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Stories by Helen Hawes

CHP Warns Holiday Revelers To Not Drink And Drive

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The long Memorial Day weekend means party time for many and the risk of driving while impaired for some. The California Highway Patrol says tickets -- and potential tragedy -- can easily be avoided with a little education and planning.

Proposition 29 Gives Smokers One More Reason To Quit

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Smokers can choose from an array of services to help them quit for good.

Senior Athletes Compete For Hard Court Championship

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Tennis players from age 50 to over 90 compete in the National Senior Women's Hard Court Tennis Championships at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. The Spring Senior Championships for men aged 60 to 80 is also in play.

Healthy Babies Begin Before Conception

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Tonya Lewis Lee, wife of film director Spike Lee, was in San Diego today promoting "A Healthy Baby Begins With You," a U.S. Health and Human Services Agency campaign.

Hundreds Converge In Downtown May Day Demonstration

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May Day is The International Day of the Worker. Hundreds of San Diegans marched, as did workers in 125 other U.S. cities.

Texting Worse Than Driving Drunk; College Students Chief Offenders

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A USCD study reveals that San Diego college students who are overly confident in their multitasking skills are the most likely to drive distracted.

World Book Night Hosts Giveaway

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One million books will be given away tonight to entice more readers to lose themselves in the printed word.

Midway Post Office Open Until Eleventh Hour For Tax Filers

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Tax returns and extensions must be postmarked by midnight tonight to be considered "on time." But only one postal location even comes close to that deadline.

YWCA Luncheon Features Local And International Success Stories

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Actress Ashley Judd spoke to a packed house about the abuse and neglect in her childhood at The YWCA's 14th Annual "In the Company of Women" luncheon.

Affordable Housing Opens In Upscale Neighborhood

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Twenty-one affordable housing apartments opened today in the Torrey Highlands section of San Diego.

Radioactivity Cured By A Capsule

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Scientists discover a method to render radioactive materials harmless in drinking water, beverages.

Nonpartisan Voters Cannot Vote In Republican Primary

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Nonpartisan voters can request ballots from the Democratic and the American Independent parties, but not the Republican party. And if they don't request ballots in advance, they won't get to vote for any candidate in the June 5 presidential primary.

71-Year-Old Ex-Marine's High-Impact Quest For Vets

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A 71-year-old former Marine is about to glide across the nation to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, a charity established to help injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Natural History Museum Comes To Life

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An ape, a prehistoric man and a human-sized tree frog interact with museumgoers as part of "Totem," the new Cirque du Soleil show that traces the evolution of man.

Lady Aztecs Head To NCAA Tournament

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They won the Mountain West Conference and are heading to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Harardous Waste Cleanups Spread Across County

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An Encinitas man faces sentencing for dumping a deadly combination of commercial waste. But garages and broom closets across San Diego contain hazards all their own.

Salk Scientists Discover Chemotherapy Pathway

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New findings could lead to cancer treatment with a cocktail of medicines rather than massive doses of traditional chemotherapy.

Mt. Carmel High Schoolers Launch Helium Balloon

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Students at Mount Carmel High aim high, about 100,000 feet straight up. Recently, the Amateur Radio Club at the school launched a helium balloon into near-space.

Leap Year Celebrated In Song

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Leap Day inspired Adam Gimbel of the San Diego band Rookie Card to memorialize it in song.

Rag Traders Relish Recycled Clothing

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Former throwaways find far-flung new life in recycling era.

Reward Doubles For Arsonist Capture

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With a burned out shell of a cafeteria, kids at Birney Elementary eat outside in tents.

Mardi Gras Revelers To Celebrate In Downtown San Diego

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About 40,000 people are expected to flock into downtown San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter tonight to celebrate Mardi Gras.