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Stories by Joanne Faryon

Roundtable: San Diego's Mayoral Race

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Local editors give their takes on the race to be San Diego's next mayor and Katie Orr tells us what each candidate's hobby is.

Roundtable: Battle Over Birth Control

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Local editors discuss the battle over birth control and San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa's role in the debate.

Invisible Children's Joseph Kony 2012 Video Goes Viral

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A video about the atrocities carried out by Kony's Lord's Resistance Army has gone viral, racking up millions more views seemingly by the hour. The marketing campaign is an effort by the San Diego advocacy group, Invisible Children.

Roe v Wade: 1973-2012

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Nearly 40 years after Roe v Wade, women's reproductive rights are still under fire. Sarah Weddington, the attorney who won that landmark case, talks to KPBS about her take.

Is California's Death Penalty At A Crossroads?

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State Senator Joel Anderson has introduced a bill which would eliminate automatic appeals for death penalty cases at a time when support for the death penalty in California seems to be waning.

Local Experts Respond To Obama's Iran, Syria Conference

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During his first news conference of the year, President Obama today defended his choice not to use military intervention in Iran and Syria. Local experts responded to that announcement.

Author Urges 'Countries of Origin' Label On American Products

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The product you purchased says "Made In America," but it may also consist of material made in other countries. A local man is leading a quest to have a "Countries of Origin" label added to products. He says it will allow Americans to make better buying choices.

Evening Roundtable: Trouble At UCAN And Schools

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The week began with news that the ratepayer advocacy organization UCAN was dissolving amidst an investigation. An anonymous author posted a press release on the organization’s website declaring “persistent legal challenges” prevented it from continuing.

Calif. Homeowners Bill Of Rights Aimed At Easing Foreclosures

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State Attorney General Kamala Harris released a package of bills Wednesday called the “Homeowner Bill of Rights.” These bills are designed to protect homeowners caught up in the mortgage and foreclosure crisis.

Report Card On Health Of San Diego Children And Families

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A new report card on the welfare of children and families across the county showed teen pregnancy, obesity and crime among juveniles has dropped, but poverty and the number of children not properly immunized has gone up.

Pension Costs Decreasing For Some Cities In San Diego County

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As San Diegans prepare to vote on a comprehensive pension reform plan, analysis reveals 10 of 17 cities in San Diego County will see a reduction in pension cost.

Explaining California's Open Primary

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This June, Californians can vote for anyone regardless of political party for most contested partisan races, such as statewide offices, state legislative offices and congressional races. What will this mean to voters and political parties?

San Diego's Structural Deficit Ends, But Critics Say Major Costs Are Not Included

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Mayor Jerry Sanders announced San Diego's structural deficit has been accomplished, but critics say some major costs are not included on the mayor's ledger sheet.

Evening Roundtable: City's Budget Deficit And Del Mar Fairgrounds

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How did the mayor make enough money to move San Diego into the black? Why are the hotel workers suing their bosses? And what's happening with the Del Mar Fairgrounds? Local journalists discuss.

Prison Reallignment At Donovan, 650 Fewer Inmates But Still Crowded

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Prison realignment is shrinking the inmate population at Donovan State Prison in San Diego. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent out thousands of lay off warnings last fall, we'll find out how many of the staff at Donovan are at risk of losing their job and how that will affect programs and safety at the Prison.

City Attorney: State Agency Bringing Challenge Over Pension Reform Is 'Our Adversary'

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City Attorney Jan Goldsmith says legal challenges against the pension reform initiative are unprecedented, and that the state agency bringing the challenges could force the city of San Diego to violate the Constitution.

Gas Prices Soar - San Diegans Feeling Pain At The Pump

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We're all feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices continue to climb. We look at what's behind the increase and what you can do to get the best mileage.

Group Claims SDG&E Wants To Retroactively Charge Customers For 2007 Wildfire Liability

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A consumer group claims that if If San Diego Gas & Electric gets its way, customers could be paying several hundred dollars more a year for electricity.

SD County To Auction Delinquent Properties, But Buyer Beware

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It turns out that it isn't just foreclosure that puts some struggling San Diegans at risk of losing their property.

Public Utilities Flush With Cash But Behind On Projects

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When San Diego city officials launched a series of utility-rate hikes in 2007, they expected to spend more than a billion dollars on projects to shore up aging water and sewer systems rife with leaks. But things have not gone as planned.

Roundtable: Troubles For Pension Reform, Food Stamps, Homeless Students

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Could the pension reform initiative be kept off the ballot? Will San Diego County ever enroll all those who need food stamps? How do homeless students manage to get an education?

Will The San Diego Pension Reform Initiative Make It To Ballot?

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Nearly 116,000 signatures have been validated for an initiative that would end guaranteed pensions for new city works -- but the measure may not be on the June ballot.

Students Registering Students To Vote At UC San Diego

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Last year, UC San Diego was dead last in student voter registration rates. This year, it's second only to UC Santa Barbara. The difference is easy and immediate access to voter registration materials the day freshmen move in.

Small Claims Court Winner Continues Her Case Against Honda

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Heather Peters made national headlines earlier this month when she won a $9,867 settlement against Honda America in a Los Angeles small claims court. Today, she asked a San Diego judge to request time to investigate before settling five additional class action lawsuits.

Super PACs Readying For Battle In San Diego

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San Diegans may soon witness the war of the super PACs up close, as some of these mega spenders zero in on contests right here at home.

How The National Mortgage Settlement Could Benefit San Diego Homeowners

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San Diego real estate experts explained how the national mortgage settlement will affect homeowners whose homes were foreclosed on or who are underwater.

Democratic Convention In San Diego Fires Up The Base For November

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A roundup of what happened at the weekend's gathering of California Democrats, including endorsements and speeches by the party's rising stars.

County Official Says Food Stamp Hotline Problems Started One Year Ago

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The county first realized it was having problems with a hotline designed to help residents access food stamps and other benefits about a year ago, according to Nick Macchione, the director of the county's Health and Human Services Agency.

Problems Continue To Plague County Food Stamp System

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Five out of six calls to a county hotline designed to help residents access food stamps and other benefits are dropped, according to a new report. That confirms what local leaders have been saying for a long time.

Fronteras Desk To Explore Baja During Reporting Trip

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Jill Replogle and Jose Luis Jimenez from embark today on a reporting trip to Baja. They describe their travels to Evening Edition.

Preservationists Fear Changes Would Jeopardize Balboa Park's Historic Status

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The City of San Diego and millionaire philanthropist Irwin Jacobs want to remove cars from the center of Balboa Park. The Save Our Heritage Organisation is opposed to parts of their plan, sued the city for the way it handled the project agreement and won. People on both sides of the issue discuss whether the suit and a possible loss in historic designation will set the project back.

Experts Discuss The Mystery Of Severe Depression

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The causes of severe or clinical depression are as varied as the current treatments for the condition. We look at what depression is and what can be done about it.

Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

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A federal appeals court has declared California's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional, paving the way for a likely U.S. Supreme Court showdown on the voter-approved law.

How Technology Is Transforming Medicine

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Scripps Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Eric Topol, outlines his theories of how technology is transforming medicine and how slowly the medical establishment is catching on.

New Adventure Brings 'Survivor' Winner To PBS

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Yul Kwon won the TV show "Survivor" and is now taking on a new adventure. He will uncover what makes America work and the people who keep it going on "America Revealed," which airs on PBS.

Two Possible Pension Reform Measures On June Ballot

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San Diego voters might have two pension reform ballot initiatives to choose between in June. Katie Orr, KPBS's metro reporter, explains the two plans.

City Attorney Says Hotel Tax Validation Could Take At Least A Year

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City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said a hotel tax to fund the Convention Center expansion without a public vote is not necessarily legal. He said validation of its legality would take—at the minimum—one year.

SD Supervisor Ron Roberts Previews State Of The County

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Roberts will deliver the State of The County Address on Wednesday, February 8. We'll hear a preview and ask Roberts, who was elected to chair the board of supervisors last month, about regional development and what role if any the County will play in building a new Chargers stadium.


Roundtable: Money In Politics, Petco Park & Indian Tribes

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Panelists look at the large amounts of money swirling around local and national politics; the lack of it in East Village businesses during the Padres' off-season; and whether money caused the Pala Band of Indians to expel 154 tribal members.

Blog post

A Trip Through American History With Culture Clash

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Culture Clash returns to La Jolla Playhouse with a new play, "American Night: The Ballad of Juan José," which examines our collective history through the eyes of an immigrant as he studies for his U.S. citizenship test.

Marine Will Not Do Time In Haditha Killings

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A Marine accused of killing unarmed Iraqi women and children, who pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty on Monday, will not serve time behind bars, a judge ruled today. The sentencing ends the largest and longest-running criminal case against U.S. troops to emerge from the Iraq War.

Whooping Cough Vaccine Wanes After Three Years

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A KPBS-Watchdog Institute investigation last year questioned the efficacy of the whooping cough vaccine after revealing the majority of people who got sick in San Diego County were immunized.

SD Police Respond To More 911 Suicide Calls

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San Diego Police say they are responding to a growing number of people in psychiatric distress, some threatening to kill themselves.

Informed Californians Change Mind On Taxes

A new poll shows California voters change their minds on public policy when they learn more about the issues.

New Inmates Costly For San Diego

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San Diego County jails will see an influx of 2,000 additional convicted criminals over the next several months. Public safety officials say unless the state coughs up more cash, those inmates could end up on the street and not rehabilitated.

Ripple Effects Of Debt Ceiling Debate On San Diego

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Federal lawmakers' failure to reach a debt ceiling compromise puts many San Diegans at financial risk. Read where your representative stands on the issue.

Chronically Absent Students Cost County Schools Millions

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There are thousands of chronically absent kids in San Diego County schools who together cost their districts millions of dollars in state funding.

State School Chief Says Unequal Funding Could Lead To Lawsuit

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We all know that a part of our tax bill goes to pay for local schools. But when KPBS and the Watchdog Institute started to ask questions about how the money is actually distributed, we found out it's nearly impossible to follow the money trail.

Room In SD County Jail For Inmates, But No Money

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said he expects an influx of inmates into his jails over the next two years, but it will be a "disaster" unless they come with additional funds. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday California must reduce its state prison population by more than 30,000.

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

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The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a ruling yesterday that could see thousands of California inmates released. At issue is whether prisons are so crowded that inmates don't have access to health care and mental health services.