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Stories by Marissa Cabrera

California's New Laws Affect Work, Health, Public Safety

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KPBS Midday Edition discusses new laws for 2015 with legal analyst Dan Eaton. The laws include everything from driver's licenses for immigrants to restrictions to protect youth football players.

San Diego Native Tackles Immigration In New Animated Series 'Bordertown'

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Chicano cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is on the team working on a new animated comedy sitcom tackling changing demographics and immigration. "Bordertown" debuts on Fox in fall 2015.

Scripps CEO Discusses New Book On Leadership

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Chris Van Gorder has been president and CEO of Scripps Health since 2000. His first book is titled "The Front-line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up."

Terminal 1 Focus Of San Diego Airport Development Plan

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Rebuilding Terminal 1 is part of a long-term plan for the San Diego International Airport, which is designed to help the airport meet demand through 2035.

What Motivates People To Give During The Holidays?

The charitable giving season is in full swing and some estimates suggest people being more generous. A San Diego professor explains the psychology behind giving.

Toni Atkins Begins First Full Term As California Assembly Speaker

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A conversation with Atkins for her take on what's cooking at the state capital.

Mexican And Central American Asylum Rates Remain Low

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Many of the young people who surged across the US border this year say they are refugees seeking asylum. A conference in San Diego focuses on how to improve refugee policies.

Chula Vista, Imperial Beach Welcome New Mayors

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Mary Salas was sworn in as the first Latina mayor of Chula Vista on Tuesday as conservationist Serge Dedina is getting ready to take the mayoral oath of office in Imperial Beach.

Little Italy's Juniper & Ivy Tops San Diego's Best New Restaurant List

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San Diego Magazine food critic Troy Johnson's highly anticipated list of the year's best new restaurants includes expected picks and lots of surprises.

What You Need To Know About San Diego County's Criminal Grand Jury

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As protests continue across the country over the grand jury verdicts in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, we take a look at how San Diego County's criminal grand jury system works.

San Diego Rapper Faces Life Sentence For Album

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Rapper Brandon Duncan, who goes by the name "Tiny Doo," is on trial today in connection with a string of gang-related shootings. His connection to the alleged crimes: a rap album.

California Historian Kevin Starr On Balboa Park

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park. California Historian Kevin Starr weighs in on the continuing impact of the event.

Coping With The Holiday Blues

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The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time. But they could also bring on stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Experts offer practical solutions to keeping the holiday blues at bay.

San Diego Food Writer Shares Thanksgiving Pie Recipes, Tips

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It's not too late to bake a pie this Thanksgiving. San Diego food writer Caron Golden joins KPBS Midday Edition to share some of her favorite recipes along with tips and tricks for baking the perfect pie.

New Exhibit Features Rarely Seen Artwork By Dr. Seuss

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The San Diego History Center launched its 2015 Centennial Celebration with the opening of "Ingenious! The World of Dr. Seuss." The exhibit features rare and never-before-seen images by San Diego's renowned local author.

Mexicans Protest Disappearance Of 43 Students

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An estimated 22,000 people have gone missing in Mexico since 2006. But lately, anger has reached a tremendous pitch in the country as a result of the kidnapping and disappearance of 43 students.

The Impact Of Prop 187, 20 Years Later

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Proposition 187 was passed 20 years ago. It was aimed at prohibiting people living in California illegally from using health care, public education, or getting other social services.

'Thunder In The Mountains' Explores America's Gun Culture

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In his debut memoir, 'Thunder in the Mountains: A Portrait of American Gun Culture,' San Diego author Craig Collins writes about growing up with guns and invites readers rethink the gun debate.

San Diego Travel Writer Completes 800-Mile Walk To California's Missions

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Maggie Espinosa visited all of California's 21 missions by foot. She is one of 11 people in modern times to complete the 800-mile journey from San Diego to Sonoma County.

Last Camp Pendleton Marines Return From Afghanistan

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Camp Pendleton Marines are back from Afghanistan, officially ending their part in a 13-year conflict.

San Diego Unified Opens Up About Support For Dyslexic Students

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A recent KPBS report on the challenges students with dyslexia face, sparked a conversation about the amount of help available to them at San Diego Unified School District.

Is There Really Such A Thing As Internet Addiction?

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Doctors in San Diego have identified what they consider the first documented case of internet addiction in the United States involving Google Glass. The user was spending up to 18 hours a day online.

New Film Shows How Veterans Heal Through Humor

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What happens when five wounded veterans team up with A-list comedians? The new documentary "Comedy Warriors" shows how humor helps veterans recover from physical and emotional scars of war.

New York Times Frank Bruni Talks Technology With UCSD Students

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New York Times Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni will be speaking in San Diego this week about the unexpected effects of technological advancements. The lecture is titled: “Americans Today and Their Customized Cocoons.”

San Diego Doctor Helping Patients Drop Weight, Medications

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Dr. Dave Clayton has taken his medical advice about living a healthy lifestyle out of the clinic and into the workout room.

San Diego Writer Jim Ruland Discusses New Novel, 'Forest of Fortune'

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"Forest of Fortune" by Jim Ruland follows the lives of three people who are haunted by their past and desperate to turn their luck around at an Indian-owned casino in a remote region of Southern California.

Peters, DeMaio Trade Barbs In Latest TV Ads

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There has been a lot of spending on advertising in the race to represent the 52nd Congressional District. We take a look at some of that advertising and the messages it's sending.

Plans Released For Balboa Park 2015 Centennial Celebration

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The celebration aims to elevate, celebrate and promote the park through several improvements, special events and a long-term plan to make Balboa Park a premier cultural destination.

'Gauguin To Warhol' Exhibit Celebrates 20th Century Icons

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"Gauguin to Warhol" shows work by 40 of the most famous artists from the late 1800s through the 20th Century. The exhibit is at The San Diego Museum of Art until Jan. 27.

'Tactical Urbanism' Gaining Momentum In San Diego

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After years of feet-dragging, the city of San Diego is beginning to embrace the idea of urban development on a much smaller scale.

Escondido Voters To Elect Mayor On Nov. 4

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Voters in Escondido have a lot of decisions to make in the November election — including who will lead their city. And the top two mayoral candidates, incumbent Sam Abed and Deputy Mayor Olga Diaz, have very different points of views on a number of issues.

Manufacturing Contributes Nearly 9% To San Diego Economy

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What do drones, 3-D printers, beer and guitars have in common? They all make up part of San Diego's manufacturing sector — an industry that plays a big role in the region’s economy, a new National University study shows.

Tony Young Heads New Nonprofit Rise San Diego

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Former San Diego Council President Tony Young and former council candidate Dwayne Crenshaw are joining forces and starting Rise San Diego, a new nonprofit aimed at driving civic engagement and fostering leadership San Diego's urban neighborhoods.

San Diego Food Writer Opens Up About Diabetes Diagnosis

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Since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago, San Diego food writer Caron Golden is staying healthy by exercising and watching what she eats -and its not all green salads.

Cyberspace: New Frontier Of Civil Rights Movement

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In her new book "Hate Crimes in Cyberspace," law professor Danielle Keats Citron says cyber harassment is endemic and offers a set of recommendations for change that she says remain respectful of the First Amendment.

Educators Convene In San Diego For STEM Education Conference

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The second annual California STEM Symposium is expected to bring 3,000 educators and science industry leaders to San Diego this week with much of the discussion focusing on increasing participating in science, technology, engineering and math along with new science standards.

A Life Of Adventure, At Any Age

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In the 21st century, is it still possible to have a life of adventure, exploration, discovering new worlds? Just ask Helen Thayer.

California Drought Forces Farmers To Adapt

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Dry weather, coupled with high water prices, has forced some farmers to stop watering crops and trees. Others have switched to new irrigation methods or less thirsty crops.

What's Next For San Diego's Convention Center?

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The City Council voted unanimously not to appeal a court ruling against the plan to finance the San Diego Convention Center expansion. City leaders say the search for a new plan begins.

Columnist Marks 10 Years With New Book 'Diary Of A Diva, Behind The Lipstick'

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For 10 years, Barbarella Fokos has been writing the popular Diary of a Diva column in the San Diego Reader, now she's put some of her favorite stories in her first book, "Diary of a Diva, Behind the Lipstick."

Saving Lives At San Diego Humane Society's 24-Hour Kitten Nursery

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Kitten season is here and that means animal shelters are getting an influx of homeless litters. The San Diego Humane Society says many newborn kittens wouldn't survive if it weren't for its 24-hour kitten nursery.

California's Plastic Bag Ban Bill Moves Forward

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The debate over a statewide plastic bag ban is heating up, as a key legislative committee last week passed a bill that would phase out single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores.

What's Behind San Diego's Crazy Weather?

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Above average temperatures for more than two months. Humid, desert-like thunderstorms at the coast. What's going on with San Diego's weather? Does this unusual weather help or hurt our fire risk and the drought?

Want to talk politics? Visit Politifest Saturday At Liberty Station

Voice of San Diego's annual festival of politics is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Liberty Station's Central Promenade. Everything from politics to jobs to education will be talked about at Politifest 2014.

SDSU To Offer Music Entrepreneur Program

The music entrepreneurship and business program is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Author Scott Turow Discusses His Latest Legal Thriller 'Identical'

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Scott Turow has written a series of legal thrillers as well as non-fiction books, all while continuing to work as an attorney.

San Diego Author Aims To Tackle Lack Of Diversity In Children's Books

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Diego's Dragons is a fantasy series for middle grade and young adult readers by San Diego author Kevin Gerard. The series features a Latino boy as a hero.

Pop Culture Alternatives To Explore During Comic-Con

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If you don’t have tickets to the main Comic-Con show at the San Diego Convention Center this week, there are still plenty of opportunities in town to get your pop culture fix.

UCSD Professor: Violence Main Cause Of Child Immigrant Crisis

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A statistical analysis suggests violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, not U.S. immigration policies, is behind the young immigrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border.

5 Cool Summer Suppers To Beat The Heat In San Diego

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When the temperatures rises, turn to these cool summer recipes by San Diego food writer Caron Golden and Blind Burrito executive chef Sara Polczynski.