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Stories by Julien Pearce

One Marine's Struggle To Return To The Battlefield

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As President Obama prepares to address the nation next week on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the casualties continue to mount. Since the beginning of this year, 299 military service members have died in Afghanistan and 2,512 have suffered injuries. The Naval Medical Center in San Diego treats many of those injured.

What It Means To Be A California Republican

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California Republicans who attended the Fall Republican Convention in San Diego over the weekend talk about what it means to stand behind the GOP.

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How The Internet Forgets Nothing

A piece of information or a photograph posted on the web can hurt your chances to get a job, or get a date. And that negative information can stay on the Internet for years. We'll talk about new ideas to introduce some privacy to the web.

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European Perspective On US Border: Build Economies Not Fences

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French journalist Julien Pearce reflects on his experience visiting the U.S.-Mexico border fence. Immigration issues in Europe are similar to those in the U.S., but the size and scope of the fence is distinctly different.

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Is The Prom Experience Open To All?

Proms are a right-of-passage for high school students. We'll look at the experience of one young woman whose school cancelled the prom because she wanted to take her girlfriend.

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A New Supreme Court Ruling May Affect Gun Laws In California

The U.S. Supreme Court has just extended to all the states its 2008 ruling that the right to bear arms is an individual right. What does this mean to local guns laws in California? We'll hear from pro and anti-gun advocates.

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Carlsbad Cancer Questions Continue

State health officials say they can find no evidence of a cancer cluster in Carlsbad. But some community residents are not satisfied with the results. They are pushing for tests of the soil at one local elementary school.

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How The Oil Spill Will Affect You

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst spill in U.S. history. We'll examine the economic and environmental impact for California and San Diego, and whether the disaster is big enough to force a change in consumer behavior.

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Cooking To Feed The Navy

What does it take to cook dinner for 2,500 sailors on an aircraft carrier? We'll look at the history of cooking in the Navy over the past 200 years and dish out recipes for classic military meals.