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Stories by Jill Replogle

Consequences Of The Genocide Conviction In Guatemala

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Former Guatemalan strongman Efraín Ríos Montt was convicted of genocide on May 10 by a national court. Some say the decision will sow more division in the country. I think it will do the opposite.

Teen Cooking Show Teaches Culture, Cameras And Chopping Skills

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A group of San Diego students joins the cooking show craze, learning nutrition, cooking and video production skills while capitalizing on the culinary richness of one of the nation's most diverse neighborhoods.

Video Released In Alleged Border Patrol Abuse

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A federal judge has ordered the government to release a video used as evidence in the case of a San Diego-area Border Patrol agent accused of kneeing and choking a detained border crosser.

More Latino Grads Going To College Than Whites

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A Pew Hispanic Center analysis found 69 percent of Latino high school graduates went on to college last year, compared to 67 percent of whites.

Mexico Says Smugglers Abandon Migrants At Sea

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Mexican authorities say smugglers abandon hundreds of migrants at sea as they attempt to sneak into the U.S. by boat along the Pacific coast.

Judge Orders Authorities To Provide Lawyers For Mentally Ill In Immigration Detention

A federal judge ruled in a class action lawsuit that immigration detainees with mental illnesses have a right to legal counsel and a speedy bond hearing.

Senate Immigration Bill Calls For A Drone-Patrolled Border

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The major immigration reform bill introduced last week by a bipartisan group of senators would earmark $6.5 billion to beef up border security. And it specifically calls for more drones to keep a watch on the southern border. But the border drones have yet to prove their worth.

Prolific Joshua Tree Bloom Could Signal Warming Climate

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This year’s prolific Joshua tree bloom is sending tourists out in droves to see the trees. But the phenomenon could be a sign of the trees’ precarious future.

Gang Of Eight's New Pathways To Citizenship

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The hotly anticipated bill to overhaul our nation's immigration system is expected to be presented Tuesday by a bipartisan group of senators. We show with an interactive map what that might look like.

USC Researchers Calculate Value Of Faster Border Crossing

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Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed a model to predict how adding customs and border agents at U.S. Ports of Entry would affect the economy.

Addressing Why Migrants Leave Their Home Countries

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As we debate immigration reform, shouldn't we address what drives people from their home countries?

Judge Hears Arguments In DACA Lawsuit Filed By ICE Agents

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A federal judge in Dallas heard arguments Monday in a lawsuit filed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over Obama's deferred deportation policy for DREAMers.

Federal Program Helps Divert Smugglers From Criminal Life

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The U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego runs a program that gives low-level migrant smugglers a chance to get straight with the law, before they get a record.

At Cesar Chavez Day March, Labor's New Stance On Immigration

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Hundreds of union supporters marked Cesar Chavez Day by marching in downtown San Diego on Monday. Labor's evolving stance on immigration was on display.

Interpreter's Career Rises, Then Falls, Amidst Tehran-Washington Standoff

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A San Diego man who makes a living interpreting for others may now be facing a forced career change.

Former Guatemalan Strongman Stands Trial For Genocide

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An historic trial begins March 19 in Guatemala. For the first time ever, a former head of state faces the charge of genocide in his own country’s court system.

Lawsuits Allege Abuses By Immigration Authorities

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On Wednesday immigrant advocacy groups announced a slew of lawsuits alleging abuses by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

Lobbying Dollars Fly In Immigration Reform Debate

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Companies and organizations with a stake in immigration reform are making their case to legislators in Washington by way of their pocketbooks.

Major Mexican Newspaper To Stop Publishing Cartel News

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Zócalo, a publication out of the Coahuila capitol, Saltillo, wrote a front-page editorial on their site Monday explaining it would no longer publish information concerning drug cartel violence.

Despite Warnings, Border Waits Not Longer Than Usual

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Under sequestration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is slated to have $500 million slashed from its budget. Border authorities warn this is already making for longer waits. But their warnings don’t seem to pan out.

Documentary Profiles Tijuana Actor/Immigrant Smuggler

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A documentary playing Monday night in San Diego spotlights a Tijuana man with a pair of unusual professions centered around one of the border city’s biggest underground industries.

Is Tijuana The New Tech Mecca?

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As far as tech expos go, this was no CES, but some at Tech Expo at the BIT Center really believe the border city has a future as an innovation mecca.

Latino Grocery Chain Profits With Changing Demographics

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As the Latino population grows, one family-owned, Southern California business is booming thanks to Latinos' love for home-cooked food and food from the home country.

Veteran Helps Family Of Fallen Iraqi Comrade Get Safely To U.S.

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Afghans and Iraqis who work in their countries with American troops often place themselves and their families in great danger. Because of the risks, they're supposed to have an easier time getting U.S. visas for themselves and their families. But the wait can still be long, as the story of one family illustrates.

In Border Security Quest, A Call For More Drones

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An immigration reform bill could call for more unmanned aerial vehicles patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border. The border drone program is still championed as an important tool for border security, despite a mixed track record.

Napolitano Stumps For Immigration Reform At Southwest Border

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was in San Diego on Monday as part of a two-day tour to inspect border security along the U.S.-Mexico border and rally for immigration reform. Napolitano said the border is about as secure as it’s going to get.

Pro-Immigrant Activists React To Obama Proposal

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Pro-immigration reform activists gathered at several locations throughout the Southwest on Tuesday to watch President Barack Obama outline his proposal for immigration reform.

Latinos Will Surpass Whites As California's Largest Ethnic Group By 2013

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The office of Governor Jerry Brown released a report that projects 2013 will be the year Latinos surpass whites as the largest ethnic group in the state.

Several Projects In Works To Ease San Diego Area Border Crossings

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The man who oversees inspections at the San Diego area’s border crossings gave a State of the Ports address on Thursday. Some progress is being made on easing border wait times, but big improvements are still a ways off.

As Immigration Reform Looms, Workers Ponder Legalization

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The most contentious component of what President Obama is likely to include in his immigration overhaul proposal is a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. What might that look like in one industry with a high percentage of undocumented immigrant workers?

Unlicensed Drivers Disproportionately Involved In Fatal Crashes

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A recent study has found unlicensed drivers are nearly three times more likely to cause a fatal crash than drivers with valid licenses.

As Flu Epidemic Advances, Latinos More Vulnerable

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As the flu epidemic moves west, Latinos could be especially vulnerable.

U.S. Navy Frigate Departs To Combat Drug Trafficking In Central America

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A guided-missile frigate left San Diego on Tuesday morning for a six-month deployment to Central American waters. Its mission is to disrupt illegal drug trafficking in the eastern Pacific and Caribbean.

In New Congress, More Latinos Than Ever

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The new U.S. Congress has more Latinos than ever before.

Military Leader Leaves Border Post With Praise For Reduced Violence

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The Mexican border states of Baja California and Sonora are losing the army general whose leadership coincided with a sharp decrease in drug violence there.

2012: Top Mexico Border Stories

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KPBS takes a look at the news made at the U.S.-Mexico border this year with our Fronteras Desk reporters Adrian Florido and Jill Replogle.

For Boat Captain, Rescuing Maritime Smugglers Is Part Of The Job

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In recent years, authorities in Southern California have been confronting a rise in maritime smuggling of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico. In December, the stakes were suddenly raised when a U.S. Coast Guard member was killed during a confrontation with suspected smugglers. But law enforcement agents aren't the only ones at risk.

Peña Nieto Hears Needs, Concerns From Tijuana Business Leaders

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Less than two weeks after his inauguration, Mexico’s new president Enrique Peña Nieto met with business leaders in Tijuana on Wednesday. He got a long list of requests.

Barrio Logan Gets Its Mercado

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A new grocery store opens today in Barrio Logan. It's a community dream that’s been in the works for decades.

Mexicans In US Make Less Money Than Any Other Immigrant Group

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Mexican immigrants in the U.S. make less on average than immigrants from any other part of the world, according to new research based on U.S. Census and labor data.

Coast Guard Member's Death Signals Greater Danger In Patrolling Border Waters

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The recent death of a Coast Guard member during an apparent smuggling incident suggests the California coast may be an increasingly dangerous front in the war on drugs.

CNN To Launch New Programming For U.S. Latinos

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The cable news network CNN is adding new programming aimed at U.S. Latinos. a fast-growing sector of the population that’s been getting a lot of attention lately from business and political leaders.

Immigrant Women Lead Drop In U.S. Birth Rate

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The birth rate in the U.S. fell to the lowest rate last year since at least the 1920s. Births to immigrant women showed the biggest decline in recent years.

Labor Trafficking Of Undocumented Migrants 'Rampant' In San Diego

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Reports on human trafficking tend to focus on the sex trade. But a researcher at San Diego State University found that labor trafficking of undocumented immigrants in sectors like construction and janitorial services is rampant in San Diego County.

Self-Censorship High In Mexican Media Along Border

Mexican daily newspapers increase their coverage of organized crime, but only scratch the surface.

Mexico Takes Step to Allow Planting of GM Corn

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The debate over genetically-modified crops is heating up again in Mexico.

Head Of Customs Brokers Association Pleads Guilty To Import Scheme

The head of a customs brokers association working on the U.S.-Mexico border has pleaded guilty to heading up a conspiracy to avoid paying import taxes.

Feds Bust Marijuana Growing Operation On California Public Lands

Federal agents in San Diego charged 10 individuals with involvement in a large-scale marijuana growing operation on public lands in Southern California.

How An American Nun Became A Lifeline Of Hope For Prisoners In Tijuana

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Mother Antonia became a nun at age 50 and has called Tijuana's most notorious prison, La Mesa Penitentiary, home since 1978.

Pot Legalization Concerns Latin American Leaders

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The vote to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington State is making waves beyond U.S. borders as Latin American leaders call for a re-evaluation of drug control strategy.