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Stories by Megan Burke

San Diego County To Examine Adoptions Process

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has taken the first step to streamline the county's adoption process.

Farm Tours Offer A Close-Up Of San Diego Greenhouses, Citrus Groves, A Dairy And More

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The San Diego County Farm Bureau is offering a behind-the-scenes look at how your food and flowers are grown. It's the bureau's fourth annual Farm Day Tour and it's coming up this Saturday.

San Onofre: Shutting Down A Nuclear Power Plant

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With the announcement that Southern California Edison will shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station for good, attention now turns to the cost of decommissioning and disposal of nuclear waste.

San Diego Enterprise Zones Have Pros, Cons

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South Bay leaders rally today to keep business enterprise zones. Critics, including California Governor Jerry Brown have said the zones are not creating enough jobs.

How British Prime Minister David Cameron Inspired San Diego Craft Beer Debates

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Debating the great issues of the day while drinking craft beer in San Diego. It's not just a dream anymore.

ACLU Class Action Suit Alleges Threats, Coercion By Border Patrol

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The ACLU announces a project dedicated to upholding civil rights at the border. The new Border Litigation Project will monitor border protection agencies. And, a new lawsuit accuses the Department of Homeland Security of violating the rights of people in detention.

StoryCorps In San Diego To Record Veteran's Stories

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A visit to San Diego by StoryCorps kicks off today at the USS Midway Museum. The Military Voices Initiative will record the memories of veterans and their families.

James Cameron Given Scripps Prize For Deep Sea Exploration

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Academy-award winning director James Cameron will step from behind the camera to accept a science award at Scripps. Cameron will be honored for his record-setting DeepSea Challenge.

Preparing For Wildfires With Fire-Safe Home Construction And Retrofits

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Having a home in the path of a wildfire doesn't necessarily mean that your home will burn. Fire scientists say increasing ignition resistance of houses based on non-flammable roofs and cleaning up around your home can make a huge difference.

In 'Stung,' Researcher Connects Jellyfish Blooms To Doomed Oceans

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In her new book, "Stung," researcher Lisa-ann Gershwin Ph.D., compares jellyfish to an angel of death whose presence in the ocean is causing destruction, death and disruption. And she says humans are contributing to the problem.

San Diego Teen Eagle Scout Weighs In On Resolution To Allow Gay Scouts

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The Boy Scouts of America's national council meets in Texas next week to consider lifting the ban on gay scouts.

From 'The Cooked Seed,' Writer Anchee Min Sows A Path In America

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Bestselling author Anchee Min's second memoir "The Cooked Seed," tells the story of Min's life as an American immigrant.

Adapting To The New Reality Of Increased Wildfire Danger

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Governor Jerry Brown is warning Californians that climate change will make wildfires more frequent and dangerous. We'll assess what the governor means about adapting to this new reality.

San Onofre Hearing Set To Begin Amid Hint From Edison Of Permanent Shutdown

Southern California Edison says if nuclear regulators turn down its request to restart one reactor, Edison may decide to shut the plant permanently. But that's just one of the issues surrounding San Onofre, as we head into another summer without power from the plant.

Wildfire Awareness Week Comes With Dire Warnings For San Diego

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Dire predictions are being made by state officials about this year's fire season. Cal Fire in San Diego went to peak staffing this week, a month ahead of schedule, to prepare for a dangerous fire season.

What The State Court Ruling On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Means To San Diego

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The California Supreme Court says cities can ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The ruling comes while San Diego leaders consider medical marijuana shop regulations.

Jerry Brown Called 'Trailblazer' In New Biography

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This first biography of California's governor in more than 30 years examines Jerry Brown's personal history and his unusual political career.

Former Mayors Sanders, Hedgecock, Wilson Reflect On Years In Office

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"Leading San Diego: Former Mayors Reflect" brought three former mayors together to look back at their time in office, share their successes, their regrets and their answers to questions from San Diegans.

San Diego Celebrates Bluegrass

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The 4th Annual Ramona Bluegrass and Old West Fest features 16 bands, 19 hours of music over 2 days.

New KPBS Television Shows Explore San Diego

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KPBS Television is helping audiences explore San Diego with two new shows hosted by two longtime KPBS favorites. Garden designer, author and botanist, Nan Sterman, is the host of the new KPBS series, "A Growing Passion." Cook, author and restaurant owner, Su-Mei Yu hosts "Savor San Diego." Both shows premiere this Thursday.

SDSU Takes Poetry International

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At San Diego State University, a literary journal called Poetry International works to broaden the boundaries of poetry through careful translation.

SDSU Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Kennedy Visit

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Kennedy's 1963 visit was more than pomp and circumstance -- it helped shaped the SDSU of today.

San Diego City Council To Consider New Medical Marijuana Ordinance Today

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The City Council is scheduled today to discuss the components of a draft law that would make medical marijuana dispensaries legal in San Diego again.

North County Transit District Rebuts KPBS/inewsource Investigation

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The SPRINTER light rail line is undergoing repairs, and KPBS/inewsource looked into the maintenance budget for North County Transit District. That public agency is now refuting some of the findings in our investigation.

What's Your Vision For Downtown San Diego?

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What should Downtown San Diego look like in 40 years? The Downtown San Diego Partnership wants input from 5,000 people living throughout the city to devise a long-term vision for the urban core.

Is San Diego Doing Enough To Maintain Its Police Force?

Mayor Filner's 2014 budget includes funds to increase the San Diego Police Department by 136 new officers this year. But the San Diego Police Officer Association says the department is already short by 100 officers and more than half of the department will be eligible for retirement in the next four years. Add to that 30 percent of officers hired since 2005 have left the department, some to work for other local agencies that pay more.

Help For Procrastinators: Last-Minute Tax Tips

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Still haven't filed your 2012 income tax returns? Are you confused about a particular element of your federal tax return? What are some of the new tax laws that you should be aware of? IRS Spokesman Raphael Tulino answers your questions about what you should know before filing your tax returns.

Cancer Play Is Reality Theatre

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A performance piece at San Diego Lyceum Theatre explores how we talk with friends and family about cancer. "The Cancer Play" is based on real conversations among a family navigating a devastating diagnosis.

The Baseball-Radio Relationship In The Digital Age

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The San Diego Padres home opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park begins at 3:40 this afternoon. In the Wireless Age, we can watch baseball in high-definition on Smart Phones and computer tablets, not to mention large, flat-screen TV's. Yet many fans still listen to the games -- even prefer to listen -- on radio, as they have for more than 80 years.

Mayor Filner Talks Vets, Budget And Marijuana

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner talks about his upcoming budget and his ongoing battles. The city council is expected to approve the mayor's revised tourism marketing deal — but there's no reason to think the fireworks are over at City Hall.

AP Drops 'Illegal Immigrant'; Language For A New Reality

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Does a shift in language reveal a shift in attitudes? You won't be hearing the term illegal immigrant from most news organizations. The Associated Press has joined many news outlets in dropping the term 'illegal immigrant' - in favor of more specific descriptions in news stories.

The Ultimate Slow Emergency: Sea Level Rise

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In a new book, oceanographer John Englander calls sea level rise “the ultimate slow emergency.” “High Tide on Main Street” describes how rising seas will affect coastal communities around the globe. Some of his predictions were eerily realized when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.

Governor Brown Responds To Sequestration With Military Advisory Council

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Governor Jerry Brown has set up a Military Advisory Council. That could provide political help to San Diego to save its installations and other military assets.

San Diego Organizing Group Report Shows 'Potential' Of Underrepresented Voters

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Alliance San Diego reports its efforts to engage new-citizen voters and voters of color resulted in an 11 percent increase in overall voter turnout this past November in the city of San Diego.

Ben Vereen Is Steppin' Out In San Diego

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Broadway star Ben Vereen is back on stage and he's performing his one-man show in San Diego this weekend.

Candidates For San Diego Council District 4 Discuss Issues

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Voters will go to the polls a week from today and cast ballots for one of nine people running to fill San Diego's 4th City Council seat.

SDSU Professor Wants Other Nations To Step Up To Bat

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In her new book, "American Umpire," San Diego State University Professor Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman explains how America became the world's umpire. She says with sequestration, we have the opportunity to re-think our expensive and open-ended commitment to maintain military bases around around the world.

Fair For Your Brain This Saturday In San Diego

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From brain-power food to dance lessons for people with Parkinson's Disease and information on new therapies, there's a lot to get your neurons firing this weekend at the Brain Health Fair.

Iraq War's Consequences 10 Years Later

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The last U.S. troops left Iraq in December 2011. Much of the American public was relieved to see American forces pulled out. But since then we have heard remarkably little about what is going on in the country we invaded back in 2003. As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the U.S. war in Iraq, experts begin to examine the consequences.

New Research Links Sleep Drugs To Improved Memory

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Sleep researcher Sara Mednick talks about how losing just one hour at Daylight Saving Time can have a big impact and her discovery on how sleep aids affect memory.

The Ethics Behind A No-CPR Policy

Listeners were shocked to hear a 911 call in which a caregiver refuse to administer CPR to a dying women. We'll discuss the policies of senior care facilities.

Who Needs Rehab?

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Celebrated health writer Anne Fletcher takes readers inside rehab centers. She examines what works and what doesn't when it comes to addiction treatment in a new book.

Mayor Filner Weighs In On Sequestration And More

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What are the issues in your community that you want the mayor to address? Mayor Bob Filner answered calls on KPBS Midday Edition Monday.

Justin Bieber And His Faith In God Discussed At Point Loma Nazarene

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Journalist, author and blogger Cathleen Falsani has written a book about pop star Justin Bieber and his faith in God.

Dueling Proposals Are The Latest In Plan For Sacramento Delta

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The debate over how to fix supply and environmental problems of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta has been going on for decades. The delta provides up to a third of Southern California's water supply. How important is it to get something done now?

Amid Threats Of Violence, Who's Keeping San Diego School Children Safe?

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Schools across the nation are searching for ways to spot troubled students before they act out violently.

Sequestration Fallout Looms Over San Diego

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The debate continues over automatic spending cuts set to go into effect at the end of this month. Democratic Congressman Scott Peters, who just began his term representing San Diego's 52nd District, talks about what's needed to avoid the cuts.

Report Cites Rising Pension Costs Amid Judge's Prop B Rejection

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Pension costs in San Diego County are on the rise. That's according to a new report, which comes after an administrative judge's decision that the city of San Diego's attempt to bring its pension expenses down is illegal.

Why Whooping Cough Is Becoming Resistant To Vaccine

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A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows cases of whooping cough in the U.S. may be resistant to the vaccine.

DePuy Hip Implant Problems In San Diego

A lawsuit underway in Los Angeles reveals Johnson & Johnson apparently knew years before they recalled a faulty artificial hip that it had a critical design flaw, but they went ahead and had doctors install them in tens of thousand of patients.