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Stories by Kenny Goldberg

Momentum Building For Covered California Online Enrollment

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To date, 403,000 Californians have completed their applications for health insurance online. Exchange officials said a majority of applicants report the process has been easy.

Santa Spreads Some Cheer At UC San Diego Hospital

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A special visitor dropped into UC San Diego Hospital in Hillcrest on Wednesday to spread some holiday cheer.

San Diegans Can Get Free Dental Care This Weekend

Dental care is a luxury many San Diegans can't afford. But this weekend people can get it for free.

E-Cigarettes: Safe Alternative To Smoking Or Gateway To Nicotine Addiction?

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E-cigarettes are touted as a harmless, high-tech alternative to cigarettes. But critics say they're an insidious way to get people addicted to nicotine.

Covered California Sets Goal To Enroll 7,000 Small Businesses By 2014

Even though small businesses aren't required by the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance, they are being encouraged to enroll their employees in Covered California.

Scripps Researchers Produce New Image Of Hep C Virus That Could Help Search For Vaccine

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Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have produced a new image of a crucial part of the hepatitis C virus that could aid in the search for a vaccine.

Latino Enrollment Lagging On Covered California

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Latinos make up nearly half of California’s 7 million uninsured population but Latino enrollment on the online Covered California web site has been dismal.

Consumer Group Says Obamacare Cancellations Blown Out Of Proportion

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of individual policyholders nationwide won't be left out in the cold due to Obamacare, says consumer group.

Scripps Research Study Finds Drug Effective In Curbing Cravings For Alcohol

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Could a pill help heavy drinkers stay on the wagon? New study from Scripps Research Institute suggests a drug long used to treat seizures could be an effective element of treatment.

Pendleton Unveils New $500 Million Naval Hospital

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Medical care at Camp Pendleton is getting a first-class upgrade. If you were expecting Quonset huts and double-wide trailers, think again.

SDSU Biologist Wins $8.5 Million Grant For Heart Research

A San Diego State biologist has won an $8.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue his cutting-edge research into heart health.

California Insurance Commissioner Blasts Insurers For Canceling Policies

Cancellation notices have gone out to nearly 900,000 Californians with individual health plans, even though there's no state law that requires it.

Prescription Drug Abuse On The Rise In San Diego

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A new report reveals an increasing number of San Diegans continue to abuse prescription drugs and heroin.

Scripps Scientists Offer Unprecedented Look At Key AIDS Protein

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A new finding from the Scripps Research Institute may get researchers one step closer towards the development of an AIDS vaccine.

Covered California Running Relatively Smoothly Compared To

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The Covered California site had some glitches in its first few days but officials say they're processing 180,000 applications for health coverage.

Smokers More Likely To Think About Quitting On Mondays

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The decision to quit smoking isn't some random act, according to new research from San Diego State University.

New Devices Help Patients Monitor Their Chronic Conditions At Home

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Thanks to medical sensors and other new types of electronic devices, some people with chronic illnesses can successfully manage their diseases at home.

California Teens Consuming More Sugary Drinks

The largest source of added sugar in teens' diets is sugary drinks, and California teens are drinking more of them.

UC San Diego Surgeons Reach Lung Surgery Milestone

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For people who suffer from blocked arteries in the lungs, the only viable solution is a unique surgical procedure developed at UC San Diego.

No Need For Haste In Signing Up For Covered California

If you haven't already signed up for health insurance on Covered California, don't worry. Consumers have until Feb. 15 to enroll in a plan.

California To Expand Access To Abortions

While many states are restricting access to abortions, California will soon do just the opposite.

California To Expand Access To Abortions

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will allow nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform a type of early abortion.

Scripps Health Hedges Its Bets On Obamacare

Scripps HealthCare isn't immersing itself fully in Covered California, the state's online insurance exchange.

Caring, Empathy Front And Center At Student-Run Nursing Clinic In Ocean Beach

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A student-run clinic for the homeless in Ocean Beach teaches aspiring nurses human skills they just can't learn in school.

State Insurance Regulators Warn Californians Of Obamacare Scams

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Covered California opens for business next week, but the scams have already begun.

New Phone App Reminds Users To Take Their Meds

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Remembering to take one's medications can be tough, especially for the elderly. Now there's a new phone app for that.

Hospital Expansion To Create More Access To Mental Health Treatment In San Diego

San Diego's mental health treatment capacity will expand, thanks to a renovation of the area's oldest behavioral health facility.

San Diego Professor Develops Device To Identify Concussions

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A professor at San Diego State University has developed a device that could provide a more objective way to detect whether an athlete has suffered a concussion.

Medi-Cal Patients Major Factor In Surge In California Emergency Dept. Visits

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The number of patients visiting California emergency departments has increased. A new report reveals Medi-Cal patients have powered the surge.

Bill Giving California Pharmacists More Duties Goes To Governor

Need a tetanus shot or birth control? You may be able to get both from a pharmacist beginning next year without going to a doctor first.

San Diego Hospitals Adopt New Painkiller Policy

Patients hoping to score prescription painkillers from San Diego and Imperial County hospital emergency departments need to think again.

Middle-Income Californians May Get A Break On Health Insurance

Low-income Californians will get the biggest break on health insurance under Obamacare but millions of middle-class people won't have to pay retail, either.

Community Clinics Spreading Awareness About Covered California

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A surprising number of people haven't heard about Covered California, a new online health insurance marketplace. Community clinics are trying to get the word out.

Cancer Patients Take Extra Steps To Preserve Fertility

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Chemotherapy and radiation can damage a cancer patient's fertility. But there are steps patients can take to preserve their chances.

Union Supporters Mark Third Annual Labor Day Rally In Escondido

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For the third year in a row, a coalition of union supporters and Democratic groups celebrated Labor Day with a rally in Escondido.

41 California Inmates Begin Seventh Week Of Hunger Strike

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Forty-one California inmates who've been on a hunger strike since July 8 are still refusing food. Prison officials are calling for an end to the protest.

1,000 Hospital Workers Accidentally Stuck By Needles Daily, Nationwide

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Nurses, doctors, and other hospital caregivers are at constant risk of needlestick injuries.

Judge Green Lights Consumer Lawsuit Against Anthem Blue Cross

A consumer lawsuit accuses Anthem Blue Cross of bait-and-switch tactics.

Critics Say Force-Feeding Is Violation Of Prisoners' Rights

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Critics wonder if California prison officials would rather force feed inmates who are on a hunger strike than negotiate with them.

Closure Of Skilled Nursing Center Puts North County In A Bind

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A skilled nursing center in Escondido that's treated thousands of patients over the last 30 years is closing, leaving a gap in the county's safety net.

Palomar Health Reaches Four-Year Deal With Nurses, Caregivers

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Nurses and other caregivers at Palomar Health have tentatively agreed to a new four-year contract that covers more than 3,000 employees at three North County hospitals.

UC San Diego Professor Develops New Way To Monitor TB Patients

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A smart phone app developed at UC San Diego offers a low-cost way to make sure that TB patients are following their treatment regimen.

Kaiser Opens New Medical Complex In Carmel Valley

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Kaiser's newest health facility is open in Carmel Valley, a veritable one-stop shop for most medical needs.

California's Newest Medical School Opens At UC Riverside

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UC Riverside's new medical school has a unique mission: to produce doctors who want to serve in California's Inland Empire.

UC Riverside Opens New Medical School

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The first public medical school in nearly 50 years opens its doors at UC Riverside.

Scripps Study To Evaluate Whether Mobile Health Apps Help Lower Medical Costs

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Mobile health apps are cool, but can they help lower health care costs? A new study hopes to find out.

Prescription Drug Discount Card Saves San Diegans $11.5 Million

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You can't beat this deal: a free card that offers prescription drug discounts and rebates a portion of each sale to the county.

Prescription Drug Deaths And Suicides Set Records In San Diego

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San Diego set some dubious records last year: the highest number of suicides and prescription drug overdose deaths ever recorded in the county.

California Hospitals May Help People Get Health Insurance

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Walk into a hospital, walk out with health insurance. That could happen beginning in October.

Escondido Woman Takes A Different Path In Her Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis can be a crippling disease, but an Escondido woman refuses to submit to it.