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Stories by Katie Orr

San Diego Auditor Says Prop. B Might Not Save Money

San Diego's Auditor says it's not clear if Proposition B, the proposed pension reform measure on the June ballot, will save San Diego money.

Mayoral Candidates Wade Into San Diego Port Issues

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With San Diego's potential influence over the Port Commission and so much of the downtown waterfront falling under Port jurisdiction, perhaps it’s no surprise the city’s four major mayoral candidates have strong opinions on what the future of the Port should be.

Fletcher Releases Plan For Port Of San Diego

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Proposals for San Diego’s Port have played a central role in this year’s mayoral campaign. Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher is the latest to release his plan for the Port.

Plaza de Panama Supporters Say Opponents Using Scare Tactics

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Backers of the proposed Plaza de Panama project in Balboa Park say their opponents are trying to scare them into dropping the plan.

Unscrambling The Impact Of Prop B

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You may be too busy dealing with your own retirement fund to worry about anyone else’s. But if you live in the city of San Diego, you’ll have to decide in a few weeks whether the city should switch to a 401(k) system or stick with its traditional pension. We break down what the switch would mean.

National Park Service Says Balboa Park Plan Could Risk Historical Designation

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In a letter to the city of San Diego, the National Park Service says plans to alter Balboa Park’s Cabrillo Bridge to keep cars out of the Plaza de Panama could put the park’s historical designation at risk.

Dumanis Reaches Out To Women As Primary Election Nears

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District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is reaching out to women voters in her attempt to make it through San Diego's June mayoral primary.

San Diego Sends Convention Center Expansion To Court

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A judge will decide whether San Diego’s plan to pay for a Convention Center expansion is legal. The council voted today Monday to send the issue to court.

Deal To Fund Convention Center Expansion Draws Fire

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The San Diego City Council will vote today on whether to ask a judge to weigh in on the legality of the funding plan for a proposed Convention Center expansion.

U-T San Diego Editor Doesn't Want Filner In Mayoral Race

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The editor of U-T San Diego made some news himself last week when a recording was released of him weighing in on the San Diego mayor’s race.

Chiang Says Prop A Could Cost San Diego Millions

A California official says San Diego stands to lose million of dollars if voters approve Proposition A this June.

Filner Releases Pension Plan

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Congressman Bob Filner has finally put it in writing. The San Diego mayoral candidate has released his pension plan.

San Diego Executives Move To The Middle

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They’re socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and they say they’re going independent. A group of San Diego business executives is calling for political moderation.

San Diego Hoteliers Vote To Increase Room Taxes

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Hotel taxes in San Diego could be going up to more than 15 percent in some parts of the city. The increased revenue would go toward a Convention Center expansion.

Candidates Spar Over Convention Center Expansion

San Diego's four leading mayoral candidates took part in a debate yesterday at the KPBS studios. The convention center expansion prompted a fiery exchange.

Community Groups Want More Say In San Diego Budget

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Several San Diego community groups are calling for more public involvement in the city budget process.

San Diego Council To Get Balanced Budget

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For the first time in years San Diego is not looking at an upcoming budget deficit. The council will be presented with the mayor’s proposed budget today.

Fletcher Surging In New San Diego Mayoral Poll

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A new poll out today indicates San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher’s big gamble may be paying off.

Navy Jet Crashes Into Virginia Beach Apartment

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A fighter jet that malfunctioned just after takeoff hurtled into a Virginia Beach apartment complex on Friday in a spectacular crash that sent flames and black smoke billowing from the rubble.

GOP Congressmen Respond To Fletcher's Move

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Republican members of San Diego’s Congressional delegation are responding to Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s decision to leave the GOP.

Congressional Delegates Talk Defense Spending, Health Care At Forum

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All five of San Diego’s Congressional delegates gathered today for a forum put on by the Regional Chamber of Commerce to discuss topics ranging from defense spending to the health care.

Fletcher's Shun Of GOP: Does Party Matter In SD Race?

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The decision by San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent has garnered national attention. But in a race that is supposed to be non-partisan, does the move even matter?

Poll Shows Big Bump For Fletcher

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A new poll out today shows mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher’s decision to leave the Republican Party may be playing well with voters.

Candidates For San Diego Mayor Spar At Raucous LGBT Debate

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There was plenty of give-and-take among a field where two of the four major candidates are gay.

Nathan Fletcher Announces He's Leaving The Republican Party

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San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher announced Wednesday he's leaving the Republican Party and re-registering as an independent.

List Of City Employees Earning More Than $100,000 Continues To Grow

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The number of city of San Diego employees who earned $100,000 or more in 2011 totaled 1,359--up 9 percent over the previous year, Councilman Carl DeMaio said today.

Audit Finds Cheaper Way To Lower Fire Response Times

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San Diego’s fire department is always looking for ways to lower response times. Now the department may have found one that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Bob Filner Says San Diego Needs To Make A Clean Sweep At City Hall

Congressman Bob Filner of the 51st district has a shot at being San Diego’s first elected Democratic mayor in nearly 30 years. Filner draws support from union members, but he’s facing an electorate divided over the benefits city workers receive.

Nathan Fletcher Says He Has Plans For San Diego's Future

Republican Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher often says it’s time for a new era in San Diego politics, and he wants to be the one to usher it in as San Diego’s next mayor.

Carl DeMaio Says He Wants To Clean Up City Hall

San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio has maintained a high profile ever since he was first elected to office in 2008. He’s currently vying to be San Diego’s next mayor. But that would mean he’d be leading the very employees he often rails against.

Bonnie Dumanis Says She'll Offer Leadership On Issues Facing San Diego

Long time District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis wants to be the next mayor of San Diego. She’s stressing her decades of experience working in San Diego. But her history may present some challenges as well.

Judge Denies Injunction On Hotel Tax Vote

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A Superior Court judge denied a request for an injunction that would have blocked a vote on a special tax to fund the San Diego Convention Center expansion.

Convention Center Expansion Facing Union Lawsuit

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San Diego hotel workers are speaking out against the proposed Convention Center expansion. The union representing San Diego’s hotel workers has filed a lawsuit against the project.

Judge Won't Keep Pension Initiative Off Ballot

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A judge refused today to issue a temporary restraining order that could have resulted in the pension reform initiative being removed from the June ballot.

Arrest Made In San Diego City College Murder

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A fugitive wanted since October, 2010 for the murder of his estranged wife on the campus of San Diego College was arrested Sunday in Tijuana.

Port Strikes Back At U-T San Diego Proposal

The Port of San Diego is not wasting any time in defending itself against San Diego’s largest newspaper. The Port is touting the benefits of its 10th Avenue Marine terminal after the paper questioned its usefulness.

Pension Reform May Be Kept Off Ballot

San Diego’s controversial pension reform initiative may not make it on the June ballot. The California Public Employment Relations Board will ask for a preliminary injunction against the measure while it reviews an unfair practices claim.

State Official Says Balboa Park Could Lose Historic Designation

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A state official says a plan to re-route cars out of Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama could put the park’s historic designation at risk.

Two Possible Pension Reform Measures On June Ballot

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San Diego voters might have two pension reform ballot initiatives to choose between in June. Katie Orr, KPBS's metro reporter, explains the two plans.

Councilman Alvarez Pushes 'Cap and Freeze' Pension Measure

San Diego voters will see at least one pension reform measure on the June ballot. But there's a possibility a second measure could make it on as well.

SD Officials: Convention Center Funding Validation Was Always In The Plan

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A judge will decide whether San Diego’s method of funding a convention center expansion is legal after the city attorney questioned the plan. But project supporters insist that was always the idea.

S.D. Voters May Have More Choices On Pension Reform

San Diego voters will get a chance to vote on pension reform in the June election. But voters may have more than one reform option to choose from.

Redevelopment Officially Comes To An End In San Diego

It’s the end of an era of sorts for cities across California. Redevelopment agencies must be officially shut down by Wednesday. KPBS looks at what that means for San Diego.

San Diego Crime Drops Despite Smaller Police Force

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Overall crime rates fell in San Diego last year, despite a smaller police force. The police chief credits a new method of policing.

Redevelopment Leaves A Mixed Legacy In San Diego

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Redevelopment advocates are bemoaning a recent court decision that eliminated such agencies throughout the state. But while redevelopment worked in some areas of San Diego, it wasn’t successful across the board.

Plaza de Panama Project Dealt Legal Blow

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A recent court ruling says the City of San Diego is too cozy with Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs when it comes to revamping Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama.

Gov. Brown Pushes Tax Initiative In San Diego

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San Diego business leaders and civic groups heard first hand today why the governor thinks California should increase taxes.

San Diego Mayoral Candidates Face Off

The three Republicans running for San Diego mayor sought to distinguish themselves from each other at a forum last night at the University of San Diego.

San Diego Mayor Sanders Aims To Be A Closer

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With his time in office winding down, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders took to the stage of downtown’s Balboa Theater last night to give his final State of the City.

San Diego Will Oversee Unwinding Of Redevelopment

The city of San Diego will oversee the unwinding of its redevelopment agencies. The city council agreed today to launch the process.