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Stories by KPBS News

Danon, Roberts Headed For Runoff In County District 3 Race

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With 47 percent of the precincts reporting, Steve Danon and Dave Roberts were virtually tied for the San Diego Diego County Board of Supervisors.Steve Danon, chief of staff to Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Solana Beach, and the deputy mayor of that coastal city, Dave Roberts, were headed to a runoff Wednesday in their race for a seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Deputies Involved In Alpine Neighborhood Shooting

Sheriff's deputies from the Alpine station were involved in a shooting in an Alpine neighborhood, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Fire Reported North Of Grossmont College

A brush fire broke out today on a hilltop just north of Grossmont College, a Heartland fire dispatcher said. The blaze began about 11 a.m. north of Grossmont College Drive and west of state Route 125, the dispatcher said.

Brush Fire Reported Near Ramona

The Mesa Fire near Ramona has burned 80 acres. The spread of the fire has slowed, but as of now there are no reports of containment. Although no structures are in immediate danger, the fire is close to the Barona Mesa community.

Brush Fire In Mission Valley Largely Contained

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A fire of unknown origin raced up a steep, brushy hillside between Interstate 8 and University Heights today, forcing evacuations of homes and businesses but causing no reported structural damage.

San Diego Schools Chief Relies On Academic Team

San Diego Unified's new school superintendent says he will rely on a team of experienced educators next year to help him guide the district academically.

Gardner Pleads Guilty To Both Dubois and King Murders

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Sex offender John Albert Gardner pleaded guilty Friday to murdering two teenage girls in San Diego County after prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty. He led authorities to Amber Dubois' body.

Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed

Starting this week, California's not paying some of its bills. The state is short on cash and that means billions of dollars in tax refunds and other payments aren't going out. But taxpayer groups are lobbying to get refund checks in the mail sooner. Marianne Russ reports.

The CHP is Ready to Crack Down on DWT Offenders

Driving while texting will be officially illegal in California on January 1. The California Highway Patrol is already geared up to enforce the new law.

Democrats Say They'll Raise Taxes With or Without GOP

Democratic leaders in the Senate and Assembly say they're ready to approve a partial solution to the state's budget crisis - and it includes tax increases for all Californians.

State Panel to Stop Financing Infastrcuture Projects

A state panel that oversees loans for infrastructure has voted to stop financing nearly all construction projects in California, everything from highway improvements to new schools.

Some Water Agencies are Critical of Measures to Save Delta Smelt

Federal scientists are urging major water cuts from the Delta to save a California native fish from going extinct, but critics say those cuts would devastate public water agencies.

Powerful Storm Moves Through San Diego County

A powerful storm is moving through San Diego county and forecasters say the wintery weather is not over yet. The heavy rain that fell today was partially responsible for for an accident that claimed one life. A person was killed and another injured in the San Diego area when an armored truck rolled down an embankment. National Weather Service Forecaster Forecaster Stan Wasowski says its a typical winter storm that comes out of the gulf of Alaska.

Too Much Rain Could Mean Mud Slides in Rural Areas

A wet storm is making its way to San Diego today. But too much rain could mean mud slides in some rural areas. Joining us on Morning Edition is Stan Wasowski with the San Diego National Weather Service.

Voters Approve High Speed Rail

By a narrow margin, voters approved Proposition One-A. It provides roughly $10 billion for work to begin on a statewide bullet train system.

Mayor Sanders Marks Fire Anniversary with Visit to Rancho Bernardo

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders marked the one-year anniversary of the devastating wildfires of 2007 with a trip to Rancho Bernardo where he visited the newly-rebuilt home of Neil and Barbara Levine. They had just finished a two-year remodeling project on their home when the fire destroyed it.

1,500 Acres Charred in 'Juliet Fire' Near Camp Pendleton

A brush fire, dubbed the Juliet Fire, has charred 1,500 acres near Camp Pendleton, forcing evacuations of thousands of people from base housing and neighborhoods in nearby Oceanside.

Schwarzenegger Sells Bonds to Bring in Cash

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking to the radio airwaves -- this time with a pitch to potential investors. The state treasurer is preparing to sell about four-billion dollars in short term notes next week to bring in some cash.

Taxpayers' Group Not Happy with High Speed Rail

A taxpayers' group is suing a California state organization overseeing plans for a bullet train in California for failing to prepare its business plan as required by law.

Governor Aims to Increase Efficiency of Emergency Response

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill he says will improve emergency response in California. Under the measure, the state Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security department will now be merged.

State Treasurer Urges Congress to Pass Recovery Plan

The State Treasurer is warning California may run out of cash if Congress fails to adopt an economic recovery plan. Bill Lockyer says for the last ten days state and local governments have been closed out of financial markets and help from the federal government is necessary.

Schwarzenegger Sets New Veto Record

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has set a new veto record. He's rejected more than 35-percent of the bills that reached his desk this year. This year Schwarzenegger rejected a total of 415 bills and signed 775.

Late Budget Means Crunch Time for Governor

The state budget isn't the only thing Governor Schwarzenegger will be signing this week. His press Secretary says the Governor has 875 bills sitting on his desk.

Budget Signing Doen't Help Laid Off Workers

Even though California finally has a budget, many of the ten-thousand state workers who were laid off during the stalemate may not get their jobs back.

Proposition B - Is It Technically Feasible

The waterfront around San Diego Bay is some of the most valuable real estate in Southern California. Which is why there's a growing tension between the industrial working waterfront and the commercial dreams of developers. Now developers have put their dreams on the ballot, with a proposal to build a deck above the existing Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. They want to make the space available for a convention center or even a foot ball stadium on top. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more on whether the idea is technically feasible.

State Lawmaker Talks about Governor's Muscle on Budget Issue

The governor and state legislative leaders have reached an agreement on a budget deal. That will avoid Schwarzenegger's threatened veto. Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders met twice Thursday to work out an agreement that will end the state's nearly three-month long budget stalemate.

State Insurance Commissioner Supports AIG Bailout

California state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner says he supports the federal bailout of insurance giant American International Group and says California consumers shouldn't be too concerned.

San Diego Volunteers Head to Gulf States for Hurricane Relief

While hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Ike, volunteers are heading to the area to help with the expected relief effort including some from San Diego. Joining us on Morning Edition is Chris Marek, Director of Development and Communications for the Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Another Vote, Another Rejection for State Budget Proposal

State Assembly Democrats voted against a Republican budget proposal. It does not raise taxes, but adds more spending cuts than proposed by Democrats or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Late Budget Causing Problems for Health Care Providers

One health care provider in danger of closing is accusing lawmakers of criminal negligence for not passing a spending plan.

Governor Schwarzenegger Requests a Meeting with Republican Lawmakers

Governor Schwarzenegger requested a meeting with Republican lawmakers in the Senate and the Assembly to talk about the record late state budget. The GOP governor has been at-odds with legislators in his party over how to fill the state's 15-billion-dollar budget gap.

Governor Schwarzenegger Critical of Lawmakers

Governor Schwarzenegger pounded on lawmakers for attending their party conventions and failing to pass a budget. He said legislators are not being held accountable for the record-long budget impasse

Union Prison Guards Oppose Prop 11

Supporters of Proposition 11 have filed a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. The measure would change the way political districts are drawn in California.

Anticipation is Building for Obama's Big Speech

As the Democratic National Convention heads into its final day, anticipation is building for Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight.

Drive less, Get a Break On Car Insurance

Drive less, get a bigger break on your car insurance. That's the goal of new regulations proposed by State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Governor Schwarzenegger Addresses Rumors About Borrowing to Balance the Budget

Governor Schwarzenegger is addressing rumors about lawmakers borrowing to balance the overdue state budget. The governor said raiding funds earmarked for other purposes -- such as transportation and local government needs -- would make the state's fiscal problems worse.

Some Disappointed with State's Effort to Create Renewable Energy

Some advocates for renewable energy are disappointed with the state's efforts this year when it comes to creating renewable energy plants.

More Budget Woes From Sacramento

This is the week to get a state budget in place. If not, there's no telling how long the stalemate will drag out according to a spokesperson for the governor.

Ethics Commission Levies Fines

San Diego City’s Ethics Commission has slapped fines on two city officials for soliciting campaign contributions from city employees. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

A New Budget Proposal Would Make Visiting State Parks Free

A proposal for the state budget would make visiting state parks free for people with a valid state license plate.

Even the Naming of Proposition 8 is Controversial

A Sacramento judge is set to rule today on what to name a controversial measure on the November ballot. Proposition 8 aims to ban same-sex marriage in California.

San Diego to Receive 14% More Homeland Security Money This Year

San Diego County is getting more than $7.5 million in grants from the office of homeland security this year. That's an increase of 14 percent from last year.

Local DMV Workers Protest State Job Cuts

Dozens of state workers rallied at the Chula Vista Department of Motor Vehicles today. They don’t like the governor’s decision to lay off thousands of state workers and cut the pay of tens of thousands of others. The governor says it’s necessary to avoid a cash crisis.

County Politicians Say Hands Off Local Tax Dollars

San Diego County politicians are asking state lawmakers to keep their hands off local tax dollars.

Wildfire Study Explains Why Some Homes Burn and Others Don't

A new study is giving Californians insight into why some homes burn and others don't during wildfires. The research was done by the Institute for Business and Home Safety. It's a non-profit agency funded by the insurance industry.

S.D. Voters Could Decide Whether Beach Booze Ban Becomes Permanent

San Diego voters may have a chance to decide if they want to ban alcohol permanently from city beaches. Councilmen Scott Peters and Kevin Faulkner say they want the issue to be on the ballot next November.

Local Groups Practice Terror Attack Response

Marines, Border Patrol, Homeland Security and some non-government organizations spent yesterday practicing disaster relief exercises at San Diego's Brown Field.

Crews Scrambled to Transition from Fair to Racetrack

Thousands of people are in Del Mar for the opening day of the track's six week horse racing season. The trainers haven't been the only ones racing around the track in the last week and a half. The Thoroughbred Club's Mac Mcbride says crews have scrambled to turn the County Fair venue into a race track.

San Diego Home Sales Continue to Drop

San Diego home sales continue to drop when compared to numbers from a year ago. San Diego based Dataquick Information Systems says just over three thousand homes changed hands last month. That's down more than 12 percent from last June. Dataquick's John Karevoll says the only thing he can say for certain is that there's uncertainty in the housing market.

Hundreds of UC Service Workers Hit the Picket Line

Hundreds of UC San Diego service workers hit the picket line Monday to protest unfair wages. It marked the beginning of a five-day walkout at University of California facilities across the state.