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Stories by KPBS News

Union Prison Guards Oppose Prop 11

Supporters of Proposition 11 have filed a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. The measure would change the way political districts are drawn in California.

Anticipation is Building for Obama's Big Speech

As the Democratic National Convention heads into its final day, anticipation is building for Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight.

Drive less, Get a Break On Car Insurance

Drive less, get a bigger break on your car insurance. That's the goal of new regulations proposed by State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Governor Schwarzenegger Addresses Rumors About Borrowing to Balance the Budget

Governor Schwarzenegger is addressing rumors about lawmakers borrowing to balance the overdue state budget. The governor said raiding funds earmarked for other purposes -- such as transportation and local government needs -- would make the state's fiscal problems worse.

Some Disappointed with State's Effort to Create Renewable Energy

Some advocates for renewable energy are disappointed with the state's efforts this year when it comes to creating renewable energy plants.

More Budget Woes From Sacramento

This is the week to get a state budget in place. If not, there's no telling how long the stalemate will drag out according to a spokesperson for the governor.

Ethics Commission Levies Fines

San Diego City’s Ethics Commission has slapped fines on two city officials for soliciting campaign contributions from city employees. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

A New Budget Proposal Would Make Visiting State Parks Free

A proposal for the state budget would make visiting state parks free for people with a valid state license plate.

Even the Naming of Proposition 8 is Controversial

A Sacramento judge is set to rule today on what to name a controversial measure on the November ballot. Proposition 8 aims to ban same-sex marriage in California.

San Diego to Receive 14% More Homeland Security Money This Year

San Diego County is getting more than $7.5 million in grants from the office of homeland security this year. That's an increase of 14 percent from last year.

Local DMV Workers Protest State Job Cuts

Dozens of state workers rallied at the Chula Vista Department of Motor Vehicles today. They don’t like the governor’s decision to lay off thousands of state workers and cut the pay of tens of thousands of others. The governor says it’s necessary to avoid a cash crisis.

County Politicians Say Hands Off Local Tax Dollars

San Diego County politicians are asking state lawmakers to keep their hands off local tax dollars.

Wildfire Study Explains Why Some Homes Burn and Others Don't

A new study is giving Californians insight into why some homes burn and others don't during wildfires. The research was done by the Institute for Business and Home Safety. It's a non-profit agency funded by the insurance industry.

S.D. Voters Could Decide Whether Beach Booze Ban Becomes Permanent

San Diego voters may have a chance to decide if they want to ban alcohol permanently from city beaches. Councilmen Scott Peters and Kevin Faulkner say they want the issue to be on the ballot next November.

Local Groups Practice Terror Attack Response

Marines, Border Patrol, Homeland Security and some non-government organizations spent yesterday practicing disaster relief exercises at San Diego's Brown Field.

Crews Scrambled to Transition from Fair to Racetrack

Thousands of people are in Del Mar for the opening day of the track's six week horse racing season. The trainers haven't been the only ones racing around the track in the last week and a half. The Thoroughbred Club's Mac Mcbride says crews have scrambled to turn the County Fair venue into a race track.

San Diego Home Sales Continue to Drop

San Diego home sales continue to drop when compared to numbers from a year ago. San Diego based Dataquick Information Systems says just over three thousand homes changed hands last month. That's down more than 12 percent from last June. Dataquick's John Karevoll says the only thing he can say for certain is that there's uncertainty in the housing market.

Hundreds of UC Service Workers Hit the Picket Line

Hundreds of UC San Diego service workers hit the picket line Monday to protest unfair wages. It marked the beginning of a five-day walkout at University of California facilities across the state.

Hundreds of Homeless Vets Receive Help, Care at 'Stand Down' in S.D.

Hundreds of homeless veterans gathered at San Diego High School's athletic field this weekend to get help from volunteers and community groups.

Calif. Power Demand Expected to Be High During Heatwave

A California agency that monitors energy use says demand has been below expectations, but is likely to be high during the next few days.

Fire Destroys San Diego Rescue Mission

A warehouse belonging to the San Diego Rescue Mission went up in flames last night. The fire engulfed the University Avenue building, destroying donated furniture, clothing and household appliances. Nothing was salvageable. The estimated replacement value is over a million dollars.

Foley Settles Lawsuit with Coronado for $5.5 Million

Former San Diego Chargers football player Steve Foley is getting $5.5 million from the city of Coronado to settle his lawsuit against the city. Foley was shot by off-duty police officer Aaron Mansker nearly two years ago. The injuries ended his professional football career. Coronado City Attorney Steven Boehmer says the city did not admit any liability in the case.

S.D. Beach Ban Brings Fewer Crowds, Less Trash on July 4th

People who celebrated fourth of July in San Diego say the beaches were much quieter compared to past years. About a million people showed up compared to 1.8 million a year ago.

Report Shows San Diego Traffic has Dropped Significantly

Californians are driving less and travel times on freeways are dropping in San Diego County. Berkeley Transportation Systems measures traffic data collected by California Department of Transportation road sensors. They record how many cars are on the road and how fast the vehicles are moving.

Local H.S. Students Learn to Produce Broadcast News at Journalism Workshop

For the past two weeks, students interested in radio, television and print news immersed themselves in a two-week journalism program in San Diego.

Report: San Diego Housing Market Among Worst in the Nation

A new report shows that home sales are still dropping in San Diego and the rest of the country. The Standard and Poor Case-Shiller report finds housing prices here were down over 20 percent from a year ago.

Early Results Show Jan Goldsmith Leading Race for S.D. City Attorney

Early absentee returns show Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith is leading tonight over incumbent City Attorney Michael Aguirre.

Jerry Sanders Takes Early Lead in Race for S.D. Mayor

Mayor Jerry Sanders has an early lead tonight in his bid for reelection against challenger Steve Francis in the race for San Diego mayor.

Mayor Sanders' Campaign Manager Resigns

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will have to find a new campaign manager. Michael McSweeney resigned today. He submitted a letter of resignation after his efforts to get mayoral candidate Eric Bidwell to attack Steve Francis were made public.

Local Gas Prices Set Another Record: $4.07 per Gallon

San Diego gasoline prices set another record today climbing to $4.07 a gallon. The Utility Consumer’s Action Network says record high oil prices are pushing the surge at the pump.

New Record For Average Gas Prices in San Diego

San Diego's average gasoline price reached another record today. The Utility Consumer's Action Network says it costs three dollars 86 cents for a gallon of regular. That's ten cents more than a week ago and 22 cents a gallon higher than the price just two weeks ago.

Local Lawyer Announces Bid to Unseat Aguirre as City Attorney

San Diego lawyer Amy Lepine announced her bid today to unseat incumbent City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

San Diego Gas Prices Jumped Eight Cents Since Yesterday

San Diego's gas prices jumped significantly overnight. The Utility Consumers Action Network tracks the price of fuel at hundreds of local gas stations. U-CAN's Charles Langley says the average price jumped almost 8 cents a gallon from yesterday afternoon.

Fiscal Watchdog Says State Can't Afford Raises For Prison Guards

The State Legislature's fiscal watchdog says prison guards already earn enough money and don't need a five percent pay raise proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

San Diego Voters Motivated by Primary's Significance

Election officials in San Diego and around California have been predicting record voter turnout on this Super Tuesday. In San Diego county, there were few early rushes to vote. KPBS reporters sampled voters in three different areas, and came away with very similar voter opinions.

Clinton to Speak at SDSU Event This Afternoon

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will speak this afternoon at San Diego State's Cox Arena. The junior senator from New York will address a town hall meeting at 1:30 p.m. to promote her plans "to strengthen the middle class."

CHP Out in Full Force Through New Year's

The New Year's Holiday is typically a deadly one on the state's roads. And the California Highway Patrol will be out in full force to crack down on drunk drivers. Eighty percent of CHP officers will be on the roads statewide. CHP Commissioner Mike Brown says there will be a clear presence.

175 Ballot Machine Computer Chips Go Missing

San Diego County election officials say about 175 computer chips meant to power machines that will tally ballots in February's presidential primary disappeared after they were shipped from state offices in Sacramento.

Gasoline Was 50 Cents Per Gallon Cheaper at This Time Last Year

The price of a gallon of regular gas in San Diego is down four cents a gallon in the last week. The Utility Consumer's Action Network tracks the local gas market. U-CAN's Charles Langley says consumers can find gas selling at around three dollars and six cents a gallon. The average price is $3.23.

Insurers Huddle With State Commissioner to Determine Fire Response

California's insurance commissioner huddled with major insurance companies in San Diego today. Steve Poizner says he got them to agree on a set of minimum standards that they'll use when responding to a major tragedy like October's wildfires.

Marine Reservist Found Guilty in Death of Iraqi Soldier

A Marine reservist was found guilty today of killing an Iraqi soldier while they stood watch together at a guard post in Fallujah, Iraq. Los Angeles Times reporter Tony Perry was in the court room when the verdict came down.

Gas Prices Down Seven Cents Per Gallon, But Still at Record High

San Diego gas prices are down nearly seven cents a gallon in the last week. The Utility Consumer's Action Network tracks prices at local gas stations. UCAN's Charles Langley says the average price is now $3.30 a gallon. He says that's cheaper than last week, but nearly 75 cents a gallon higher than last year.

Average Gasoline Prices Still in Record-Breaking Territory

San Diego's average gasoline price is lower than last week, but still in record breaking territory. The Utility Consumer Action Network tracks retail prices at hundreds of local gas stations.

Southern California on Flood Watch as Storm Approaches

California officials are bracing for the worst as a major storm moves into the southern California region. Office of Emergency Services officials have opened and emergency operations center in Orange County.

California DMV Uses YouTube to Spread Training Videos

The DMV is using a popular website to connect with teenagers. The agency has posted videos on YouTube showing how to pass the California driver's test. More than 50 short videos cover subjects like unsafe lane changes, how to avoid being hit by a light rail train, and being overly cautious during a driving exam.

Researchers Say Ash From Wildfires Dangerous to Humans and Environment

Federal researchers say the ash left behind by the Southern California wildfires is bad for both people and the environment. The U.S. Geological Survey collected samples from of ash left over from the Harris Fire in San Diego County and the Grass Fire in San Bernardino County.

Big Waves Expected to Pound San Diego's Coastline

Surf's up in San Diego. The biggest waves in at least a year are expected to pound the county's coastline this afternoon. Forecasters say by tomorrow morning some areas could see waves of 15 feet or higher.

San Diego's Economy Continues to Worsen

The Index of Leading Economic Indicators for San Diego County fell 1.2 percent in October, the third significant decline in a row. University of San Diego economist Alan Gin compiles the forecast. The forecast for the San Diego County economy has been in negative territory for 18 of the past 19 months.

Subtropical System Could Bring Much Needed Rain to Parts of the County

If you've noticed a balmy feeling in the air around San Diego County this afternoon, it's because of a subtropical system moving into our region from Baja. The low pressure system is forecast to bring a chance of showers, along with some gusty winds, tonight through Saturday. National Weather Service forecaster Stan Wasowski says we could see a few drops of wet stuff in some areas of the county.

Ramona Brushfire Contained

A brush fire near Ramona was contained by noon today. Cal Fire reported that it started around 9:50 a.m. near Highway 78 and Haverford Road, and scorched about 25 to 30 acres. Cal Fire had earlier estimated that it burned 50 acres, but downgraded that number. One firefighter suffered minor injuries. No property was damaged.