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Stories by Gloria Penner

Roundtable: Colorado Theater Massacre, SDPD Budget, Defense Cuts

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Roundtable: The accused shooter in a massacre at a Colorado theater has San Diego ties. There will be cuts to the defense budget that will affect San Diego; the question is how big? And is SDPD's budget request based on fact?

Roundtable: Mexican Election, Welfare Cuts, Fireworks Fail

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Mexico resurrects the Institutional Revolutionary Party with the latest election; California deals a big blow to the poor; and San Diego gets 15 seconds of international fame -- or infamy.

Roundtable: Courts Get Cut, Teachers Stay Employed, Kreep Becomes Judge

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What will a 21% budget cut mean to San Diego's court system? Will the teachers ratify the deal between SDUSD and the union? And how does a candidate rated "unqualified" for judge get elected anyway?

Roundtable: Election Aftermath

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The 2012 primary is history, which means voters will talk about it and shout about it. We help figure out what it means ... before we have to do it all again in November.

Roundtable: Schools & Police Board Are In Trouble, Michael Crowe Is Not

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One in five teachers likely to be laid off by San Diego Unified unless concessions -- or a miracle -- happen. The Citizens Review Board of Police Practices charged with questionable practices of its own. Michael Crowe found "factually innocent"of murder -- and he's not alone.

Roundtable: Same-Sex Marriage, Manchester's Moves, Props A & B

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President Obama caught up with Mayor Jerry Sanders and all four mayoral candidates this week on the issue of same-sex marriage. Doug Manchester is raising eyebrows with political endorsements, development plans and more media purchases. Do Propositions A & B solve or create problems?

Roundtable: Leaving Political Parties, Voting on Rent Control, Raising Hotel Taxes

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This week, several San Diego executives followed mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher's lead by bailing on their political parties; Oceanside is deciding whether to phase out rent control on 17 mobile home parks; and San Diego hoteliers voted to raise taxes on hotel rooms -- if the courts will let them.

Roundtable: Water Rates, County Supervisor Race, City Budget

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The Metropolitan Water District plans to raise rates by 5 percent in both 2012 and 2013, in spite of attempts by the San Diego County Water Authority to cap the increases at 3 percent; the three top candidates for the County's 3rd District seat square off; and has Mayor Sanders really balanced the budget?

Roundtable: Health Care Reform, Mayor's Race, Padres Sale

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Today on the Roundtable, reporters discuss health care reform in the Supreme Court, the San Diego mayor's race and the troubled Padres sale.

Roundtable: San Diego's Mayoral Race

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Local editors give their takes on the race to be San Diego's next mayor and Katie Orr tells us what each candidate's hobby is.

Roundtable: Battle Over Birth Control

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Local editors discuss the battle over birth control and San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa's role in the debate.

Roundtable: City Budget News, Fairgrounds Board Views, Water Users' Dues

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Everybody's Talking: The mayor says the city's budget deficit is history; an audit says the city has millions in unspent water and sewer upgrade funds; and the Coastal Commission says the Del Mar Fairgrounds Board is now doing the right thing.

Roundtable: Prop 8 Ruling, SDUSD Vs. Teachers Union, Food Trucks & Health

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Roundtable: The Ninth Circuit rules on Proposition 8; the teachers union rules on San Diego Unified's budget plans, and we find out if there are rules for food trucks in San Diego County.

Roundtable: SDG&E's Solar Charge, State-Of-The-State, SD Mayor's Race

SDG&E runs a separate charge to solar owners up the flagpole. No one salutes. Governor Brown's state-of-the-state address asks for temporary tax increases. Republicans are not impressed. The four major candidates for San Diego Mayor mix it up in debates. Sort of.

Roundtable: Withdrawal of Troops, Pot Dispensaries and Foreclosure

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Roundtable: President announces troops will be out of Iraq by end of year, we also look at marijuana dispensaries and San Diego foreclosures.

The Roundtable: Poverty Rates; DADT; New Chargers Stadium Idea

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Reporters and editors analyze the rise in poverty rates in San Diego County; the end of Don't Ask, Don't Twll for the U.S. Military; and the chargers new stadium idea.

Roundtable: A Terrorism "Neighborhood Watch" In San Diego

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is about two weeks away. County officials, warning that the date could trigger some strong emotions which could lead to some dangerous actions, have listed eight things to watch for.

Roundtable: City Redistricting Winners And Losers

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On Wednesday, the San Diego City Council approved new political boundaries for city council districts and added a 9th district. The year-long effort by the Redistricting Commission has changed boundaries and created winners and losers.

Roundtable: Was There A Housing Commission "Trojan Horse"

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This week, Will Carless of Voiceofsandiego,org wrote about the San Diego Housing Commission's "Trojan Horse." The report begins with the Commission's plan to deal with the foreclosure crisis by buying foreclosed properties and making them into affordable homes for needy San Diegans.

Roundtable: "Non-Partisan" Mayor's Race Heats Up

The primary election for mayor of San Diego is about a year away, but the race is already heating up. Several well known republicans and one high-profile Democrat are running.

Roundtable: County Supes Draw Own Districts

The ACLU and some minority groups are preparing to challenge the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in court over redistricting. Every 10 years the census is taken, political boundaries are redrawn by the Supervisors themselves.

Roundtable: Unkind Cuts at SD Unified

On Tuesday, the San Diego Unified Board of Education gave the green light to a new budget for the school year. One school board member put it this way: the budget is going to cause grave damage to our schools in San Diego.

Roundtable: Grand Jury Slams City Hall Facts

On Monday, the San Diego County Grand Jury issued a report saying the costs of staying at City Hall rather than building a new civic center were exaggerated by the city and that the city can have a safe and functional city hall without spending almost 300 million.

Roundtable: Behind San Diego's Redistricting Flap

Every 10 years San Diego City Council districts are redrawn. This time, a ninth City Council seat will be added. Seven citizens have been appointed to the influential San Diego Redistricting Commission. Both the committee and the process are generating some controversy.

Editors Roundtable

Roundtable: California Ordered To Reduce Prison Population

It's been nine years since a federal court first declared the crowding in California's prisons an emergency. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a 2002 lower court ruling that gave California two years to move tens of thousands of prisoners our of the state's overcrowded prisons.

Editors Roundtable

Who Is Carl DeMaio Trying To Appeal To?

Councilman Carl DeMaio has already announced his plans to run for mayor in 2012, but who will support him? The polarizing politician has few allies in city government after taking on some of the city's most powerful entities. We discuss DeMaio's disagreement with the mayor over eliminating free trash pickup, and his efforts to switch all city employees to a 401 (k)-style retirement plan.

Editors Roundtable

City Council Considers Menu Of Options To Cut Deficit

The San Diego City Council recently was given a list of almost 300 options to cut its projected $56.7 million deficit for next fiscal year. We take a look at the budget cuts menu, and discuss how politics will play a role in what's decided. Plus, we talk about the disagreement between the mayor's office and the city's independent budget analyst over the amount of next year's deficit.

Editors Roundtable

San Diego Unified Could Eliminate 500 Teachers

The San Diego Unified School District faces a budget hole of $120 million for 2011-12 academic year. The school board is considering two scenarios. If voters support a proposal to extend state tax increases, the debt could be cut in half. If not, as many as 500 teachers could be laid off. We discuss how the uncertainty is affecting the district.

Council Reverses Itself On Big Box Stores

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Find out what changed to convince seven of the eight San Diego City Council members to discard an ordinance requiring Walmart and other retailers to submit environmental and economic impact studies before building here.

Last Minute Deal Keeps National City Teachers In School

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Teachers' strikes are almost non-existent in the San Diego Couny's school districts. Is National City the canary in the coal mine, signaling some tough times ahead as education is squeezed by the state budget?

Focus On Women's Heart Health

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We'll find out the risk factors for heart disease and why is it easier for some doctors to identify symptoms in men than women.

Editors Roundtable

Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

The number of homeless sex offenders has increased dramatically since Jessica's Law passed in 2006. The law prevents convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or a park. We discuss why the law's requirements are making it difficult for sex offenders to find places to live, and why some convicted sex offenders in San Diego are challenging the law's residence restrictions.

Editors Roundtable

Escondido Ballpark Proposal At Risk

How could Governor Jerry Brown's proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies affect Escondido's efforts to build a minor league ballpark? City leaders are concerned the redevelopment proposal could disrupt plans to sell $50 million in ballpark bonds. If redevelopment agencies are eliminated, what will happen to Escondido's ballpark?

Editors Roundtable

Why Did City Council Repeal Supercenter Ordinance?

Earlier this week, the San Diego City Council voted 7-1 to repeal its supercenter ordinance. The ordinance required supercenter retailers to conduct an economic impact study in order to get building permits. The council reversed its decision after Walmart's successful signature-gathering would have forced a public vote on the issue. We discuss why two councilmembers changed their vote.

SD Congressman Challenges Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

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San Diego Congressman Duncan D. Hunter introduced legislation this week that would slow down the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. We'll find out what kind of support Hunter is getting from his colleagues in the House and how the bill could impede the implementation of the repeal.

Baja Sewage Spill Flowed For Weeks Without Notice

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A sewage spill in Playas de Tijuana just south of the border with Mexico reached imperial beach weeks ago, but residents only found out about it recently. The 31 million gallon spill is expected to be contained Friday. We speak to Ben McCue, conservation director for Wildcoast about the implications of this spill on San Diego.

Will State Budget Cuts Affect Affordable Housing In SD?

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Governor Jerry Brown has proposed that local redevelopment agencies be eliminated and their funds moved to counties, cities and schools. These agencies are mandated to devote 20 percent of their funding to develop affordable housing. Some say that if the redevelopment agencies go, affordable housing will as well. Susan Tinsky, executive director of the San Diego Housing Federation explains what's at stake.

New Calif. Schools Chief Calls For Investment In Education

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The New Year brought with it a new superintendent of public instruction for the State of California. Tom Torlakson replaces Jack O'Connell who served in the position for nearly a decade. Torlakson faces the monumental task of lobbying the state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown to restore funding to state education that was victim to massive budget cuts. KPBS Education Reporter Ana Tintocalis talked with Superintendent Torlakson about education in this new year.

Keeping Seniors Safely In The Driver's Seat

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Maintaining the ability to drive is a sensitive issue for seniors because it contributes to their independence. But there's no getting around the fact that physical and cognitive issues can affect the ability to drive safely. To help keep seniors driving as long as they can, the California Department of Motor vehicles created a senior driver program. We'll hear about resources for senior drivers and what options are available to those who can no longer drive.

Editors Roundtable

Efforts To Build Football Stadium In Los Angeles Moving Forward

The talk about building a new NFL stadium in Los Angeles got more serious this week. First, billionaire Phillip Anschutz said he would be willing to finance a new stadium in downtown L.A. if certain conditions are met. Plus, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn is leading efforts to fast track the Anschutz Entertainment Group's stadium proposal. What does this all mean to the Chargers? Which city will win the race to build a new NFL stadium?

Editors Roundtable

House Republicans Pushing For Changes To Health Care Reform Law

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to repeal the health-care-reform bill this week. While Democratic leaders in the Senate said they will not consider a repeal, the House's symbolic vote indicates that efforts to change the legislation will continue. We talk about why the Republicans want to change the law.

Editors Roundtable

UC Regents Discuss Budget Cuts At San Diego Meeting

University of California regents met in San Diego this week to discuss how to close a $1 billion budget gap. UC President Mark Yudof said thousands of qualified applicants will be turned away because of a proposed $500 million budget cut for 2011-2012, and other "unavoidable" expenses. The California State University system is also facing massive budget cuts that could lead to layoffs, and higher tuition. We discuss how the budget cuts could impact California colleges.

Local Connections To Tucson Shooting

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Reporter Amita Sharma tells us about the local attorney, Judy Clarke, who will defend the alleged Tucson shooter, Jared Loughner. Plus, learn more about the San Diego-based U.S. District Court Judge who has been assigned to preside over the case.

Giving A Fresh Start To Children With Facial Deformities

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Fresh Start is a local nonprofit that offers free reconstructive surgeries to children with facial deformities. Dwane Brown talks about the program with plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Cohen.

Crowe/Houser Civil Lawsuit Moving Forward

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North County 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe was murdered 13 years ago, but the Crowe family's civil lawsuit against Escondido and Oceanside police detectives could finally be moving forward in federal court. KPBS Senior News Editor Mark Sauer, who's covered the case since the girl's slaying in 1998, joins us to explain the latest legal ruling.

City Council President Discusses State Of the City, Agenda For 2011

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San Diego City Council President Tony Young joins us to talk about Mayor Jerry Sanders' State of the City Address, and to discuss his council agenda for 2011.

Editors Roundtable

Sanders Zeroes In On Pensions, Bonuses, Competition

Mayor Jerry Sanders' priorities for his final two years in office include changing the pension system, allowing more managed competition for city projects and expansion of the downtown convention center.

Editors Roundtable

Brown's Budget Has Sacrifices For Everyone

In his first budget plan, California Governor Jerry Brown called for more than $12 billion in spending cuts and a restructuring of state government.

Editors Roundtable

Tucson Shooting Case Has San Diego Connection

Accused mass shooter Jared Loughner has been assigned Judy Clarke, a San Diego attorney with federal death penalty experience. Larry Burns, a U.S. district judge based in San Diego was assigned to hear the case after Arizona judges recused themselves.

Project Offers Help And Hope To San Diego Homeless

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Hundreds of homeless San Diegans were at Golden Hall this week looking for help. They got an outpouring, from haircuts and dental care to blankets and toiletries, from more than 60 organizations and scores of volunteers. Tom Fudge, KPBS reporter and author of the blog On-Ramp, has the details on Project Homeless Connect.

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