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Stories by Kenny Goldberg

Sharp Cardiologists Test Dissolvable Heart Stent

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A clinical trial is underway at Sharp Memorial Hospital testing how well a dissolvable heart stent works compared to a conventional metal device.

California May Expand Access To Abortions

While a number of states are restricting access to abortions, California may do just the opposite.

Pregnant Women Advised To Increase Water Intake

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Doctors say as the thermometer rises, pregnant women need to make sure they're staying hydrated.

UnitedHealthcare Leaves California's Individual Market

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One month after healthcare giant Aetna decided to pull out of California's individual market, UnitedHealthcare has followed suit.

Group Works To Spread Awareness Of Hepatitis B In Asian Communities

There's a high prevalence of hepatitis B among Asians, but awareness of the disease is low. Some local doctors and pharmacy students are trying to change that.

Abnormal Brain Connections Found In Children With Autism

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The diagnostic criteria for autism may need to be expanded, according to a new study from San Diego State University.

San Diego Marks National HIV Testing Day

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Public health officials say National HIV Testing Day serves as a reminder for everyone to get tested for the virus.

Kaiser Says $4 Million State Penalty Is Unfair

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State regulators have fined Kaiser for not providing better access to its mental health services, but Kaiser officials maintain they've already made improvements.

California Scores Poorly In National Ranking Of Children's Well-Being

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California is the most populous state in the nation, but a new report reveals it's far from the leader when it comes to children's well-being.

Group Puts Suicide Prevention On Front Burner In San Diego

The San Diego Suicide Prevention Council holds its annual meeting Tuesday as it seeks to heighten awareness about a vexing problem.

Many Grandparents Who Care For Grandchildren Struggle To Make Ends Meet

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Many grandparents in California who have custody of their grandchildren don't have the income to meet their basic needs, according to a new report from UCLA.

Lawmakers Restore Medi-Cal To Include Some Benefits Cut During Recession

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More Californians will soon be eligible for Medi-Cal coverage, but finding doctors willing to treat them may be a challenge.

State Insurance Commissioner Wants To Bar Anthem From Small Business Exchange

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California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Anthem's pattern of unreasonable rate increases should prevent it from selling policies on the state's small business exchange.

Assembly Considers New Drug Sentencing Bill

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Prosecutors would have the discretion to charge people arrested for simple drug possession with a misdemeanor under a bill making its way through the California Assembly.

Sharp Hopes To Give Free Health Screenings To 5,000 People

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From now until September, Sharp HealthCare is offering free health screenings at 60 locations.

United Healthcare Sued Over HIV/AIDS Mail Order Drug Service

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Claiming the new policy is illegal, the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog is suing United Healthcare over its new policy requiring HIV/AIDS patients to use a mail-order pharmacy.

Palomar Health To Lay Off 84 Workers

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The operator of San Diego County's newest and most expensive hospital plans to lay off 84 people this summer.

COPD On The Rise In Women

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Women are under-diagnosed and under-treated for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, according to a new report from the American Lung Association.

Big Rally In Sacramento To Protest Medi-Cal Rate Cut

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Thousands of health professionals will try to change state lawmakers' minds about cutting the Medi-Cal pay rate when they rally in Sacramento today.

Unvaccinated People Highly Susceptible To Chickenpox

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People who haven't been vaccinated against chickenpox are vulnerable to the disease, as demonstrated by a recent outbreak in a Carlsbad elementary school.

Bill To Expand Abortion Access Clears California Assembly

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At a time when many states are restricting access to abortions, California may do just the opposite.

Assembly Bill Would Set Statewide Guidelines For Medical Marijuana

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The California Assembly is considering a measure that would create a department to regulate the sale, distribution, and testing of medical marijuana.

As Strike Looms, UC Medical Centers Cancel Elective Surgeries

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Elective surgeries are being canceled at University of California Medical Centers in anticipation of a potential strike next week by thousands of patient care workers.

Men Say Hair Loss Drug Causes Sexual Problems And Depression

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The most popular drug for hair loss in men, Propecia, can cause debilitating side effects, including loss of sexual function and depression.

UC San Diego Medical Center Gets A New Trauma Unit

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Severely injured patients treated at UC Medical Center in Hillcrest will get even faster and better care thanks to a new state-of-the-art trauma unit.

Partial Smoking Bans In Hotels Don't Protect Guests From Dangers Of Tobacco

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Non-smoking rooms in hotels that have a partial smoking ban don't protect people from tobacco smoke, according to a new study from San Diego State University.

University Of California Healthcare Workers Threaten Strike

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Care at the five UC Medical Centers could be disrupted next week if some 13,000 union healthcare workers go out on strike.

California Bill Would Penalize Large Companies That Don't Provide Health Coverage

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Large employers would face state penalties for failing to provide health insurance to their workers, under a bill in the California Assembly.

Two California Children Get Innovative Device To Treat Spinal Problems

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Two California children have been implanted with a magnetic device that promises to revolutionize the way curvature of the spine is treated in young people.

Some Lawmakers Want To Restore Dental Benefits To Medi-Cal

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Some 3 million Californians on Medi-Cal may get their dental benefits back if some Democratic lawmakers have their way.

Soda Tax Has Some Fizz In State Senate

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A bill that seeks to reduce childhood obesity by taxing soft drinks is under consideration in the state Senate.

Measure To Reverse Medi-Cal Pay Cut Advances

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California lawmakers seem to be inclined to prevent a 10 percent Medi-Cal pay cut to doctors and hospitals from taking effect.

Text Message Service For New, Expectant Moms Grows

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New and expectant moms in San Diego will get more helpful health tips as a free text messaging service expands.

Working Californians Eligible For Tax Credits To Buy Health Insurance Next Year

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If you make between $47,000 and $94,000 a year, you may be eligible for a federal subsidy to buy health insurance beginning in 2014.

Key Hearing In Concussion-Related Lawsuits Set For Philadelphia Courtroom

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The concussion-related lawsuit filed against the NFL on behalf of former Chargers linebacker Junior Seau will face a crucial test in Philadelphia.

Planned Parenthood Calls "Morning-After Pill" Ruling Huge

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A federal judge says emergency contraception must be sold to anyone over the counter.

Bill Takes Aim At Drug Overdose Deaths In California

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As the death toll from drug overdoses continues to rise, a bill in the California Assembly would require the state to take steps to address the problem.

Planned Parenthood Marks Its Golden Anniversary In San Diego

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As it celebrates its 50th anniversary in San Diego, Planned Parenthood is trying to foster a new generation of advocates.

Self-Help Programs May Be An Effective Option For Overweight Kids

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A self-help program may be as effective as traditional clinic-based programs in helping obese kids lose weight, a new study suggests

New Smartphone App Offers Info On Healthcare Quality

A smartphone app that allows you to see how other consumers rate your medical group and health plan? Check.

New Research Suggests Lung Cancer Spreads Like Info On The Web

What does lung cancer have in common with how people navigate to certain websites? Plenty, says a new study.

UC San Diego To Go Smoke Free

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While UC San Diego will go smoke free this fall, SDSU's policy is still up in the air.

California Regulators Cite Kaiser Permanente For Mental Health Lapses

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In a new report, California regulators say Kasier Permanente has been giving short shrift to mental-health care.

Feds Say Californians Reaping Benefits Of Obamacare

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On the 3rd anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, federal officials say Californians have already gotten their money's worth.

FDA Approves Drug Developed By UC San Diego Researchers

Beating 5,000 to 1 odds, UC San Diego researchers have just gotten a new injectable imaging drug approved by the FDA.

Location Will Make A Difference In Price Of Health Insurance

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Geography will play a bigger part in determining the price of health insurance in California next year.

SPRINTER Rail Service To Shut Down Due To Bad Brake Rotors

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North County Transit District's SPRINTER rail line, which runs between Escondido and Oceanside carrying 7,800 passengers a day, will be taken off the tracks to replace worn brake rotors.

Blue Shield Of California Raises Rates Again

A quarter of a million Californians with Blue Cross PPO plans are being hit with double-digit premium hikes.

San Diego Emergency Departments To Crack Down On Painkiller Abuse

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San Diegans who want to get a refill of their narcotic painkillers from hospital emergency departments will soon have to look elsewhere.

Workplace Wellness Programs: Worth The Weight?

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Workplace wellness programs can save money and improve employee health, but not overnight.