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Stories by Dwane Brown

National City Native Takes On New Role As Police Chief

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San Diego County's second-oldest city was established in 1887. National City still has some of the historic Victorian homes built back then. And today, a kid who grew up in the neighborhood is now its police chief.

Monarch School Adds Healthcare Center, Boutique For Homeless Students

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Fourteen months ago, the Monarch School's new building didn't look like much. Now, after a $14 million remodel, the cramped Downtown space on Cedar Street is changing the educational lives of 350 homeless K-12 students.

Clothesline Project Encourages Assault Victims To Speak Out

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As the Pentagon and Congress debate how to curb sexual assault in the military, the VA San Diego held its third annual "clothesline project" Monday to encourage assault survivors to break their silence and share their stories.

Health Officials Urge Proactive Safety Measures Against West Nile

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As longer, warmer days get closer, San Diego County officials are kicking off their yearly West Nile Virus awareness campaign.

National Flag Project Showcases Post-9/11 Compassion

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Organizers of the 9/12 Generation Project hope to bring the memory of that day from community to community by sharing an American flag that hung just south of where the World Trade Center once stood. The flag, according to the group, is not just a symbol of the country. It's a symbol of resilience and compassion.

Intergenerational Games Bring All Ages Together

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The Intergenerational Games, put on by the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency for the past 10 years, bring members of multiple generations together by joining them up and pitting them against each other.

Padres Opening Night Draws Sold-Out Crowd

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As the team takes on the Los Angeles Dodgers, its players and its fans are hoping that changes to Petco Park will provide some relief to the struggling Padres.

Cat Missing For 13 Years Returns To San Diego Family

This is the tale of two cities and the prodigal son who has been reunited with the family.

High Tech High Team Headed to Robotics Championship

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The U.S. Department of Labor predicts there will be 1.2 million job openings in the science, technology, engineering and math fields by 2018. But estimates show that there may not be enough qualified graduates to fill them. That's where the First Robotics competition hopes to change the playing field.

San Diegan Hopes To Make Farmers Markets Go-To Place For Food

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Brian Beevers has a radical vision to make farmers markets the go-to place for San Diegans instead of big box supermarket chains.

Latino Youth Council Working To Stop Minors From Getting Alcohol

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Underage drinking is a problem in San Diego and across the country. Studies show kids who took their first drink before the age of 18 are 65 percent more likely to become alcoholics as adults.

Giant 'Butterfly Jungle' Exhibit Comes To San Diego

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San Diego will be home to one of the largest butterfly exhibits on the West Coast, but only for a few weeks.

San Diego's Downtown Permanent Homeless Shelter Opens Its Doors

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A 223-bed permanent homeless shelter in downtown San Diego opened today, following months of delays.

Robot Competition Brings Frisbee-Playing, Pyramid-Climbing Bots To San Diego

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With the U.S. falling behind our foreign competitors in science, technology and engineering, experts say there's no time more crucial to attract young students to the fields.

San Diego County Restaurant Grading Systems Expands To Food Trucks

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San Diego County will become one of the first in the nation to expand the grading of food service to cover the growing food-truck industry. Today Supervisor Ron Roberts issues the first food-truck grade.

Volunteer Will Walk And Wheel 3,200 Miles To Support Meals On Wheels

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Phil Cihiwsky said he's been dreaming for years of walking across the country, and today his dream has finally come true.

Group Aims To Restore Civililty To San Diego's Civic Dialogue

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The 2nd Annual Conference On Restoring Civility to Civic Dialogue gets underway Wednesday at USD.

Sequestration Fallout Looms Over San Diego

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The debate continues over automatic spending cuts set to go into effect at the end of this month. Democratic Congressman Scott Peters, who just began his term representing San Diego's 52nd District, talks about what's needed to avoid the cuts.

Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction

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Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor's $1 billion gambling addiction was blamed on a tumor, but what are the medical facts behind problem gambling?

Veterans Gear Up For Wounded Warrior's San Diego Soldier Ride

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Wet weather didn't stop several dozen people with various injuries and disabilities from taking a 17-mile bike ride from National City to Coronado this morning.

7 Dead, 38 Hurt As Tijuana Tour Bus Crashes In California

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A tour bus collided with a car and pickup truck, killing at least eight people and injuring dozens of others Sunday night on a Southern California mountain highway, authorities said.

Project Homeless Connect Gives Health Services, Counseling, Haircuts to San Diego's Homeless

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The San Diego Housing Commission links resources with people in need. Today, they put on their seventh annual Project Homeless Connect.

San Diego Seniors Compete In Virtual Bowling League

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Video games aren't just for kids anymore. Some San Diego seniors are using it to compete against each other.

Ronald McDonald House Helps San Diego Families Through Hard Times

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The Ronald McDonald House in San Diego serves as a home away from home for about 20,000 families a year dealing with premature births, cancer and other serious illnesses.

Weather Forecasters Help San Diego Utility Company

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Meteorologist says for a place that doesn't have a lot of weather, San Diego has a lot of weather.

T-Shirts Provide Easy Medical Access For Cancer Kids

Modern t-shirts provide easy access to medication for children with cancer.

New Welcome Home Program Helps Homeless Military Veterans

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A program called "Welcome Home" is helping the VA do more than place a roof over someone's head.

San Diego Researchers Promote Safe Driving For Seniors

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By 2020 there will be more than 40 million licensed drivers over the age of 65.

Cavalia Extends San Diego Run For The Holiday Season

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Cavalia is a combination of performing arts, live music and dazzling horsemanship.

Animal Adoption Center Opens For First Time In Pet Store

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For the first time, the Humane Society has partnered with a pet store for animal adoptions.

Food Truck Fundraiser Supports Meals On Wheels

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Meals On Wheels is getting support from food truck vendors and car dealers to feed low-income seniors in San Diego county.

San Diego Home To One Of World's Oldest Gorillas

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San Diego is home to one of the oldest gorillas in captivity, 55-year-old Vila, who was raised at the San Diego Zoo.

Homeless Storage Center Receives New Funding But Needs Permanent Site

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Imagine the hassle of having to carry around all of your possessions at all times because you're homeless.

Candy Sales Another Form of Human Trafficking

The Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition has a mission to prevent and end Human Trafficking in San Diego and beyond.

Volunteers Prepare Meal For Hundreds Of San Diego Homeless People Downtown

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Just Call Us Volunteers have been preparing and serving meals for San Diego's downtown homeless since 2005.

Rescue Mission Offers More Than Just A Thanksgiving Meal

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More than 2,000 people are expected for the San Diego Rescue Mission's annual Thanksgiving feast.

New System To Restore Power To San Diego Utility Customers Faster

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San Diego Gas and Electric has launched a new system to quickly respond to power outages and restore customers' electricity faster than ever before.

Mercado Apartments Open In San Diego's Barrio Logan

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Barrio Logan now has a new 92-unit apartment complex with a Latino supermarket opening next month.

Humane Society Sets Goal To Neuter 5,000 San Diego Animals

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The San Diego Humane Society has its work cut out. It wants to spay and neuter 5,000 dogs and cats by next summer.

Veteran Photo Officer Shares Memories Of Vietnam And Comrades

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Some of the Marines who saw action during the Vietnam War carried cameras instead of guns.

Clearing Unintended Waste From San Diego's Only Landfill

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San Diego is conducting its first Waste Composition Study in 12 years to see what is being recycled and what is being thrown away.

Veterans Village San Diego Seeks Permanent Housing Solution

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A new auditorium, classrooms and housing for 24 post 9/11 veterans will soon be open at the Veterans Village San Diego.

New Private Neonatal Rooms For Kaiser Patients And Families

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A new special neonatal area for families opens next week at the Kaiser facility in Grantville.

Luxury Hotel Opens For San Diego Pooches

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San Diego-based Petco opened its seventh Pooch Hotel in its own backyard.


Angel Faces Provides Healing Retreats For Girls With Burn Injuries

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Angels Faces is described as a soft place to fall and a solid foundation for growth for girls with severe burn trauma.

Saturday Surgery Day For San Diego Uninsured

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Local doctors and staff volunteer to transform the lives of 35 uninsured San Diegans.

Miramar Air Show Inspiring Next Generation of Aviators

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The largest military air show in the country is underway tonight at Marine Corp Air Station Miramar.

New Meals On Wheels Kitchen Needs Volunteers

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After three months of construction, Meals on Wheels' new commercial kitchen in Old Town is up and running.

Photographer Helps Rescue Children From Ritualistic Killing

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Omo Child is on a mission to stop Mingi, the ritualistic killing of infants and children in the Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia.

Mural Of MLK's Power To Move People Unveiled In San Diego

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It took seven years to complete the Martin Luther King commemorative artwork.