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Stories by Erik Anderson

Report: San Diego Zoo Group Added $856M To Economy In 2012

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The report by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association and Applied Development Economics of Walnut Creek found that around 9,920 jobs were dependent on San Diego Zoo Global, which employed about 2,300 people and had a payroll of $117 million.

California Drought Feeds Interest For Water-Wise Landscaping In San Diego

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California drought declaration encourages interest in San Diego water-wise landscaping garden.

UCSD Professor To Lead Community Panel On Decommissioning San Onofre

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Southern California Edison has picked a UC San Diego professor to lead a group focused on the decommissioning of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

CPUC Approves Pio Pico Plant In Otay Mesa Despite Protest

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State public utilities officials have unanimously approved a previously rejected natural gas power plant in Otay Mesa.

Toxic Releases Inventory Finds Pollution In San Diego Trending Up

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San Diego and California are going in different directions when it comes to the release or transfer of toxic materials.

Battling A Small Pest To Keep California Citrus Flourishing

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California's citrus growers are hoping an imported wasp will help in the effort to keep citrus greening disease from gaining a foothold here.

Plastic Bag Ban Gets Support Of California Lawmakers

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California is inching closer to legislation that outlaws single-use plastic bags. Opponents are marshaling forces to hammer out a compromise.

San Diego Water Quality Databases Track Pollution In Inland Watersheds

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Tracking water quality upstream from the ocean is now possible thanks to San Diego Coastkeeper web portal. The site aims to make complicated water testing information easy to understand.

New San Diego Fire Stations Break Ground

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San Diego County officials broke ground on a new fire station in Boulevard. The facility replaces an outdated fire station in the rural area.

California Foreclosure Notices Hit 8-Year Low

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California's housing market is getting healthier and the falling default notices are another sign.

300 Volunteers Plant Trees Along San Diego River As Part of Restoration Effort

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Hundreds of San Diegans came together Monday to plant trees along the San Diego River in Santee.

San Diego Economy Expected To Continue Improving

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San Diego's economy is expected to continue its slow ascent in the coming year.

Qualcomm Makes Worldwide Patent Top 10 List

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Qualcomm added more than 2,000 patents to the company's portfolio in 2013. That put the firm on the top 10 list among international companies for 2013.

San Diego Home Prices Are Up But Sales Are Down

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Home prices climb as sales fall. Real estate officials blame a tight inventory and a decline in investor activity.

Rep. Susan Davis In San Diego To Discuss Unemployment Benefits

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A few weeks after Congress let a benefits program for the long-term unemployed expire, Rep. Susan Davis spoke with jobless San Diegans about how they've been affected.

San Diego State University Aztecs Heading To Idaho Potato Bowl

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The San Diego State University football team is headed to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on Saturday.

Survey Finds Muslim Students In California Are Subject To Bullying

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A survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found biased-based bullying against Muslim students is occurring in California schools.

More San Diego Groups Add To Debate Over Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

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A local group representing grocery, convenience, and liquor stores is speaking out against the plastic bag ban being considered by San Diego City Council.

Controversial Otay Mesa Power Plant Proposal Under Scrutiny

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The controversial Pio Pico power plant proposal gets a hearing in front of federal regulators Tuesday.

Restoring A Natural Connection In Chula Vista

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Efforts to revive the natural habitat of the Otay River Watershed are moving forward in San Diego County. The area in southern Chula Vista has been devastated by fire and other human activity.

San Diego Economy Expected To Grow Despite Challenges

San Diego's economy will continue to improve next year, economist says.

UC San Diego, CHP Team Up To Help Drivers Stop Texting

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UCSD professor Linda Hill wants to help reduce the approximately 4,000 deaths a year that can be specifically linked to drivers distracted by texting.

Ocean Beach Officials Back Ban On Plastic Bags

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The Ocean Beach Town Council is joining the chorus of calls for a ban on single-use plastic bags.

What Does Shorter Holiday Shopping Season Mean For San Diego Economy?

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Retailers around San Diego County and the rest of the nation are preparing for the $140 million-shopping rush over the Thanksgiving weekend.

UCSD Hospital Workers Take Part in Statewide One-Day Strike

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Thousands of University of California health care workers across the state will picket today day at hospitals and clinics statewide, including at UC San Diego medical campuses in San Diego and La Jolla.

San Diego Researchers Discuss Bringing Back Extinct Animals

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The fiction of Jurassic Park may be on the verge of reality. Scientists are talking about the possibility of bringing back extinct species.

Shaping San Diego Surfboards In North Park

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Hoping to tap into the desire for the perfect board, Shaper Studios is the first San Diego business designed to help people make their own surfboards.

San Diego Environmental Groups Going To Bat Against Santee Housing Project

A Pardee Homes project near Santee is under fire: Conservation groups say the development is not a good fit, but it can be changed.

Law Enforcement Volunteers Recruit Bone Marrow Donors

The Officers Give Hope Foundation comes to town to register San Diegans as bone marrow donors.

San Diego's Sandford Hotel Rededicated After Multimillion Renovation

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The hotel is nearly 100 years old and had gone nearly 25 years without major improvements.

San Diego Mayoral Candidate Mike Aguirre Works To Overcome Past

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Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre hopes to use his name recognition to win a spot in the runoff election. But he needs to overcome his image as a combative political figure.

San Diego Housing Among Nation's Least Affordable

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San Diego's housing market continues to be among the least affordable in the nation. A new survey finds only one of the nation's largest cities ranks lower.

Backyard Trees Might Spell Doom For San Diego's Citrus Industry

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A small insect carries the potential to kill San Diego County's commercial citrus industry. The Asian citrus psyllid is capable of spreading a disease that could wipe out a decades-old fixture of San Diego County's agricultural landscape.

San Diego Business Owners Growing Pessimistic

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San Diego business owners are growing less optimistic about economy for the rest of the year and uncertainty is to blame.

CPUC Will Oversee California Electricity Rates For First Time Since 2001

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Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 327, giving California regulators another chance to handle how power customers are charged for using electricity.

Retiring Air Force Cargo Planes Might Be Useful For Firefighting In San Diego

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An Air Force cargo plane could be just the medicine to improve the aging fleet of the U.S. Forest Service firefighting aircraft. County supervisors hope federal officials agree with their assessment.

San Diego Fire Crews Stand Ready As Santa Ana Winds Arrive

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Santa Ana wind conditions have firefighters preparing for the worst.

Sport, Active Lifestyle Companies Thrive In San Diego

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San Diego's sports and active lifestyle industry is an economic cluster that's created more than 23,000 local jobs, according to a new report.

San Diego Researchers And Contractors Feel Shutdown Pinch

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Federal standoff touches San Diego life sciences industry and military contractors.

Funding For California Clean Tech Shifts From Venture Capital

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The clean technology sector continues to create jobs in California, but how that is being paid for is changing

Scripps Researchers Have Role In And Back UN Climate-Change Report

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Two San Diego researchers say the latest U.N. report on climate change shows solid evidence that the climate is warming and humans are to blame.

More Military Cutbacks Will Be Felt In San Diego's Pocketbook

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The military remains an economic force in San Diego, but the region is already feeling the impact of a shrinking defense budget.

Deconstructing The Future For San Onofre

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The owners of the San Onfre Nuclear Generating Station are preparing to walk down the decades-long process of decommissioning two nuclear reactors. Federal regulators are here to help answer questions.

San Diego Home Prices Likely To Remain High

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A new study finds San Diego County home prices are expected to stay high and difficult for residents to afford.

Report Shows San Diego Economy Recovering, But Many Children Still Living In Poverty

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The economic recovery might have started taking off, but according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 140,000 San Diego children lived in families with incomes below the poverty level in 2012.

Pacific Oysters May Clamp Down On Sensitive San Diego Habitat

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Pacific oysters are a long-time favorite of discriminating diners in Southern California, and now the Japanese bivalves are increasingly finding a home in local waters. That is prompting some biologists to wonder how the mollusks might impact the near-shore environment.

San Diego Homes Sales Stay High Because Of Move-Up Buyers

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Home sales numbers hit a seven-year high in Southern California, but signs indicate the market may be cooling a bit.

San Diego Moves Toward A Plastic Bag Ban

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San Diego could become one of the largest California cities to enact a ban on single use plastic bags. A city council committee is drawing up an ordinance.

Short Time Frame To Elect New Mayor Presents Challenges For Candidates

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The clock's ticking on San Diego's special election to chose a new mayor. Candidates have only two months to convince voters to support them.

Interim Mayor Gloria Encourages Miramar Air Show Attendance

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A stripped-down Miramar Air Show gets a boost from San Diego civic leaders.