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Stories by Katie Orr

Filner Sworn In As San Diego's 35th Mayor

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Bob Filner was sworn in today as San Diego's 35th mayor during a Balboa Park Club inauguration ceremony.

Gloria Likely To Be Next San Diego City Council President

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It looks like Democrat Todd Gloria will become the next San Diego City Council president. The official vote will take place Monday, but today, current Council President Tony Young told KPBS he would be supporting Gloria for the position.

Outgoing Mayor Sanders Holds Final News Conference

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Jerry Sanders held his final news conference as mayor of San Diego this morning. He officially leaves office on Dec. 3.

City Council Votes To Save Job-Training Program

The San Diego City Council today approved spending $200,000 to save a job-training program from going dormant a second time.

Frye's Future At San Diego City Hall In Doubt

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A prominent politician's return to San Diego City Hall may be thwarted.

San Diego Council To Consider Major Financial Issues

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The San Diego City Council will take up two big financial issues today.

Filner Makes Transition From Congress To San Diego City Hall

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Mayor-elect Bob Filner has a busy few weeks ahead. He is still serving in Congress while preparing to lead San Diego.

Race To Be Young's Replacement Taking Shape

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The race to replace outgoing San Diego City Council President Tony Young is already taking shape. Young is resigning to become CEO of the local chapter of the American Red Cross. KPBS has details on one potential candidate.

Tony Young To Resign From San Diego City Council

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There’s a major shake-up happening at San Diego City Hall. Council President Tony Young is resigning his post.

Filner Keeps Public Safety Chiefs, Calls For Multi-Million Dollar Public Safety Investment

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San Diego Mayor-elect Bob Filner announced today that he would keep Fire Chief Javier Mainar and Police Chief William Lansdowne when he begins his administration. Filner also said he’s going to put about $22 million into public safety in the next few months.

San Diego, Unions Reach Agreement On Convention Center Expansion

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San Diego labor groups have agreed to drop their opposition to the proposed Convention Center expansion. The mayor announced the deal with labor on Thursday.

Filner Leads DeMaio In Tight Battle

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Democrat Bob Filner holds a slight lead over GOP Councilman Carl DeMaio in the race for San Diego mayor.

Filner, DeMaio Make Final Pitch To Be San Diego's Mayor

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The candidates for San Diego mayor made a final pitch to voters today.

Lightner Lashes Out Against Ellis Campaign's Claims

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The Democrats on the San Diego City Council came out strongly today in defense of Councilwoman Sherri Lightner. Lightner is running for re-election and the race is getting heated.

Bill Clinton Endorses Bob Filner In San Diego Mayor's Race

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Former President Bill Clinton today endorsed Bob Filner in the Democratic congressman's San Diego mayoral bid, his campaign announced.

Filner Fights Back On Personality Attacks

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Congressman Bob Filner fired back today at claims that he lacks the temperament to be San Diego’s mayor and is disrespectful toward women.

Dumanis Endorses DeMaio For San Diego Mayor

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One of San Diego’s most prominent politicians is making an endorsement in the mayor’s race.

Filner Says San Diego U.S. Attorney Should Resign

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Congressman Bob Filner is calling on San Diego U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy to resign after an e-mail from her revealed some involvement in the San Diego mayor’s race.

Brown Endorses Filner In San Diego Mayor's Race

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California Governor Jerry Brown said he thinks Congressman Bob Filner can handle the job of mayor.

Write-In Option On San Diego Ballot A Mistake

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A mistake on the ballot for the City of San Diego may lead voters to believe they have more options than they actually do.

San Diego Mayor's Race Still Up For Grabs, SDSU Professor Says

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Recent polls on the San Diego mayor’s race are all over the map. But a local professor says you should take the results with a grain of salt.

San Diego Arts Funding Could Go Up

Arts organizations in San Diego could see their public funding double over the next five years.

Filner Releases Jobs Plan For San Diego

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San Diego’s economy and how to improve it have been major topics of discussion during the race to be San Diego’s next mayor. The latest jobs plan was released today.

Young Endorses Filner In San Diego Mayor's Race

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Congressman Bob Filner picked up an endorsement in the San Diego mayor’s race Tuesday. But he also got called out on an old attendance record.

Filner Continues To Lead In San Diego Mayor's Race

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There’s new Survey USA poll out today from 10News. It shows Democratic Congressman Bob Filner continues to hold a lead over Republican City Councilman Carl DeMaio in the San Diego mayor’s race.

Mayoral Race Heats Up As Election Draws Near

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With about three and a half weeks to go until Election Day, the accusations are flying in the San Diego mayor’s race. Here’s a recap of this past week.

Lightner Wants To Streamline San Diego's Graywater Policies

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What if you could use the water from your washing machine to water your yard? A San Diego city councilwoman wants to make that easier.

Asians Have Lowest Voter Registration, Turnout In San Diego

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New research out shows Asians in the city of San Diego have the lowest voter registration and voter turnout among all ethnic groups. But the Asian community is optimistic that will soon change.

Union Leader Banned From Walmart After Action Campaign

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Walmart stores in at least eight states were the targets of an organized workers' rights campaign today.

San Diego Police Endorse Filner For Mayor

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The public safety community weighed in on the San Diego mayor’s race today by endorsing Congressman Bob Filner.

Mail-In Ballots Go Out Today

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After months of hearing about candidates and propositions, San Diego county voters will soon get to have their say. Mail-in ballots are being sent out today.

DeMaio, Filner Vie For Moderate Voters In Mayor's Race

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With about a month to go until Election Day, the candidates to be San Diego's next mayor are working hard to get their message out. They’re trying to make that message as moderate as possible, even though both candidates are firmly tied to their parties.

Jacobs Endorses DeMaio For San Diego Mayor

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Another prominent San Diegan has made an endorsement in the mayor’s race. This one crosses party lines.

San Diego Decides How To Spend $27 Million Wildfire Settlement

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It took five years for San Diego to receive a settlement for the 2007 wildfires. But it’s taken less than four months for the city to decide how to use the money.

Mayor Sanders Endorses DeMaio As Successor

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Mayor Jerry Sanders endorsed Councilman Carl DeMaio Tuesday afternoon to be his successor over Rep. Bob Filner, D-San Diego.

San Diego City Council Unanimously Votes Down Quail Brush Power Plant

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A proposal for a power plant adjacent to Mission Trails Regional Park, the state's largest municipally owned park, was unanimously voted down today by the San Diego City Council.

DeMaio Draws Support From The Middle

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Republican City Councilman and San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio held a news conference today to announce he’s creating a bipartisan job creation coalition made up of people from across the political spectrum. That includes several members from a group called Movement To the Middle, which was created during the primaries.

District 1 Council Race Could Impact All Of San Diego

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As the countdown to Election Day continues, most San Diego voters are focused on the mayor’s race. But there is another seat up for grabs, and it’s one that could determine the political leaning of the San Diego City Council.

San Diego Cracking Down On Vacant Properties

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San Diego is cracking down on vacant lots, vacant foreclosures and vacant buildings in the city.

San Diego Could Pay Millions More To Pension Next Year

Turmoil in the international financial markets and changing retirement benefits mean San Diego could owe significantly more to its pension fund next year.

City Attorney Goldsmith Calls For Lawsuit Reform

San Diego’s city attorney says the state needs to reform how its courts handle lawsuits.

Mayoral Candidates Make Bold Statements During School-Sponsored Debate

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San Diego’s mayoral candidates went back to school today. They attended a debate sponsored by La Jolla Country Day and the Pruess School.

High School Students Hold San Diego Mayoral Candidates' Feet To Fire

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There was something notably different about this debate. It was being run by teenagers. And these teenagers knew what they were talking about.

Filner's New Education Plan Touts Coordination Between City, Schools

The city of San Diego doesn’t have much power over the local school board. But a lot of voters have kids in school, so it becomes an issue politicians weigh in on.

Filner, DeMaio Take More Muted Tones In Mayoral Debate On Innovation

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Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner went head-to-head in one of the many mayoral debates before the November election. Watch the full debate here.

San Diego Republicans Have Slight Edge Over Democrats In Registered Voters

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The political affiliation of registered voters San Diego County has swung back toward the right.

Labor Day Marks End Of Summer, Beginning Of Campaign Season

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Labor Day marks the end of summer. But it also signals the start of the sprint to the fall election.

Low Income Neighborhoods Willing To Pay More For Solar Energy, Report Shows

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San Diego gets plenty of sunshine and a recent survey shows low income neighborhoods want to take better advantage of it.

Filner Leads DeMaio In New Poll

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A new poll out today puts Democratic Congressman Bob Filner ahead of Republican City Councilman Carl DeMaio in the San Diego Mayor’s race.

Group Says AB 32 WIll Cost San Diego Millions

A trade group says California’s effort to slow global warming may put a deep freeze on the state’s economy.