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Stories by Megan Burke

Some Coachella Bands To Make Pit Stop In San Diego

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For the next two weekends, hundreds of thousands of people will attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. But those without a ticket can still see some of the festival's stars here at home.

Point Loma Nazarene University Hosts An Evening With Paul Farmer On Wednesday

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We're all used to seeing the images of sick and desperate people in the poorest nations of the world. Some of us may be moved to send a donation, many of us will simply be thankful that our lives are better off. Only a few of us see those images and say this must change. Paul Farmer is one of those few.

New Medicare Program To Allow Some Hospice Patients More Treatment Choices

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A KPBS series on end of life care, focused on the gap in insurance coverage for hospice patients who wanted certain medical procedures. Now, Medicare is conducting a test program to combine hospice and curative care.

Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes?

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The introduction of e-cigarettes, depending on who you talk to, is either an appealing alternative to help addicted current smokers give up tobacco or gateway devices for a new generation of tobacco smokers.

Encinitas To Spend $10 Million To Keep Coastal Property Public

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The Encinitas City Council voted recently to buy the Pacific View Elementary school site for $10 million in an effort to prevent a prime piece of public land from falling into private developers hands.

Washington Landslide A Wake-Up Call About Threat Of Natural Disasters In San Diego

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As of the latest update, officials say 29 bodies have been recovered from the collapse of the Hazel Slide in the town of Oso. Another 20 people are still reported missing.

Is Drone Journalism The Next Big Thing?

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Essential equipment for reporters might expand from cellphones to drones. We'll talk about the expanding field of drones and journalism.

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San Diego Opera Announces Current Season Will Be Its Last

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After nearly a half century on stage, San Diego Opera is taking its final bow on April 13. Its board voted 33-1 Wednesday to fold amid financial concerns.

San Diego Opera Stars Teaching Young Vocalists What It Takes To Get To The Stage

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The San Diego Opera is recognizing the budding vocal talent on San Diego college campuses by establishing a partnership with San Diego State University, the University of San Diego and Point Loma Nazarene University.

Author Looks To Animals For Deeper Understanding Of Good And Evil

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A new book points out that human beings, as the master predators are without a doubt the biggest killers on the planet.

Young San Diego Filmmaker Attempts To Tell The 'Truth' About Sex Trafficking

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In a second report on the illegal sex trade in San Diego, a local teenager talks about her new documentary called "TRUTH."

Study: San Diego Street Gangs Deeply Involved In Commercial Sex Trade

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The study documents what local law enforcement officials already know, that many of the sex workers in the San Diego region are vulnerable young women, forced or manipulated into a trade that is highly profitable

San Diego's First Female Police Chief Says She Welcomes Sex-Abuse Audit Of Department

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San Diego's new police chief, Shelley Zimmerman, is a 31-year veteran on the force. She is now one of only eight women police chiefs in major U.S. cities.

Report: 38 Percent Of San Diegans Can't Make Ends Meet

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The latest numbers on income versus cost of living in San Diego finds that 38 percent of families in the region can't make ends meet.

Roots Travel Is About More Than Your Family Tree

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Through her story of her own roots journey to Minkowitz, author Judith Fein said she hopes it will encourage others to make a voyage into their own heritage.

International Rescue Committee's David Miliband On What U.S. Can Do To Help Syrian Refugees

This week, the United Nations officials said Syrians are about to replace Afghans as the world's largest refugee population. The International Rescue Committee is calling on the U.S. to bring 12,000 Syrian refugees to the United States. If that happens, some may come to San Diego.

Report: Nearly 500,000 Working San Diegans Have No Paid Sick-Leave

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It's still flu-season in San Diego, and many businesses tell employees to stay home if their feeling sick, to keep the workplace healthy. But what if you're not paid when you take a sick day off? Would you decide to stay home and get better, or drag yourself in to work, no matter what?

Jeanette Walls On Writing About A Difficult Childhood

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Writer Jeanette Walls is a gossip columnist turned memoirist turned novelist. Her latest work is a novel about two girls trapped in a dysfunctional childhood called "The Silver Star."

Arrest Of Sinaloa Kingpin "El Chapo" Won't Reduce Drug Trafficking Through San Diego

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Drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is in a maximum security Mexican prison following his capture. His prosecution on dozens of charges could last for years. But experts say it won't stop the flow of drugs across the border.

Civil Rights, College Football And The Season That Changed It All

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One of the most significant changes in football is now the subject of a book, "Breaking The Line: The Season in Black College Football That Transformed the Game and Changed the Course of Civil Rights" by New York Times columnist and Columbia Professor Samuel G. Freedman.

San Diego City Council To Decide Again On Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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The San Diego City Council will consider a new set of zoning regulations for the establishment of legal medical marijuana dispensaries. What remains unknown is whether the U.S. Attorney's Office will allow licensed dispensaries to operate.

San Diego County Jail Changing Medical Model For Needs Of Long-Term Inmates

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Lack of access to medical care in state prisons was a significant part of the problem that eventually resulted in prison realignment. Ironically, one of the side effects of prison realignment in San Diego is being seen in the medical care being dispensed at San Diego County jails.

Path From Pain Pills To Heroin Addiction Nothing New In San Diego County

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Addicts who abuse prescription drugs like Oxycontin have been switching to heroin for a number of years now. While tragedies like the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman remain shocking, they are not actually surprising to those who track the epidemic of opiate abuse in the Unites States.

Put Your Name On A San Diego County Trail, Ballfield Or Playground For A Price

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow individuals, businesses or nonprofits to name sections of public parks, including ball fields, playgrounds and trails, for fees starting at $1,000. Your favorite park garden or pool could soon be brought to you by your neighbor or a local pest control business.

Supervisor Jacob Weighs In On San Diego County Priorities, Challenges

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While many in San Diego have been focused on the city's mayoral race, Jacob's "State of the County" address recently outlined plans and priorities for our whole region.

Dealing With Life-Threatening Illness From Both A Doctor And Patient's Perspective

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When a terminal illness is diagnosed, people ask their doctors one question: How long do I have to live?

Jamul Indian Village Breaks Ground On Casino Amid Opposition, Legal Challenges

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The town of Jamul is still fighting a local tribe's plan for an Indian casino, even as earth is being cleared to make way for it.

San Diego Mayoral Race Down To The Wire

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It's countdown to the San Diego mayoral race — candidates Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez join us to discuss everything from the city's infrastructure to campaign ads.

New Calif. Law Adds 3-Foot Protection For Cyclists But Will It Make San Diego Roads Safe Enough?

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Beginning in September, California law will require drivers to be three feet away from a bicyclist handlebars or shoulders while passing on the road. Will the new law make San Diego cyclists feel safer?

Decoding The Paleo Diet

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Discussions of diet have some people arguing that our modern use of grains, including bread and cake, is unhealthy. The premise of the "paleo diet" says we're best off going back to the kind of diet that preceded the agricultural revolution of early human civilization.

Explaining Stephen Hawking's New Theory On Black Holes

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Why Stephen Hawking's new theory on black holes is important to everyday people and how the scientific community is reacting to these new ideas.

Two Years After San Onofre Shutdown Questions Remain

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A leak led to the permanent closure of the San Onofre Nuclear power plant, but many questions remain. Who will pay for the enormous costs of the shutdown? And what does the trouble at San Onofre say about the safety of nuclear power?

Environmental Group Challenges San Diego County Water Authority's Master Plan Update

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The San Diego County Water Authority went through a months-long process to update its master plan for supplying water to the county through 2035, but a group says the master plan's environmental impact study is flawed.

What Can City Heights Residents Do In Response To Albertsons Store Closure?

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The largest supermarket in the community of City Heights is shutting its doors next month. The loss of Albertsons might increase the neighborhood's reputation as a "food desert."

Beer 101 Is Serious Business In San Diego

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Getting a professional certificate in beer from a major university might have been an undergraduate joke a few years ago. But with the craft beer business booming in San Diego, educators are starting to take the beer industry seriously.

Japan Tsunami Debris Washed Ashore Inspires Ruth Ozeki's Latest Novel

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A piece of tsunami debris is the catalyst of Ruth Ozeki's novel, "A Tale For The Time Being."

Wildfire Preparedness In San Diego After The Driest Year On Record

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San Diego's very dry weather has already produced a rash of unusual winter wildfires across the state. Cal Fire talks about the increased fire danger.

New Report Finds 10 Percent Of San Diegans Live In Poverty

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A new SANDAG report finds one in 10 San Diegans live in poverty, as do 9 percent of families in the county.

The State Of San Diego's Inner City

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Before San Diego's interim Mayor Todd Gloria gives the state of the city address, we'll discuss the state of the inner-city.

San Diego Native Ted Williams' Biography Explores Baseball Great's Life

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San Diego native Ted Williams remains the greatest hitter in baseball. A new biography explores his triumphs and troubled personality.

The Interplanetary Beliefs Of An Unusual Group In El Cajon

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A new documentary, "Children of the Stars," explores Unarius, a group based in El Cajon who believe human beings have all lived millions of years, and multiple lives, spanning the history of the universe.

San Diego's Ecosystems On Exhibit At Natural History Museum

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A new exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum displays San Diego's rich ecosystems in all their beauty and complexity.

The Connection Between Dry Weather In San Diego And The Polar Vortex

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Extreme weather is freezing the midwest and leaving San Diego high and dry. Is there a connection between the weather patterns that are bringing extreme cold to the nation's midsection and causing dry, mild weather here?

New Study Provides Motivation To Get Healthy And Fit In 2014

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Losing weight, toning up and getting healthy frequently top New Year's resolution lists. A recent study seems to give us some extra reasons to shed pounds a 2014 goal.

Can Meditation Make Your Heart Healthier?

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Using wireless technology, a Scripps study hopes to explore what physical changes take place during meditation.

Costumed Crusaders Patrol Downtown San Diego In The Name Of Justice

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In Metropolis or Gotham City, seeing a superhero downtown wouldn't be abnormal. But in San Diego, the sight of crime fighters dressed up in masks and capes can cause something of a stir.

2014 Forecast For San Diego's Housing Market

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Good news and bad news seemed to go hand in hand for San Diego's housing market this year. We'll hear what may be in store for local real estate in 2014.

Mount Soledad Cross Dispute Far From Over

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Last week a federal judge, following an appeals court ruling, ordered the cross removed from the Mount Soledad war memorial. But the order was stayed and more appeals are expected. We'll trace the history of this complicated San Diego legal case.

Tentative Budget Deal Could Give San Diego Economic Boost In 2014

The tentative budget deal in Washington is boosting San Diego's economic outlook. One 2014 economic forecast for San Diego predicts slow and steady growth next year. But how will economic recovery impact income-inequality?

Report: California Skimping On Spending For Tobacco Prevention

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In California, only 14 percent of the recommended $441.9 million of tobacco settlement dollars is being spent on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, report by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids finds.

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