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Stories by Megan Burke

Cost Of Doing Nothing At The Salton Sea May Be Higher Than Cost Of Repair

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A new report on the Salton Sea estimates that the volume of the lake will shrink by more than 50 percent in the next 15 years. If no mitigation or reclamation project is undertaken, the report projects the costs of the shrinking lake will include impacts to Southern California's ecology and public health.

A Challenging Lesson: How To Care For The Dying

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Everyone knows that a baby needs help entering this world. That's why, in addition to mom, other people like doctors or midwives are on hand to assist the start of a young life. But what about when we leave this world?

San Diego Veterans Can Speak Up About VA Healthcare At Town Hall Meeting Thursday

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The VA San Diego wants to hear from veterans about their experience with VA health care. Issues over waiting times, access to care and more will be aired at a series of town hall meetings around the county. These town hall events come on the heels of the new VA secretary's visit to San Diego to rehabilitate the group's battered reputation.

Temple Grandin Speaks About Inclusiveness In Education

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Celebrated autism advocate Temple Grandin is in San Diego to talk about inclusiveness in education.

Prop H: Escondido Golf Course Dispute To Be Decided By Voters

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Escondido voters will decide the fate of the Escondido Country Club property when they head to the polls in November.

One Man's Quest For Good Bread Turns Into An Adventure In Baking Around The World

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A journalist turned award-winning baker and author is sharing his secrets about making the perfect loaf of bread in a new memoir, "In Search of the Perfect Loaf — A Home Baker's Odyssey."

Controversy Surrounds Future Of East County Performing Arts Center

The East County Performing Arts Center might soon lease out much of its calendar to the Rock Church. Critics say that's not what the facility was intended for.

School Kids And Vaccines: New Numbers Show More California Students Are Not Getting Their Shots

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The number of parents delaying or declining to vaccinate their school-age children is climbing in California. We'll speak to San Diego doctors and hear about a new NOVA documentary about vaccines.

Vietnam Vet Writes Novel 'Raw Man' To Promote PTSD Awareness

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Disabled Vietnam veteran Fred Rivera has turned his struggle with physical and psychic pain into a novel based on his real experiences in Vietnam.

Napa Quake Reminds San Diego To Be Prepared

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Earthquake researchers predict there's a 99 percent chance Southern California will experience a 6.7-magnitude earthquake in the next 30 years.

How The Affordable Care Act Is Changing San Diego Community Health Clinics

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Now that the Affordable Care Act has opened up healthcare for more people, how are community clinics managing an influx of patients while maintaining quality care?

Unintended Consequences: Bird Deaths At California Solar Power Plants

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The goal of the huge Ivanpah solar electricity plant in the Mojave desert is to provide clean, affordable energy to thousands of households. But what it's also doing, say wildlife officials, is killing birds.

SDSU Professor's New Book Is An Experiment In Fiction For The Twitter Generation

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KPBS Midday Edition speaks to San Diego State University literature Professor Harold Jaffe about his latest book, a collection of 50- and 100-word stories called "Induced Coma."

Killing Of Missouri Teen Reminds San Diegans Of Problems Between Minorities And Police

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The fallout from the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has reverberated across the country. Black community groups in San Diego, as well as the San Diego Police Department, are evaluating law enforcement equity in our city.

Can U.S. Intervention Keep Iraqi Minorities Safe?

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San Diego's Iraqi community asks for continued humanitarian aid for religious minorities.

A Check-Up On Obamacare In California

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Reports out this week found that huge number of previously uninsured Californians now have health care coverage but the cost of that coverage has increased dramatically since 2013.

So Say We All Is Calling All San Diego Storytellers

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So Say We All is a writing and performance workshop that takes the stories of regular San Diegans and nurtures them into performance pieces that can hold an audience.

New San Diego Architecture Up For Orchids And Onions Nominations

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What makes a building great or what makes it a dud? You get to decide during nominations for the Orchids & Onions.

Lilac Hills Project In North County Nears Public Comment Deadline

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Developers of the proposed Lilac Hills Ranch want to build more than 1,700 homes on 608 acres in an area between Valley Center and Bonsall.

SDPD 'Flooding' North Park Area After Series Of Attacks On Women

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San Diego police are looking for at least two suspects in a series of attacks in North Park. They've released a sketch of one of the men.

Hunting Proposed In Otay-Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing that hunting be allowed in an area of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, and the idea has sparked a wave of criticism.

What Mandatory Water Conservation Means For San Diegans

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Spurred by the State Water Board for mandatory water conservation, the San Diego County Water Authority is recommending adoption of a "Level 2 Drought Alert." On KPBS Midday Edition we'll talk about what that means for San Diego County.

Plan In The Works For Seasonal Del Mar Train Platform

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Racing season begins at Del Mar this week and North County residents are bracing for the usual traffic jams along I-5. But what if the races or the annual county fair didn't bring stalled traffic?

How Animals With Mental Illness Can Help Humans Heal

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A growing consensus on animal behavior is leaning toward the theory animals have complex emotional lives more similar to our own than realized. "Animal Madness" takes its cue from the problems of one disturbed dog and examines what we can learn about ourselves from the emotional problems of animals.

Trademarking Phrases: SDSU's Aztec Shops Laying Claim To 'I Believe That We Will Win!'

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The chant "I Believe That We Will Win!" was heard around the world during the World Cup. Can San Diego State University's Aztec Shops Ltd. trademark the slogan?

What Does Mapping The Brain Actually Mean?

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UC San Diego is a regional hub for the new Cal-BRAIN project. KPBS Midday talked to one of the brains behind the group about how this state project fits in to the president's brain mapping initiative.

40 Years Of Pride In San Diego

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The world has changed fundamentally for gays and lesbians since the first Pride Parade in San Diego. This month marks the 40th anniversary of the parade and celebration. And the change continues, with Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signing a law to recognize legal same-sex marriage in the state code.

Rep. Susan Davis Weighs In On U.S. Immigration Policy And More

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We speak to Rep. Susan Davis about the emergency of unaccompanied children crossing the border, the advance of ISIS insurgents in Iraq and the challenge posed to Obamacare by the Hobby Lobby decision.

Exhibition Celebrates Work By San Diego Artists Baldessari, Baldwin, Morris And Matheny

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An exhibition of the work of four mid-century San Diego artists gets underway the July 4 weekend at the Oceanside Museum of Art. The show is called "Spitting in the Wind: Art From The End of the Line."

NCTD Chief Answers Questions About Agency Turnover

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The executive director of the North County Transit District, Matthew Tucker, responds to investigations that raise troubling questions about his agency.

How Much Of The Immigration Process Can Obama Change By Executive Action?

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A frustrated President Obama says he's no longer waiting for a stalled Congress to take action and he'll use what powers he has to reform immigration. But what can he do?

Scientists Descending On San Diego Bars Thursday Night To Answer Questions From Regular People

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An offbeat outing, called "Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar," will take place at 25 watering holes around San Diego on Thursday, June 26 between 5-9:30 p.m.


What To Do With Your Money: Estate Planning Tips

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Think you've pulled together a good estate plan? Or maybe you think you don't need one. Here's some of the common mistakes that get people and their heirs into trouble.

San Diegans Offered Ways To Save Water By Remaking Their Yards

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The San Diego County Water Authority, which is launching free classes to help people make water-wise yard makeovers, joins garden expert Nan Sterman to offer tips.

Social Media Site Connects Patients Suffering From Similar Illnesses

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A new social media site connecting patients diagnosed with similar illnesses is one of the ways technology could be transforming the future of healthcare.

Iraq Humanitarian Crisis Is Personal In San Diego

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San Diego County is home to nearly 80,000 Iraqis and thousands of veterans of Operation Iraqi freedom — two groups with a lot at stake in the future of Iraq.

James Hubbell Opens Home, Studios For Public Tours On Father's Day

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In what has become a Father's Day tradition for more than 30 years, the artists James and Anne Hubbell will open their home and art studio in Santa Ysabel to the public this Sunday June 15.

California Teacher Tenure Law Ruled Unconstitutional

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Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Tuesday ruled in favor of nine students who sued the state saying tenure and seniority policies have made it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers.

California Chrome's Next Race May Be At Del Mar

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Though California Chrome's Triple Crown hopes were dashed this weekend when the horse tied for fourth place in the Belmont Stakes, the 3-year-old's career is far from over.

Are Charter Cities Good Or Bad For Taxpayers?

California’s charter cities have come under scrutiny in recent years because of three high-profile municipal bankruptcies. Locally, San Diego is the largest of eight charter cities in the county. Escondido is also flirting with the idea of becoming a charter city. But there is disagreement over whether charter cities are good for taxpayers.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist Steve Breen Inspired By Kids For His New Book

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A Tyrannosaurus Rex eating Donald Trump, Miley Cyclops and Santa Claus blowing up a Nazi with a bazooka — these are some images from the wild imagination of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Steve Breen and his kids.

Program Aims To Help Every Californian Reduce Energy Use By 10 Percent Per Year

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Californians are being asked to reduce their home energy use by 40 percent. The goal is in line with the state's aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

San Diego Political Legend Tom Hom Talks About 'Bumpy Road' To American Dream

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Tom Hom, the first Asian-American to serve on the San Diego City Council, opens up in a new memoir about growing up in San Diego and the challenges to achieving the American dream.

Documentary Chronicles History, Culture Of San Diego's 'First People'

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New documentary airing on KPBS is full of fascinating details about the ancient Kumeyaay way of life.

Swimming The 1,777-Mile Danube River For A Good Cause

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Mimi Hughes has embarked on a number of marathon swims, including the Tennessee, Ohio and — most-challenging — Danube rivers for social and environmental causes.

How To Deal With San Diego's Stressful Fire Outbreak

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How are San Diegans dealing with multiple fires and the anxiety, stress and fear that goes along with evacuations, power outages and watching homes burn? We get an update on the fire and talk to a mental health expert.

Writer Ruth Reichl Sees The World Food First

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Former New York Times food critic and writer Ruth Reichl sees the world food first. We'll hear about her first novel, 'Delicious' and her thoughts on the legacy of "Gourmet" magazine. Reichl will be at the Chino Farm on May 18

New Bias Seen In Workplace: Treating Race As A Qualification

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In his recent Op-Ed in The New York Times, Skrentny warns that too much reliance on matching race and ethnicity between employees and customers or teachers and students could lead to a new form of racial discrimination.

San Diego Climate Change Symposium Focuses On Role Of Energy

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The San Diego World Affairs Council is bringing together environmental nonprofits with local companies in an effort to form a meeting of the minds on power needs of the future.

Scientists Coming To San Diego To Talk About Roots Of Human Violence

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Men have been at the forefront of human aggression and violence since pre-historic times, now UC San Diego and Salk Institute are bringing scientists from around the world to San Diego to examine why. A public symposium will be held May 16.