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Stories by Kenny Goldberg


Teen Birth Rate In California Drops To Historic Low

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State officials credit California’s laws that require all school-based sex education to be comprehensive and medically accurate.

Scripps Research Institute Wins $13M Grant For Work On HIV Vaccine

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Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have won a $13 million federal grant to continue their efforts to develop an HIV vaccine.

Voters To Decide On Giving Sharp Lease Extension At Grossmont Hospital

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East County voters will decide Tuesday whether Sharp HealthCare should get a 30-year lease extension to operate Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa.

North County's Only Forensic Center Gets Financial Reprieve

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A forensic health center that serves survivors of child abuse and sexual assault in North County has received a much-needed financial booster shot.

Some Teens Resort To Cutting Themselves To Deal With Emotional Pain

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For some teenagers, cutting themselves is a way to cope with emotional pain and distress. But the relief doesn't last, and the behavior can become compulsive.

Teens With Chronic Disease Get Help From Mobile Phones

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Mobile phones can help teens do a better job of managing chronic diseases, according to a new study from UC San Diego.

Suicide Prevention Becomes Priority As Number Of Deaths Increases

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Suicides in San Diego County in 2012 reached their highest number in 24 years, and nationally suicide has emerged as a leading cause of non-natural death. With that as a backdrop, state legislators are considering making mental health professionals get suicide-prevention training.

More Money For Medi-Cal, But Doctors' Pay Cut Remains

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California Governor Jerry Brown's new budget calls for $1.2 billion in new Medi-Cal spending, but doesn't rescind a 10 percent pay cut to doctors and other providers.

Surfing Under The Microscope In Cal State San Marcos Study

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Researchers at Cal State San Marcos are trying to find out whether surfing is a good physical workout.

Non-Invasive Fetal Screening Faster, Safer Than Amniocentesis

A new UC San Diego study suggests there’s a high-tech alternative to amniocentesis that's safer and just as accurate for screening fetuses for genetic defects.

California Drug Take-Back Bill Forced To Sidelines By Stiff Opposition

Supporters argued more than half of all prescription drugs are thrown in the garbage, but the pharmaceutical industry said collecting large amounts of meds at various sites would have created additional problems.

Lawsuit Prompts California Companies To Drop Use Of Toxic Chemical In Soaps, Shampoos

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More than two dozen companies that make shampoo and other personal care products that are sold in California have agreed to stop using a cancer-causing chemical.

Hospital Violence Prevention Bill Advances In State Senate

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Statistics show workers in healthcare settings are five times more likely to be the victims of a violent attack than workers in other professions.

Baby Cuddlers Give Sick Infants In San Diego Some Love

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New research shows the benefits of close human contact for premature infants can be seen 10 years down the line.

San Diego's Air Quality Getting Better

The American Lung Association’s latest report shows the San Diego County has made significant progress in reducing air pollution.

Soft Drink Labeling Bill Goes Flat

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A state Senate bill that would have required health-warning labels on soft drinks has lost its fizz.

$25 Million Raised To Defeat Measure On Regulating Health Insurance Costs

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Opponents of a fall ballot measure that would regulate the price of health insurance in California have out-fundraised supporters by more than 20 to 1.

San Diego Enrollment In Covered California Beats Projections

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The number of San Diegans who signed up for Covered California health plans greatly exceeded expectations.

Measles Cases Hit 14-Year High In California

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Fifty-six Californians have come down with measles so far this year, including four in San Diego County.

Wider Availability Of Naloxone Could Help Curb Drug Overdose Epidemic

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In an attempt to reduce the epidemic of fatalities from prescription narcotic overdoses, health officials want to broaden access to an effective antidote that doctors have been using for years.

Covered California Not Yet All It Can Be, Consumer Group Says

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A prominent consumer group says Covered California has plenty of work to do to improve its operations.

San Diego Conference Aims To Improve Elder Care In Hospitals

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An annual conference that focuses on improving hospital care for the elderly wraps up in San Diego.

CDC: Major Spike In E-Cigarette-Related Calls To Poison Hotlines

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Calls to the nation's poison control centers involving e-cigarettes rose from one per month in September 2010 to 215 in February 2014, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Critics Pressure FDA To Pull San Diego Company's Painkiller Off The Market

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Doctors and consumers concerned about a powerful new painkiller will protest at the Irvine office of the Federal Drug Administration.

Measure To Raise California's Malpractice Cap Could Be On November Ballot

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An expensive battle is looming over a proposed ballot measure that would raise the state’s cap on medical malpractice awards.

Genomic Sequencing Provides Hope For La Jolla Girl

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A teenage girl from La Jolla who has suffered from a mysterious illness her entire life has gotten some new found hope after having her genome sequenced.

California's Supply Of Dentists In State Of Flux

Nearly one out of four California dentists is reaching retirement age, according to a new report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

San Diego Assemblywoman's Bill Requiring Employee Sick Leave Advances In California Assembly

A bill requiring employers to offer workers at least three paid sick days a year has cleared its first legislative hurdle.

Community Clinics Push Enrollment in Covered California As Deadline Approaches

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There are just two weeks left in this year’s open enrollment period to get health insurance through Covered California. San Diego's community clinics are pulling out all the stops.

Kaiser Embraces Telemedicine To Improve Access To Dermatology

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It can generally take more than a month to get an appointment with a dermatologist. Kaiser Permanente is using telemedicine to screen patients and figure out which ones need to see a specialist.

New Effort Aims To Curb Childhood Asthma In Imperial County

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Researchers at San Diego State University have won a $4 million grant to enhance asthma education and treatment in Imperial County.

Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Tied To Youth Smoking

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E-cigarettes are marketed as devices that can help people quit smoking. But a new study suggests they’re actually a gateway to nicotine addiction for teenagers.

Survey: Most San Diego Stores Sell Fruit-Flavored Liquor And Tobacco Products

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A new survey reveals the vast majority of San Diego stores sell tobacco and alcohol in kid-friendly flavors like cotton candy. Public health advocates are crying foul.

Chula Vista Health Clinic Puts Patient-Friendly Design First

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Research suggests health centers designed with calm, pleasing environments produce better patient outcomes. That concept is being put to the test in a new community health center in Chula Vista.

Study Reveals Most Latinos Have Two Or More Risk Factors For Heart Disease

The nation’s largest study of Latino health reveals most Hispanics have a high profile for heart disease.

San Diego Man Receives World's Smallest Implantable Heart Monitor

A 71-year-old San Diego man has become the first in the nation to receive the world’s smallest implantable heart monitor.

21,000 UC Workers Plan 5-Day Strike

Upset over their latest contract offer, more than 21,000 non-faculty union workers at University of California campuses are threatening to go out on strike next week.

Measles Cases Rise In California Due To Vaccine Misconceptions

One of the leading causes of death among children worldwide is creeping back into California. Fifteen Californians have come down with measles so far this year.

Project 25 Helps San Diego Homeless Get Off Streets And Out Of Emergency Rooms

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A unique program called Project 25 helps San Diego's chronically homeless get off the streets, and it curbs their frequent ER visits. But even though it saves taxpayers money, its own funding is in jeopardy.

Scripps Opens Region's First Proton Therapy Center In Mira Mesa

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The $220-million Scripps Proton Therapy Center in Mira Mesa uses streams of protons to kill cancer cells.

Sacramento To Consider Outdoor Smoking Ban

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California already bans smoking inside restaurants and bars. Should that ban be extended to outdoor patios, too?

San Diego County Water Authority Adopts Voluntary Conservation Guidelines

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In light of the statewide drought, the San Diego County Water Authority has approved some voluntary conservation guidelines.

UC San Diego Center Aims To Improve Both Human And Animal Health

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When it comes to health, humans and animals are linked closely. A new center at UC San Diego seeks to improve the health of both species.

Covered California Hires More Staff To Improve Customer Service

After much criticism, Covered California says it’s beefing up staff at its call centers to try to reduce wait times for consumers.

Flu Deaths Continue To Mount In California

The death toll from the flu continues to rise in California. Statewide so far this season, at least 202 people have died from the virus.

Survey Reveals Disturbing Trends In Employer-Provided Health Benefits

One in four California employers say they reduced health benefits last year and asked workers to pay more for them.

Scripps Hospitals Screening All Visitors For Flu

With flu cases on the rise, San Diego’s five Scripps hospitals are putting new restrictions on visitors.

San Diego Food Pantry Opens For Diabetics

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There are many food pantries in San Diego. But there's only one that offers special food for diabetics.

Latino Enrollment In Covered California Picks Up

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The latest figures from Covered California show there's been a major increase in Latino enrollment.

One Beer Can Be Too Much To Get Behind Wheel, San Diego Researcher Says

New research from UC San Diego finds there’s no safe combination of drinking and driving.