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Stories by Ed Joyce

Study: California Drought Means Less Hydropower, More CO2 Pollution

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A new report shows reduced hydroelectricity generation, due to the drought in California, has increased costs to electric ratepayers and increased greenhouse gas pollution.

Paddling For Wildlife In The San Diego River

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Once a year a group of volunteers are given permission to clean up a unique stretch of the San Diego River. You can't tell from the shoreline, but the area is packed with an amazing amount of garbage.

NRC Faults Edison For San Onofre Nuclear Plant Leak

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Federal regulators say an ammonia leak that caused an emergency alert at Southern California's San Onofre nuclear plant was caused by employees who failed to recognize degraded equipment and fix it.

San Diego Coastkeeper: EPA Ship Sewage Discharge Rule Good Start

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The Environmental Protection Agency approved a rule today banning all large passenger and cargo ships from releasing sewage into ocean waters within three miles of California's 1,624-mile coast and the Channel Islands.

Report: California's 'Green Economy' Fares Better Than Overall Economy

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A new analysis shows jobs in California's "green economy" held up better during the recession than the overall economy.

Group Wants New Radiation Monitors In San Clemente

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The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is still in shutdown mode after a water leak was detected on January 31.

San Onofre Shutdown Costing Up To $1 Million A Day

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The two-day shutdown at San Onofre is likely costing the power plant $600,000 to $1 million a day, according to an expert on power plant security.

Radioactive Leak At San Onofre Nuclear Plant Called 'Low Level' By NRC

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said a tiny amount of radiation could have escaped into the atmosphere from the San Onofre nuclear power plant after a water leak prompted operators to shut down the reactor as a precaution.

Bill Seeks Exemptions To Calif. Environmental Quality Act

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A coalition of San Diego-based organizations Friday backed state legislation which would exempt certain special events from needing environmental reviews.

Groups Sue To Restrict Navy Sonar Training Off U.S. West Coast

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A coalition of conservation and American Indian groups sued the National Marine Fisheries Service Thursday over the use Navy's use of sonar and other training exercises.

Concern Raised About Calif. Nuke Plants And Water Supply

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Two groups have issued a report which raises concerns about California's two nuclear plants and drinking water.

Special San Diego River Cleanup Nets 1200 Pounds Of Trash

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Wildlife are enjoying a less trashy area of the San Diego River after a special kayak and canoe cleanup Sunday.

Calif. AG Joins Lawsuit Challenging San Diego Transportation Plan

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The California Attorney General and the Sierra Club have joined a lawsuit against a regional transportation plan approved by the San Diego Association of Governments.

Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles Get Habitat Protection

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The National Marine Fisheries Service has designated more than 41,000 square miles off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington as critical habitat for endangered leatherback sea turtles

San Diego Climatologist Identifies 14 Measures To Slow Global Warming

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It turns out CO2 emissions aren't the only kind of pollution causing climate change. We'll speak with a San Diego climatologist whose research is being used by NASA and the United Nations to determine what can be done now to slow the effects of global warming.

UCSD, NASA Scientists Show Ways To Slow Climate Change

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A new study building on research from scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows key emissions reduction measures could slow the pace of climate change, save lives and increase agricultural production.

San Diego Beaches Awash In Cigarette Butts

Two environmental groups say cigarette butts were the most prevalent kind of litter on San Diego's beach again last year, and the problem is getting worse.

Chula Vista Nature Center Gets Funding Help

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The Chula Vista Nature Center is getting a needed increase in funding with $125,000 from the Port of San Diego.

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Upgrading Reactor Heads

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Southern California Edison took one of the two large generating units offline Monday night at its San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Protected Sportfish Face Commerical Pressure In Mexico

A man who owns a sportfishing business in Mexico says Dorado and other species are being caught and imported into the U.S. illegally.

Chargers Keep Turner And Smith Despite Dismal Seasons

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San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith aren't going anywhere. Chargers President Dean Spanos has decided to keep both. And not all the fans are happy about it.

San Diego Wants You To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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If you are ready to recycle your Christmas tree, the city of San Diego is ready for you.

Woman Busted With Shark Fins At San Diego Border

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists working at the San Ysidro port of entry said they stopped the illegal importation of almost 29 pounds of shark fins.

Tule Wind Project Gets Federal Approval

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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Tuesday approved a wind project in southeastern San Diego County.

Group Files 4th Lawsuit Over Permits For Fireworks Events In San Diego

The battle over fireworks events in the City of San Diego is heating up again.

Group Says San Diego County Water Quality 'Fair'

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San Diego Coastkeeper has released a report showing most of San Diego County's water quality is ranked as "fair."

Group Pushes Reusable Bags Over Plastic In San Diego

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San Diego County has proclaimed Thursday, December 15, as a "Day Without A Bag." San Diegans use billions of plastic bags that wind up in the oceans and pollute roadways.

San Diego County Farmers Protecting Crops From Frosty Weather

County farmers are working to protect their crops from expected temperatures in the 20s and 30s tonight and tomorrow.

Groups Say Closing Calif. State Parks Is Bad Economics

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A group of California Parks supporters Wednesday urged California Gov. Jerry Brown to reinstate the funding needed to keep 70 state parks open.

Occupy San Diego Plans Protest March Tuesday Night

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Protesters plan to march at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday from the Civic Center Plaza to downtown San Diego Police headquarters.

Lessons For Calif. At UN Climate Summit

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference in South Africa has practical applications for California.

Cal Fire, SDG&E Prepare As High Winds Hit Southern California

The gusty winds in the weather forecast for San Diego County, and much of Southern California, are increasing the risk of wildfire.

Potentially Damaging Winds And Fire Weather Coming To Southern California

Starting Wednesday night, high winds out of the northeast are expected to whip across much of Southern California including San Diego County.

Enviros Suing San Diego Planners Over Transportation Plan

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Two environmental groups are suing a San Diego agency over a county-wide transportation plan. The groups said the plan is from another century.

Video: Dead Fin Whale Towed Out To Sea

A dead fin whale that wash ashore in Point Loma on Nov. 19 was towed out to sea on Friday.

Recycle Cooking Oil For Free In San Diego County

Pouring leftover cooking oil, fats or grease down kitchen sinks or drains clogs pipes. The material should be saved and recycled.

Fin Whale Killed By Ship, Necropsy Finds

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A dead 67-foot fin whale was towed away from Point Loma at high tide today to Fiesta Island. On Friday, it will be sunk in the ocean.

Federal Wildfire Reduction Program Faces Funding Cuts

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There's a proposal in a U.S. Senate committee to cut funding for a program which helps reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

UC San Diego Researchers Map Calif. Solar Hotspots

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UC San Diego researchers have analyzed data gathered by space shuttle missions to create a tool for developers of solar power.

Enviros Question Future Land Use After South Bay Power Plant Is Demolished

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Plans are underway to demolish the South Bay Power Plant in Chula Vista, but some environmental groups are concerned about how much space will be reclaimed for natural habitat.

Groups Demand Cleanup Of San Diego Bay

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San Diego environmental groups are demanding the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board take action on a cleanup plan for San Diego Bay.

10 News Explores SDPD's Silence On Sexual Assaults

Is the San Diego Police Department letting the public know about danger in their neighborhoods in a timely manner?

Estuary Reborn In South San Diego Bay

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Commercial salt ponds in south San Diego Bay operated since the 1950s. The salt-making operation used three levees to separate the area from the rest of the bay. Now the estuary is being reborn.

Effort To Change Calif. Divorce Law

A judge has ruled a wife owes her ex-husband support money and a lump sum in cash payments. Not that unusual. But the husband is in prison, convicted for sexually assaulting the wife. How can this be? Investigative Reporter Mitch Blacher with the 10News I-Team joins us to explain.

Calif. Training Program For Non-violent Prisoners Yields Positive Results

The California Department of Corrections funds a training program for non-violent prisoners and it has an amazing success rate. Those who graduate have less than a 3 percent recidivism rate.

Calif. Legislative Committee Seeks Answers For Blackout

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Two California State Assembly Committees are trying to find out more about the events surrounding a blackout which darkened all of San Diego County in September.

La Niña Expected To Bring Dry Winter To Southern California

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Government forecasters expect La Niña to cause dry conditions in Southern California this winter.

Judge Rejects Challenge To Calif. Marine Protected Areas

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A judge in San Diego has dismissed a lawsuit from a fishing industry group challenging the Marine Life Protection Act.

Zombie Road: Controversial San Onofre Toll Stretch Revised

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The agency charged with relieving congestion along I-5 in North San Diego and Southern Orange Counties voted Wednesday to look at adding a small segment of its previously rejected 16-mile toll road.

New Express Lanes Along I-15 In San Diego

The San Diego Association of Governments is trying to get more solo drivers to use express lanes on Interstate-15 in San Diego.

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