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Stories by Kenny Goldberg

21,000 UC Workers Plan 5-Day Strike

Upset over their latest contract offer, more than 21,000 non-faculty union workers at University of California campuses are threatening to go out on strike next week.

Measles Cases Rise In California Due To Vaccine Misconceptions

One of the leading causes of death among children worldwide is creeping back into California. Fifteen Californians have come down with measles so far this year.

Project 25 Helps San Diego Homeless Get Off Streets And Out Of Emergency Rooms

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A unique program called Project 25 helps San Diego's chronically homeless get off the streets, and it curbs their frequent ER visits. But even though it saves taxpayers money, its own funding is in jeopardy.

Scripps Opens Region's First Proton Therapy Center In Mira Mesa

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The $220-million Scripps Proton Therapy Center in Mira Mesa uses streams of protons to kill cancer cells.

Sacramento To Consider Outdoor Smoking Ban

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California already bans smoking inside restaurants and bars. Should that ban be extended to outdoor patios, too?

San Diego County Water Authority Adopts Voluntary Conservation Guidelines

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In light of the statewide drought, the San Diego County Water Authority has approved some voluntary conservation guidelines.

UC San Diego Center Aims To Improve Both Human And Animal Health

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When it comes to health, humans and animals are linked closely. A new center at UC San Diego seeks to improve the health of both species.

Covered California Hires More Staff To Improve Customer Service

After much criticism, Covered California says it’s beefing up staff at its call centers to try to reduce wait times for consumers.

Flu Deaths Continue To Mount In California

The death toll from the flu continues to rise in California. Statewide so far this season, at least 202 people have died from the virus.

Survey Reveals Disturbing Trends In Employer-Provided Health Benefits

One in four California employers say they reduced health benefits last year and asked workers to pay more for them.

Scripps Hospitals Screening All Visitors For Flu

With flu cases on the rise, San Diego’s five Scripps hospitals are putting new restrictions on visitors.

San Diego Food Pantry Opens For Diabetics

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There are many food pantries in San Diego. But there's only one that offers special food for diabetics.

Latino Enrollment In Covered California Picks Up

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The latest figures from Covered California show there's been a major increase in Latino enrollment.

One Beer Can Be Too Much To Get Behind Wheel, San Diego Researcher Says

New research from UC San Diego finds there’s no safe combination of drinking and driving.

Covered California Targets 'Young Invincibles'

With less than three months to go in this year's open-enrollment for Covered California, exchange officials are trying to boost signups among young people.

California Doctors Praise Governor's Move, But Say Medi-Cal Pay Still Too Low

California doctors are praising Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget, which eliminates a retroactive Medi-Cal pay cut, but many say they still can’t afford to treat Medi-Cal patients.

La Jolla Biotech's Blood Test Could Help Doctors Diagnose Depression

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A San Diego-based neurodiagnostic company has developed what it calls the first reliable blood test for depression.

New Healthcare Ratings Available To California Consumers

Consumer Reports is releasing new ratings of medical groups in California that are based on patients’ experiences.

California Gets Failing Grade In Children's Health Report Card

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Nonprofit Children Now issues its annual report card on the wellbeing of California children, but the scores aren't the kind of grades you’d want to show your parents.

Covered California Finally Releases Spanish-Language Enrollment Form

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Better late than never. Covered California has introduced finally a health coverage enrollment form in Spanish, two months after it opened for business.

San Diego State University Joins College Bans On Smoking

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San Diego State University is now a smoke-free campus. The new non-smoking policy was years in the making.

Millions In California Remain Uninsured Despite Obamacare

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Enrollment in Obamacare is catching on with more than 1 million people signing up. But many Californians are still without health insurance.

UC San Diego Study Finds Total Smoking Bans Help Smokers To Quit

Smoking bans do more than protect people against secondhand smoke - new research from UC San Diego finds they actually influence smokers to try to quit.

Covered California Officials Admit They Need To Do More To Attract Latinos

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California and other states that operate their own Obamacare exchanges are seeing major surges in enrollment, but people whose primary language is Spanish are largely staying away.

San Marcos Nursing Students Care For The Poor In Oceanside

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The Cal State University San Marcos School of Nursing has opened its third student-run clinic to serve the poor.

UC San Diego Gets $4M Grant For Stem Cell Research

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has given UC San Diego yet another multimillion-dollar grant for stem cell research.

Momentum Building For Covered California Online Enrollment

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To date, 403,000 Californians have completed their applications for health insurance online. Exchange officials said a majority of applicants report the process has been easy.

Santa Spreads Some Cheer At UC San Diego Hospital

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A special visitor dropped into UC San Diego Hospital in Hillcrest on Wednesday to spread some holiday cheer.

San Diegans Can Get Free Dental Care This Weekend

Dental care is a luxury many San Diegans can't afford. But this weekend people can get it for free.

E-Cigarettes: Safe Alternative To Smoking Or Gateway To Nicotine Addiction?

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E-cigarettes are touted as a harmless, high-tech alternative to cigarettes. But critics say they're an insidious way to get people addicted to nicotine.

Covered California Sets Goal To Enroll 7,000 Small Businesses By 2014

Even though small businesses aren't required by the Affordable Care Act to provide health insurance, they are being encouraged to enroll their employees in Covered California.

Scripps Researchers Produce New Image Of Hep C Virus That Could Help Search For Vaccine

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Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have produced a new image of a crucial part of the hepatitis C virus that could aid in the search for a vaccine.

Latino Enrollment Lagging On Covered California

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Latinos make up nearly half of California’s 7 million uninsured population but Latino enrollment on the online Covered California web site has been dismal.

Consumer Group Says Obamacare Cancellations Blown Out Of Proportion

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of individual policyholders nationwide won't be left out in the cold due to Obamacare, says consumer group.

Scripps Research Study Finds Drug Effective In Curbing Cravings For Alcohol

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Could a pill help heavy drinkers stay on the wagon? New study from Scripps Research Institute suggests a drug long used to treat seizures could be an effective element of treatment.

Pendleton Unveils New $500 Million Naval Hospital

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Medical care at Camp Pendleton is getting a first-class upgrade. If you were expecting Quonset huts and double-wide trailers, think again.

SDSU Biologist Wins $8.5 Million Grant For Heart Research

A San Diego State biologist has won an $8.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue his cutting-edge research into heart health.

California Insurance Commissioner Blasts Insurers For Canceling Policies

Cancellation notices have gone out to nearly 900,000 Californians with individual health plans, even though there's no state law that requires it.

Prescription Drug Abuse On The Rise In San Diego

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A new report reveals an increasing number of San Diegans continue to abuse prescription drugs and heroin.

Scripps Scientists Offer Unprecedented Look At Key AIDS Protein

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A new finding from the Scripps Research Institute may get researchers one step closer towards the development of an AIDS vaccine.

Covered California Running Relatively Smoothly Compared To

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The Covered California site had some glitches in its first few days but officials say they're processing 180,000 applications for health coverage.

Smokers More Likely To Think About Quitting On Mondays

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The decision to quit smoking isn't some random act, according to new research from San Diego State University.

New Devices Help Patients Monitor Their Chronic Conditions At Home

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Thanks to medical sensors and other new types of electronic devices, some people with chronic illnesses can successfully manage their diseases at home.

California Teens Consuming More Sugary Drinks

The largest source of added sugar in teens' diets is sugary drinks, and California teens are drinking more of them.

UC San Diego Surgeons Reach Lung Surgery Milestone

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For people who suffer from blocked arteries in the lungs, the only viable solution is a unique surgical procedure developed at UC San Diego.

No Need For Haste In Signing Up For Covered California

If you haven't already signed up for health insurance on Covered California, don't worry. Consumers have until Feb. 15 to enroll in a plan.

California To Expand Access To Abortions

While many states are restricting access to abortions, California will soon do just the opposite.

California To Expand Access To Abortions

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will allow nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform a type of early abortion.

Scripps Health Hedges Its Bets On Obamacare

Scripps HealthCare isn't immersing itself fully in Covered California, the state's online insurance exchange.

Caring, Empathy Front And Center At Student-Run Nursing Clinic In Ocean Beach

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A student-run clinic for the homeless in Ocean Beach teaches aspiring nurses human skills they just can't learn in school.