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Stories by California Capitol Network

San Diego Rapper Pleads Not Guilty To Gang Conspiracy Charge

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The nine local shootings connected to Duncan's case occurred between May 2013 and February of this year.

New California Law May Prolong Vote Counts

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Election Day was two weeks ago, but workers are still counting votes in some California counties. Next year, tallying the votes could take even longer.

Governor Brown Signs Groundwater Sustainability Bills

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It’s going to become more difficult to drill a well in California. Jerry Brown signed a package of groundwater legislation signed into law Tuesday.

Whooping Cough Rates Highest in Handful of California Counties

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Some California counties are showing substantially higher rates of whooping cough than the state average. The current epidemic could be one of the worst in 50 years.

Governor Praises New Supreme Court Nominee

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Governor Jerry Brown says Stanford Law Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar is smart and even-tempered.

Gov. Brown Calls Attention To Border Crisis

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California's Governor says the federal government, California and Mexico all have roles to play in addressing what's become a humanitarian problem.

California Bill Would Mandate Paid Rest Breaks For Farm Workers

Current state law requires employers to encourage workers in extreme heat conditions to take frequent rest breaks and to drink water. This legislation would make it mandatory.

California Lawmakers Approve $687M Water Relief Package

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The $687-million package will immediately provide emergency drinking water and food assistance for parts of California, but still needs Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

California Lawmakers To Vote On Emergency Drought Relief Package

It appears California lawmakers are set to vote on emergency legislation that would allocate hundreds of millions of dollars for drought relief.

New Effort to Streamline Teacher Dismissal In California

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There have been several attempts over the years to reform California’s teacher dismissal process. All have been unsuccessful. But that’s not stopping one lawmaker from trying again.

Californians Urged To Buy Local Flowers For Valentine's Day

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If you're buying a bouquet for Valentine's Day, the people who grow and sell flowers in California are urging you to buy local.

Snow Brings Relief To California Ski Resorts But Snow Survey Dismal

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California's second snow survey shows the state likely won’t break free from its drought, but ski resorts are pleased with the most recent storm.

California Drivers Say Talking and Texting are Biggest Problems on Roads

California drivers say talking and texting on cell phones are the biggest traffic safety problems.

Another CSU Fee Increase Next Fall?

Another tuition increase is on the way for California State University students unless the state finds the university a lot more money in next year’s budget.


California Senior Legislature Calls for Silver Alert System

You’ve heard of the Amber Alert for kidnapped children. But what about a Silver Alert? Orange County Senior Senator Jim Levy says that would help track down someone with Alzheimer’s or another disease who wanders away from their home.

Legislature Passes Stronger Penalties for Cell Phones in Prisons

A bill that would impose fines and extra prison time for the use or smuggling of cell phones in California prisons is on its way to the governor.

Assembly GOP Splits on Brown's Tax Package

Legislative Republicans appeared split on whether to support the governor’s tax package. Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who’s running for Mayor of San Diego, was one of two GOP members who gave the measure its necessary two-thirds supermajority.

California's New Supreme Court Justice Sworn In

California's newest State Supreme Court Justice has been sworn in. Governor Jerry Brown administered the oath of office to UC Berkeley Law Professor Goodwin Liu today.

Gov. Jerry Brown Rolls Out Jobs Plan

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Gov. Brown is rolling out a new jobs plan that includes changes to corporate taxes and expanded tax breaks for business. But its chances for passage are slim.

Casey Anthony Case Provokes Two New Bills at Capitol

The murder acquittal of Caylee Anthony’s mom Casey has led to not just one new bill in the California legislature – but two. They share the same basic goal: to get parents to report missing or dead children immediately.

Another Budget Blowup at the Capitol?

California budget negotiations appear to be on thin ice once again with the new fiscal year now just a week away.

Increased Patrols For Boating Under The Influence

If your weekend plans include boating, you may see more marine law enforcement officers on duty. It’s part of a three-day campaign which starts Friday, cracking down on BUI's boaters under the influence.

Governor Keeps Tax Pressure on GOP

Governor Jerry Brown is keeping the pressure on Republicans to vote for a budget deal that includes taxes. The Democratic Governor held a press conference Monday with leaders from education, public safety and other groups.

Budget Debate To Begin Friday

No budget deal yet at the Capitol – but the debate is about to begin. Democratic Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg says he’s calling floor session for Friday and all through the weekend.

Central Valley Gang Crackdown Results In 100 Arrests

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has announced more than 100 arrests as the culmination of an anti-gang operation in the Central Valley.

State Releases Plan To Reduce Overcrowded Prisons

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The Brown administration is releasing its plan to reduce California’s overcrowded prisons by tens of thousands of inmates in the next two years. That plan attempts to satisfy a recent US Supreme Court order through a mix of short-and long term action.

Dueling Rallies Target Potential State Budget Swing Vote

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A fierce debate over California’s budget is right around the corner. Democratic legislative leaders say they plan to call votes in the Senate and Assembly as soon as Wednesday's deal or no deal.

Federal Agency Says California Is Weak In Nursing Home Care

A federal agency has released health quality data that show troubling statistics about nursing home care in California. The data show almost one in 10 long-term nursing home patients was physically restrained in 2008.

California Community College Enrollment Jumps 3%

The California Community College system released its statewide fall enrollment totals Thursday. Chancellor Jack Scott says there’s some good news and some bad news.

Frozen Credit Market Could Be Thawing

Good news for several public works projects on hold for months in California because of the credit crunch.

Special Election Will Be Financially Difficult for Some Counties

Cash-strapped counties say they're still not sure how they'll cover their costs of the May 19th special election.

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Proposition Eight

The fate of the voter approved ban on gay marriage is now in the hands of the supreme court. Attorneys on both sides of the Prop 8 issue gave arguments to the State Supreme Court yesterday.

State Considers Required Neutering for Pets

New legislation would require most pet owners to have their cats and dogs spayed or neutered.

GOP Lawmakers Say Financial Crisis is Still a Problem for State

Republican lawmakers who voted against the state budget say the plan is only a quick fix to California's financial woes.

California Has a Budget

Both houses of the California legislature have approved a state spending plan.

Thousands of State Workers Will Receive Layoff Notices

Governor Schwarzenegger plans to send out thousands of layoff notices to state workers today because of the state's budget deficit.

State Republicans Hope to Return to Negotiating Table

Lawmakers returned to the state Capitol for their new session. Overshadowing everything is California's budget crisis.

Assembly Democrats Budget Plan Calls For Billions in New Taxes

Assembly Democrats have rolled out their plan for balancing the state's $15 billion budget deficit. And it calls for billions in new taxes. From Sacramento, Marianne Russ reports.

Court Ruling Could Open Door For California Executions to Resume

Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on lethal injection could open the door for California to resume executions. That’s because California uses the same three-drug cocktail the high court upheld in the Kentucky case. The ruling allows a separate death penalty case in California to now move forward.

Emergency Declared as Salmon Fishing Season Closes in California

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in California in response to the closure of salmon fishing season along the West Coast. The decision was made Thursday by the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

State Senator Wants to Ban Party Balloons to Prevent Power Shortages

A California state senator wants to ban those shiny mylar party balloons. He says they’re increasingly causing power shortages. From Sacramento, Jenny O'Mara reports.

Asssembly Republicans Won't OK New Taxes to Mitigate Budget Crisis

Assembly Republicans say they won't support new taxes to get through the state's budget crisis. But, they're offering bills they say will free up funding for schools in the face of potential cuts. From Sacramento, Jenny O'Mara reports.

Petition to Recall State Senator Qualifies to Go Before Voters

What's been called “down and dirty” politics by some is now a fight at the ballot box. A petition to recall a Republican state Senator has qualified to go before voters. From Sacramento Jenny O'Mara reports.

On 5th Year War Anniversary, Lt. Col. Says Guard Still Underfunded

On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, the California National Guard is having no trouble getting new soldiers. But it’s a different story when it comes to their equipment.

State Lawmaker Pushes For Mandatory Climate Change Education

One State lawmaker wants to require “climate change” to be taught in California schools. Democrat Joe Simitian says his measure would instruct the Board of Education and the Department of Education to handle the specifics -- but it would guarantee students are exposed to the phenomenon.

Teacher Layoff Uncertainty Could Mar Future Workforce

This month, thousands of teachers got word they might not have a job come September because of potential state budget cuts. One group says the uncertainty will devastate the future workforce. From Sacramento, Jenny O'Mara reports.

Schwarzenegger Says Nuclear Power Has a "Great Future"

Governor Schwarzenegger says it's time to take another look at nuclear power in California. He told a recent conference on green technology that nuclear power has a “great future” as a carbon free source of energy.

California Lawmaker Wants to Tax iTunes Downloads

If you're an avid iTunes user, turn down the iPod and tune in for this story. Right now there’s no sales tax on songs, movies or other digital media you download. But one lawmaker’s looking to change that. From Sacramento, Marianne Russ explains.

Thousands of California Teachers Given Layoff Notices

Thousands of teachers across the state are getting layoff notices. Schools are required to let staffers know by Saturday if they might not have a job next school year. From Sacramento, Marianne Russ reports.

Top Education Official Says Proposed Cuts Already Hurt

Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed cuts to education haven't gone into effect -- but the state's top education official says they're already hurting schools anyway. This week school districts are required to send notices to teachers who would be laid off under the governor's proposed $4.8 billion in cuts.

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