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Stories by Mark Sauer

Roundtable: Final Presidential Debate, Congressional Races, State Propositions

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to flirt with the idea that he won't concede the election, should he lose on Nov. 8. Will there will a Trump Effect on San Diego races? And is California ready to say goodbye to the death penalty...and hello to recreational pot?

Roundtable: Trump And Women, Gaspar And Roberts, Measure A, Lilac Hills

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's troubles include sexual assault allegations now filtering into San Diego races. The race for supervisor in District 3 should have been a cakewalk for the incumbent. Measure to increase sales tax has an uphill road. Lilac Hills could bloom, or not.

Is Water A Battleground In The West?

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Author John Fleck says that states and individuals don't fight over water so much as they conserve it and cooperate over how much to use.

Roundtable: Issa v. Applegate; Unproven Stem Cell Treatments; Barrio Logan & The Downtown Stadium

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Darrell Issa's congressional race is closer than he would perhaps like. A local company refers a patient for a costly, unproven stem cell treatment. And Barrio Logan braces for a very large new neighbor.

Roundtable: Untested Rape Kits, Zoo's Big Bank Account, Opioids In San Diego's Suburbs

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The San Diego Police Department has a backlog of some 2,400 untested rape kits. The San Diego Zoo has a huge bank account and a taxpayer subsidy. Suburban cities like Poway and La Mesa have more and more cases of opioid and heroin abuse.

Roundtable: Soledad Cross, Housing Crisis, Living Wage, Public Bathrooms

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The Mt. Soledad cross case is finally over. San Diego's housing crisis is getting worse. San Diego's living wage ordinance is a 10-year success. Downtown public toilets are often not functional.

Roundtable: San Diego's Pot Tax, Lofty Transit Goals, Preschool Costs

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If recreational pot becomes legal, San Diego wants to tax its sales. The city's Climate Action Plan predicts thousands will quit driving to work. And San Diego's school district makes pre-K available to all — for a price.

Roundtable: Officer-Involved Shooting; Chargers; More Money, Less Traffic?

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An officer's deposition reveals a surprising outcome in the 2015 shooting of Fridoon Nehad. The Chargers defend their stadium plan. And does more funding mean less traffic?

Roundtable: The Trump Effect, Straw Donors, Border Crossing Difficulties

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The presidential race continues to make headlines. Turns out, there were quite a number of straw donors to the Dumanis mayoral campaign. And American wives are being denied SENTRI passes when their husbands are deported to Mexico.

Latest 'One Book, One San Diego' Selection Revealed

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Inspired by the the "custody battle" over Cuban student Elián González, the 2003 memoir by a Yale University professor traces the author's own experiences growing up in Castro's Cuba.

Roundtable: San Diego Election News; Not Much Middle-Class Housing; Suing Hillary Clinton

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San Diego's District 1 City Council race is surprisingly settled when the Republican withdraws. New homes in the county are built for those with above-average incomes. A San Diegan sues Hillary Clinton in federal court.

Roundtable: Azano Campaign Finance Trial, Ignored Transparency Law, Otay Mesa RV Park

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Some surprising names surface in federal trial of José Susumo Azano Matsura. For 24 years, San Diego leaders have ignored a law requiring the names of everyone doing business with the city. And a San Diego planning official operates an RV park without permits, electricity or sewer hookups.

Roundtable: Hillary's DNC; Suing Trump University; No Tipping?

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Hillary Clinton's Democratic National Convention was not like Donald Trump's Republican National Convention, for the most part. Class-action suits against Trump and his university will go to trial. A local restaurateur has had enough of tipping.

Roundtable: Trump's Unconventional Convention; Missing, Mangled Waterfront Plans

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Donald Trump's Republican National Convention was, in a word, unusual. The Port of San Diego wants to redevelop the waterfront without an outdated master plan. And its North Embarcadero Visionary Plan was rendered moot by developers.

Roundtable: Rep. Peters' Campaign Donations, SDPD Curfew Sweeps, Poway's Fired Superintendent

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Rep. Scott Peters and others have found a legal way around campaign contribution limits. San Diego police still enforce curfews. And the district's list of reasons for firing Poway Unified Superintendent John Collins is pretty long.

Roundtable: Dallas Police Attack, Homelessness In San Diego And Balboa Park

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A sniper attack in Dallas left five police officers dead. San Diego's homelessness problem took a turn for the worse. Balboa Park and Seaport Village may be about to get makeovers.

Roundtable: Tackling Meth, Transportation And Chargers Stadium

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Every large metropolitan area has large problems. Three of San Diego's: methamphetamine, transportation, and the proposed new Chargers stadium.

Roundtable: Downtown Rocks, Poway School Problems, One Paseo's Second Chance

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Turns out, the residents of Sherman Heights didn't request those jagged rocks after all. Poway Unified has placed its superintendent on leave and is looking for a new one. And One Paseo gets a second chance.

New Biography Chronicles The Life Of U.S. Sen. George McGovern

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“The Rise of a Prairie: The Life and Times of George McGovern” is the first volume of a major biography by author Thomas J. Knock on the 1972 Democratic presidential candidate and America's leading anti-war critic during the Vietnam War.

Roundtable: San Diego's Response To Orlando Shooting

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Thousands of San Diegans were drawn to vigils in Hillcrest on Sunday and Monday to honor and mourn those killed in Orlando, Florida.

Roundtable: The California Primary In Perspective

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We've dug ourselves out from the blizzard of mailers, yard signs and TV commercials so we can focus on what the California primary means for the presidential race and — in San Diego — for the mayoral, city attorney and City Council contests.

Roundtable Is Off To The Races: Trump Vs. Clinton, City Attorney, City Council, Prop. H

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The June 7 primary looms, so the Roundtable casts an eye on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the five San Diego city attorney candidates, the multiple San Diego council contests, and the proposition that's supposed to fix San Diego roads.

Roundtable: Tony Gwynn Tobacco Lawsuit, Maintaining The Border, Future Of Del Mar Fairgrounds

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Ban "dip" from baseball? Tony Gwynn's family hopes their lawsuit will help make that happen. The San Diego border fence as a test case for Donald Trump's "build a wall" campaign promise. And the upside and downside to living where the surf meets the turf.

Roundtable: VA Choice Problems, Hotel Boycott, UCSD Funding Struggle

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The Veterans Choice program for alleviating a doctor visit backlog doesn't turn out well. Chargers fan groups launches a boycott of some area hotels. UC San Diego is having a harder time than similar universities raising major funds.

Roundtable: Duncan Hunter's Expenses, US Senate Debate, San Onofre Deal Reopened

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Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign paid thousands for questionable expenses. Candidates were in attack mode in the U.S. Senate debate on KPBS this week. After 18 months of criticism, state regulators reopened the San Onofre settlement.

Roundtable: SANDAG Tax Measure, Race For Mayor, City Council And Supervisor

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It's Election Central on the Roundtable as we delve into the SANDAG transit tax measure, update the San Diego Mayor and City Council District 1 races, and look closely at the contest for Dave Roberts' county supervisor seat.

Doctor Who Treated Chargers Linebacker Junior Seau May Lose License

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The California Medical Board has charged David Chao, a former physician to the Chargers who treated linebacker Junior Seau, with negligence in the athlete's death.

What Does Gannett Want With Tribune Publishing?

The media company that owns USA Today offered $815 million for Tribune Publishing, whose newspapers include The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Roundtable: California Politics, Criminal Probe Limits, Rocks For The Homeless

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The election season in California has proved both unusual and predictable. The deadline passes for a probe on a secret San Onofre deal. Rocks installed to deter homeless people from camping out outrage advocates.


San Diego Transgender Teen's Happy Outcome

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The stories of teenagers feeling trapped inside bodies that are not theirs often have unhappy endings. But the case of San Diego's Sam Moehlig is different.

Roundtable: Kamala Harris And San Onofre, Unenforceable Traffic Tickets, Labor's Richard Barrera

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Is Kamala Harris' heart into investigating the California Public Utilities Commission? Your San Diego speeding ticket may be unenforceable. And Richard Barrera sees no conflict with being a labor leader and school board member.

Roundtable: City Budget, Goldsmith Vs. Briggs, SANDAG And The Media

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Faulconer releases a budget heavy on infrastructure. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and San Diegans for Open Government Attorney Cory Briggs each say the other is full of hot air. SANDAG spent a lot of money trying to influence the media.

How Jerry Brown Saved The Great State Of California

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Jerry Brown was on the cover of Newsweek in 1979, the first year of his first second term as governor of California. He's on the magazine's cover again, the star of a story about how he saved the state from ruin.

25 Years Of Water Feuding In San Diego Explained

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They've been at odds for years, but the discord between the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California seems about to boil over.

Roundtable: San Diego VA Wait Times; JMI's Qualcomm Stadium Plan; Fetal Tissue Research

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San Diego VA Medical Center scolded over wait times. JMI Realty pushes a plan to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium site. San Diego's BioMed company ordered to testify at a House subcommittee on fetal tissue research.

Roundtable Talks Stadium Details, Zoo Funds, Minimum Wage

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Now we know the details of the Chargers' stadium plan. The San Diego Zoo is flush with funds (and not into sharing). Looks like the state will get a minimum wage hike. Will San Diego get its own?

Roundtable: 'Convadium' Conundrum, Cal-OSHA Fines SD Companies, Bernie Visits

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What is a "convadium" and will it be on the November ballot? Cal-OSHA fined nine San Diego employers in 2015. Thousands of San Diegans trooped into the Convention Center to see Bernie Sanders.

What Could Purchase Of OC Register, Press-Enterprise By Tribune Mean For San Diego?

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It's confusing. Print newspapers are supposed to be dying. Yet Tribune Publishing, owner of the Los Angeles Times and the Union-Tribune, wants to buy papers in Orange County and Riverside. Why?

Roundtable: SCOTUS Pick, City Attorney Scrum, North County Development Uncertainty

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President Obama proposes a Supreme Court nominee it may be hard to refuse. Two Democrats take the lead in San Diego city attorney's race — in fundraising. Developers take different paths to approval for big North County projects.

Roundtable: Trouble at Lincoln High, Council Race Heats Up, Getting Californians To Vote

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The brawl at San Diego's Lincoln High exposes long-standing problems at the school. The race for the San Diego City Council District 1 seat gets exciting. And what will it take to get more people to the polls?

Roundtable: Super Tuesday, Trump University, TJ Police Chief, MTS Safety

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Tuesday was super for some. Donald Trump may have to testify in a San Diego lawsuit. Tijuana's police chief was ousted. And using your credit card at an MTS pay station is risky.

Roundtable: Downtown Chargers, Measure A Results, MTS Security Cops, Joel Anderson Out

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The Chargers want to go downtown; Measure A is going down to defeat; MTS officers take a worker down - and injure him; Dianne Jacob defeats Joel Anderson already.

Roundtable Spotlights Foster, Spanos, Televangelist and Body-Cam Videos

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Marne Foster pleads guilty and resigns as San Diego school trustee. Chargers' Dean Spanos reconsiders San Diego. The district attorney deals with tons of body-cam videos. And a televangelist wants to build a Christian resort in Mission Valley.

Roundtable: San Diego Mayor's Race, Methane Leak, Fish Farm

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There's a new face in the San Diego mayor's race, new stats in the mega-methane leak in Los Angeles, and new information on Hubbs-SeaWorld's experiment with farming fish.

Roundtable: Many Questions Remain In San Onofre Debacle

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There have been charges, counter-charges, a criminal probe and a lot of silent avoidance since the radiation leak that eventually closed the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station was discovered.

Roundtable Tackles Chargers, Flooding, State's Budget, City's State

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The Chargers are still here, for now; some residents in San Carlos are flooded out; the details of the governor's conservative budget; and the mayor's take on the state of the city.

Roundtable: Deluge in Tijuana, City Pension Woes, SeaWorld's Legal Trials

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San Diego wasn't the only place hard hit by this week's rains. So was Tijuana. San Diego's pension problems still aren't settled. And SeaWorld spends a lot of time in court.

Roundtable: The Big Stories of 2015

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Much of what made news in 2015 — the Chargers, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, lawyer Cory Briggs, D.A. Bonnie Dumanis, Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, SeaWorld and the Padres — will be center stage again in 2016.

Roundtable On LA Methane Leak, Police Shooting Video, SDPD Review Board

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A methane leak in Los Angeles is a huge, dangerous, environmental disaster. A judge allows a police shooting video to be released to the news media. The civilian watchdog for the SDPD is pretty toothless.

Editors Roundtable

Roundtable Visits Pendleton, Carlsbad, Tijuana Airports And Silicon Valley South

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The proposed airport at Camp Pendleton, the expanding airport in Carlsbad, the new, convenient bridge to the international airport in Tijuana -- all could be used when San Diego becomes the new Silicon Valley.

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