jim Miller has marched halfway up California in the name of public education. He's about 200 miles away from Sacramento, the final destination.

Del Mar Parents Blame School Board For Leadership Troubles

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The Del Mar Union School Board should choose an interim superintendent at a special meeting on Thursday. The move comes one day after the board fired the district's leader.

S.D. School Districts Turn To Parcel Tax To Offset Education Cuts

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Public school districts up and down California are turning to a parcel tax as way to offset deep budget cuts. It's also a way to get around Proposition 13, which capped property taxes that help fund education 32 years ago.

School Trustee Pitches Idea To Make a Shortened School Longer

A San Diego school board member wants to make a shortened school year longer by doing away with staff development time for teachers. John deBeck will pitch the idea at the board meeting on Tuesday.

S.D. School Board Discusses Changing Pregnancy Policy

The San Diego Unified School Board will consider changing a district policy that notifies parents if their teenager is pregnant or wants an abortion. San Diego Unified's current policy requires school workers to tell a principal or parent if a student is pregnant or is considering an abortion.

Envision San Diego

San Diego Unified To Push For A Parcel Tax

In his State of the District address, San Diego Unified School Board President Richard Barrera said the district must secure a parcel tax in November to offset deep budget cuts to education.

School Board President Says Budget, Reform Challenges Are Ahead

San Diego Unified's School Board President Richard Barrera said the district is choosing to go down its own path for academic reform during his State of the District Address on Wednesday.

State Legislators Want Answers From UCSD Officials

A group of state legislators will visit UC San Diego on Saturday to hear how administrators are addressing issues of cultural diversity and intolerance on campus. It's part of a community forum called "Addressing Intolerance in Higher Education."

San Diego Unified Reshuffles Prop. S Projects

The San Diego Unified School District's $2 billion fix-it list for campuses is now favoring a district-wide technology plan and a downtown high school. That means other projects will be delayed.

Layoff Notices To Teachers, Workers Mailed This Week

Hundreds of San Diego County teachers and school workers will receive notices this week that their jobs could be in jeopardy. March 15 is the contractual deadline for public school districts to tell their employees they may out of a job by summer.


2010 Census Forms To Arrive In Mailboxes Next Week

San Diego County residents should expect to see an official 2010 Census form in their mailbox sometime next week. Census organizers say they've been working all year for this moment.


Parents Rethink Safety In Their Own Backyard

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The Poway community celebrates the life of Chelsea King in a special memorial on Saturday. San Diego County is still reeling from the tragic loss of King and Escondido teenager Amber Dubois. The two cases have caused parents to consider the safety of their own children regardless of where they live.

San Diego Unified Begins Search For New School Superintendent

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The search for a permanent superintendent in the San Diego Unified School District is officially underway. Trustees are charting a new course in picking a new leader.