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Navy Secretary Ray Mabus Calls On San Diego

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The outgoing secretary of the Navy responded to questions about a controversial decision to drop some of its traditional titles, which has drawn criticism from sailors.

Protesters And Law Enforcement Officers Clash In El Cajon

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Monday's demonstration and several others in the weeks prior were held in the commercial district a few blocks north of El Cajon Valley High School where Alfred Olango, a 38-year-old Ugandan immigrant, was shot Sept. 27.

San Diego Lawmakers Urge 'No' Vote On Recreational Marijuana

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San Diego lawmakers, law enforcers and religious leaders joined forces Monday to urge San Diegans to vote against Proposition 64.

From A To N: A Breakdown Of The Measures On San Diego’s November Ballot

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Beyond California’s 17 propositions, the local ballot includes two countywide and 12 citywide ballot measures.

Rep. Duncan Hunter Calls Reaction To Trump Video 'Completely Unfair'

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The Republican congressman said in an interview with The Washington Post, "If you had recorded the stuff my Marines and I were talking about, after not seeing a woman for seven months — but let's just leave it at that."

2 Earthquakes Reported In Salton Sea Region

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The U.S. Geological Survey reported two earthquakes, magnitudes 3.4 and 3.0, a week after a series of small jolts in the same area near the San Andreas fault.

17 Arrested, Unlawful Assembly Declared During Saturday El Cajon Protests

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Seventeen people were arrested during Saturday night's protests in El Cajon, according to the city's police department.

El Cajon Shooting Protesters Plan Saturday Night Marches

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Two marches protesting the police shooting death of Alfred Olango are planned in downtown San Diego Saturday, after several days of mostly peaceful demonstrations in El Cajon.

Roundtable: The Life And Death Of Alfred Olango

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Alfred Olango was in distress, acting erratically. When the police arrived, he pointed an object at them and was shot and killed. These are the bare bones of a familiar and sad story which begs for clarification and analysis.

Videos Released By El Cajon Police Show Fatal Shooting Of Alfred Olango

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El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said the decision to release the video was unanimous among city and county leaders, including San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis.

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