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Stories by Joe Yerardi

Atkins-Block Race Will Test Loyalty Of Longtime Donors

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State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins' primary challenge to state Sen. Marty Block is putting the pressure on donors who have previously been loyal to both candidates.

Outside Groups Seen As Crucial For Anderson In San Diego County Supervisor Race

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State Sen. Joel Anderson's ability to dislodge county Supervisor Dianne Jacob may depend on large donors financing an independent committee that doesn’t have to follow local campaign contribution limits.

San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts’ Fundraising Down Amid Allegations

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San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts' campaign contributions fell precipitously after abuse of power allegations emerged against him early this year.

San Diego Rep. Scott Peters’ GOP Foe Trails Badly In Early Fundraising

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For the most recent fundraising period, Republican Jacquie Atkinson has raised less than 10 percent of the money that Democrat Scott Peters has in his bid for re-election next year.

Brian Maienschein Will Not Run For San Diego County Supervisor

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Assemblyman Brian Maienschein will not challenge embattled Democratic County Supervisor Dave Roberts for his Third District supervisorial seat in next year’s election.

GOP Hopefuls Need More Than Money To Win San Diego County Supervisor’s Seat

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For a Republican to beat Democratic Supervisor Dave Roberts next year, political analysts say the challenger will need name recognition, party support and a broadly popular message.

Cash Is Key For Republicans Eying County Supervisor Dave Roberts’ Seat

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As the GOP field forms, political experts said San Diego County’s District 3 will be a big money race in 2016.

Court Rules North County Transit District Must Release Records

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The state 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Monday that a summary of an assessment of senior NCTD managers should be made public. inewsource had sued for the release of the full report, while NCTD argued none of it should be made public.

State Lottery A Gamble For San Diegans

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People spent more than $5 billion on lottery tickets in California last year. And new data shows that many folks playing the lottery in San Diego County are middle income.

San Diego County Upgrading System For Tracking Campaign Donations

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As part of the upgrade, the county Board of Supervisors will consider Tuesday requiring county candidates and political committees that raise or spend at least $10,000 to file their campaign finance reports electronically.

Exemptions From Vaccines Up Slightly In California Since 1980s

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The reasons parents in California are choosing not to immunize their kids today is partly due to what they find on the Internet, including a study that incorrectly linked vaccines to autism.

Wiping Out Diseases With Vaccines Makes Their Horrors A Distant Memory

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Nearly 51,000 California kindergarteners — in both public and private schools— began the 2014-2015 school year lacking one or more recommended vaccinations against diseases.

San Diego’s Collective Immunity Threatened By Declining Vaccination Rates

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Immunologists are raising the alarm about what they say is our collective amnesia over the damage these diseases have wrought in the past.

Gay GOP Luminaries Fuel DeMaio Fundraising Vehicle

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While Republican Carl DeMaio trails Rep. Scott Peters in fundraising from PACs, he’s raised lots of money by partnering in joint fundraising committees, which are being funded by big names in the GOP gay rights movement.

PACs Back Incumbents; Just Ask Rep. Scott Peters

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Two years ago, when Democrat Scott Peters successfully challenged Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray in the 52nd Congressional District, most of the PAC money went to Bilbray. This year, Peters is getting money from 100 PACs that gave to his opponent in 2012.

Medicare Pays Labs Top Dollars In San Diego County

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A clinical laboratory that recently lost a $15 million lawsuit was the top San Diego-area recipient of Medicare reimbursements in 2012.

San Diego Ethics Commission Votes To Rein In Independent Committees

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Now it's up to the City Council to decide whether to ban independent political committees from using material produced by candidates in ads the deep-pocketed committees pay for.

Donations In Peters, DeMaio Congressional Race All Over The Map

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U.S. Congressman Scott Peters is vastly out-fundraising GOP rival Carl DeMaio in their old City Council districts, according to an inewsource analysis of campaign contributions.

In 52nd Congressional District, Republican Precincts Saw Higher Turnout

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In precincts where Democratic Congressman Scott Peters won a majority of votes, turnout was just 20 percent. In precincts where his three GOP challengers won a majority, turnout was 27 percent.

Barrio Logan Strongly Disagreed With San Diego Voters

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The vote on Propositions B and C marked the first time a neighborhood’s community plan was put before a citywide vote.

Developer Money Follows Circuitous Route to San Diego County Supervisor's Race

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A handful of development companies and real estate interests have contributed at least $100,000 to the political action committee of the San Diego county Deputy Sheriffs' Association at the same time the PAC has run an advertising campaign to boost Supervisor Bill Horn.

San Diego County DA Dumanis Lags In Fundraising Among Legal Professionals

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According to an inewsource analysis of campaign contributions data, challenger Bob Brewer is drawing four times as much money from San Diego-area lawyers than District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

San Diego County’s System For Tracking Campaign Donations Called Outdated

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Open government advocates warn that San Diego County’s system for processing political candidates’ campaign finance reports makes it nearly impossible for the public to follow the money. But there’s a chance that could change soon.

San Diego's Ethics Commission Seeks To Rein In Independent Committees

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In the wake of an $11 million mayor’s race, the San Diego City Ethics Commission is proposing a host of changes to local electioneering laws.

San Diego Ethics Commission Considers Tightening Restrictions On Independent Committees

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The Ethics Commission will consider several amendments at Thursday night’s meeting, including one to tighten restrictions on how independent committees can use candidates’ campaign materials.

Three Keys To Kevin Faulconer’s Victory

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Kevin Faulconer’s victory was so decisive that he even had the advantage in balloting conducted on Election Day — usually a strong suit for Democrats. Faulconer won 50.4 percent of ballots cast at polls.

Early Voting Patterns Favor Faulconer In Mayor’s Race

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With Election Day here, political operatives and campaign volunteers are fanning out across the city in massive get-out-the-vote operations. But nearly 165,000 people already have voted, and those ballots may well determine San Diego’s mayor-elect.

Their Candidate Under Attack, Labor Responds With Barrage Of Negative Ads In Mayor’s Race

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If the business-backed Lincoln Club has a liberal foil this election, it’s Working Families for a Better San Diego, a committee established in September by organized labor.

Alvarez Leads San Diego Mayor Money Race With Cash On Hand

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Democratic mayoral contender David Alvarez maintains a nearly two-to-one advantage over his Republican rival in cash on hand, according to financial disclosure statements filed Wednesday and Thursday.

Unraveling A Scandal, Part Two

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We’ve updated the story to show the second half of the investigation — how we figured out the second candidate, the extent of the foreign national’s network, and more.

How To Uncover A Scandal From Your Couch

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A how-to guide for unraveling San Diego campaign finance scandal involving a straw donor, a "foreign national" and local politicians.

San Diego Campaign Finance Scandal: Tracing The Donations

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inewsource has been digging deep to find new donations related to a federal investigation into illegal campaign contributions.

PACs Funnel Big Money To Mayoral Hopefuls From Mystery Donors

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Thirty-six political action committees have poured more than $1.6 million into San Diego’s mayoral election.

Mayoral Candidates Are Neck And Neck In The Race For Cash

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Fundraising did not slow down over the holidays in the San Diego mayoral runoff. The most recent campaign finance reports show the David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer warchests are nearly equal.

Three Things to Know About San Diego’s Mayoral Runoff

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As in the primary, inewsource will be following the money with a database and visualization we intend to update daily. Here are three things to know about money in the runoff.

Fundraising Going Strong As San Diego Mayoral Election Nears

In the race for cash in the special mayoral election, former assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Councilman David Alvarez — both Democrats — remain neck and neck, according to the latest campaign filings.

Mayor’s Race: More Than $4 Million Raised

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In the race for cash in the special mayoral election, former assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Councilman David Alvarez — both Democrats — are neck and neck.

Early Voting Seen As Strong In San Diego Mayor’s Race

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Some 363,000 early ballots for the Nov. 19 mayoral special election have been issued and about 52,000 ballots have been cast— a 14.2 percent return rate.

Political Parties And A Campaign Finance No-Man’s Land

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The Republican Party of San Diego County has spent more than $60,000 in a push to educate its party members and persuade them to vote for Kevin Faulconer.

$2.5 Million In Six Weeks: Money Pours Into Mayor’s Race

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In the race for cash in the special mayoral election, Councilman David Alvarez held a commanding lead with more than $1 million raised by his campaign and committees that support his candidacy as of Thursday.

Independent Committees Changing San Diego Mayoral Race With Big Bucks

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Independent committees that support San Diego's mayoral hopefuls — but can't coordinate with them — are emerging as major forces in the special elections.

Following The Money In The Race For San Diego's Mayor: Who's In The Lead?

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Our media partner inewsource brings us an update on who has received the most $1,000-plus contributions in the race for San Diego's next mayor.

Follow The Money: San Diego Mayoral Special Election 2013

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Last year, mayoral candidates raised more than $4.3 million for the primary. Just more than a year later, they’re at it again and inewsource promises daily updates on the race for cash from big donors.