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Stories by Megan Burke

Can Meditation Make Your Heart Healthier?

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Using wireless technology, a Scripps study hopes to explore what physical changes take place during meditation.

Costumed Crusaders Patrol Downtown San Diego In The Name Of Justice

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In Metropolis or Gotham City, seeing a superhero downtown wouldn't be abnormal. But in San Diego, the sight of crime fighters dressed up in masks and capes can cause something of a stir.

2014 Forecast For San Diego's Housing Market

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Good news and bad news seemed to go hand in hand for San Diego's housing market this year. We'll hear what may be in store for local real estate in 2014.

Mount Soledad Cross Dispute Far From Over

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Last week a federal judge, following an appeals court ruling, ordered the cross removed from the Mount Soledad war memorial. But the order was stayed and more appeals are expected. We'll trace the history of this complicated San Diego legal case.

Tentative Budget Deal Could Give San Diego Economic Boost In 2014

The tentative budget deal in Washington is boosting San Diego's economic outlook. One 2014 economic forecast for San Diego predicts slow and steady growth next year. But how will economic recovery impact income-inequality?

Report: California Skimping On Spending For Tobacco Prevention

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In California, only 14 percent of the recommended $441.9 million of tobacco settlement dollars is being spent on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, report by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids finds.

No One Found Guilty In Stephanie Crowe Killing

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The acquittal Friday of Richard Tuite for the 1998 murder of Stephanie Crowe means that case remains unresolved. Why hasn't anyone been convicted of killing the Escondido preteen?

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Celebrates Life And David Chase

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The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus has flourished under choral director David Chase, who celebrates his 40th year this season.

National Survey Shows 40 Percent Of Military Personnel Have Difficulty Making Ends Meet

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Long deployments are just one of the additional challenges military families face when it comes to keeping their finances straight. Nearly a third of those surveyed in new report are still resorting to high-interest pay day loans, or fall prey to predatory lending practices that trap them in a cycle of debt.

Amy Tan's Journey To 'The Valley Of Amazement'

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Bestselling author Amy Tan explores the world of Chinese courtesans, the relationships between mothers and daughters and themes of abandonment and identity in her new novel, "The Valley of Amazement."

Scams And Other Things To Know About Your 2013 Income Taxes

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The American Taxpayer Relief Act went into effect in January 2013. Several changes to the tax code could impact income deductions. IRS spokesman Raphael Tulino gives details of the changes and some end-of-the-year tax tips.

StoryCorps: Ten Years Of Getting Choked Up Listening To Public Radio

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Over the last 10 years more than 100,000 people have participated in StoryCorps, making it the largest single collection of human voices.

John F. Kennedy's Legacy In San Diego

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Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We explore his legacy in San Diego.

Diplomatic Scholar Examines Past And Present Peace Negotiations Between Israel And Palestine

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Former diplomat and peace-process scholar William Quandt gives background on the present peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians.

San Diego Mayoral Special Election Look Ahead

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City of San Diego residents can hand in their ballots or go to the polls tomorrow in a special election to fill the term of former Mayor Bob Filner. We look at the latest polling and election turnout predictions.

San Diego Latinos Surveyed About Beliefs, Experiences

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A survey finds interesting complexities in San Diego's Latino population. KPBS and San Diego Magazine commissioned a survey to determine the range of attitudes and aspirations in the Latino community.


How Much Is Too Much Media For Kids? San Diego Experts Weigh In

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The American Academy of Pediatrics encourage parents to come up with a media use plan for their kids. We speak with local experts about how to set some guidelines.

Jared Diamond Compares Traditional Societies To WEIRD Nations

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Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "Guns, Germs and Steel" talks about his new book about what we can learn from traditional societies.

Burmese Refugees Making San Diego Home

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San Diego artists and musicians kick in to help local Burmese refugees. The community is trying to reunite families as the U.S. ends refugee status for Burma.

Money And Popularity In The Final Weeks Of The Race For San Diego Mayor

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Early voting is underway and the polls open Nov. 19., so what's the latest on the San Diego mayor's race?

Remembering Martha Longenecker, Artist, Mingei Museum Founder

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We remember Martha Longenecker, the founder of San Diego's Mingei International Museum, who died on Oct. 29.

San Diegans May Soon Be Asked To BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

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The San Diego City Council will vote in January on an ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags from some stores, joining 85 other California municipalities. But not everyone is on board.

Turning The Lens On Renowned '60s Photographer Rowland Scherman

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One photograph can capture the essence of an emotion, an event and sometimes even a person. When you combine great photography with historic events, you come as close as you can to experiencing the past.

Fall Gardening Tips For San Diego

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Fall Is the best time to plant in San Diego. Gardening expert Nan Sterman will explain what to plant now in your fall garden.

Family Separation Across Border Leaves Lasting Emotional Distance

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Award-winning novelist Reyna Grande is out with a memoir about her childhood spent in Mexico — while her parents worked in the United States.


One Doctor's Mission To Bring 'Slow Medicine' Approach To Caring For Aging Parents

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The end of life for an elderly relative can be a crisis time for a family, but according to a new approach in geriatric medicine, it doesn't have to be. "Slow medicine" is built around the idea of providing the right kind of care at the right time to older people.

Retrial Set In Killing Of Escondido Child, Stephanie Crowe

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The retrial of Richard Tuite is just the latest episode in the legal drama surrounding the death of 12-year old Stephanie Crowe. And despite a finding of factual innocence, Stephanie's brother is likely to once again be implicated by the defense.

Repairing San Diego's Crumbling Roads An Uphill Battle

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San Diego Infrastructure Committee Chairman and Councilman Mark Kersey explains how the city will determine what gets fixed when and where the money will come from.

How To Navigate Frustrating Customer Service Experiences 'The Smart Way'

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A new guidebook can help you through your next encounter with an unresponsive service worker, and even build some respect.

A Conversation With San Diego Mayoral Candidate Kevin Faulconer

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Our series of San Diego mayoral candidate interviews continues with San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer.

Escondido Seeks Public Input On Council Boundaries

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An Escondido commission begins a series of public hearings to create city council districts which empower Latino voters.

A Conversation With San Diego Mayoral Candidate Mike Aguirre

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Our series of San Diego mayoral candidate interviews continues with former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

Adopting A Shelter Dog In San Diego

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San Diego is a dog-friendly County, with dozens of dog parks dotting the region. Here are some tips for adopting shelter dogs and becoming a better owner.

Calif. Bill Allowing Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants Comes With Cautions

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The good news for people here illegally is that they may soon be able to get a driver's license. Yet some say the bad news is those licenses will be different from legal residents because of markings identifying the holders as undocumented.

Mixed Report On San Diego's Real Estate Market

Housing prices and home sales dipped a bit last month, adding just another wrinkle to San Diego's real estate market. Most numbers show great improvement in the housing market since last year. But some people are concerned that the recovery in real estate may slow down. Interest rates are up, and maximum federal loan amounts are about to come down.

Should Edison Be Allowed To Profit On San Onofre's Faulty Steam Generators?

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Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric are asking ratepayers to pick up the investment costs in the generators that failed at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. They also want more than five percent return on their investment. The California Public Utility Commission's Division of Ratepayer Advocates said there should be no profit.

Applying Lessons From 9/11 To Syria

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Against the backdrop of the 12th anniversary of 9/11, we look back at the lessons learned as the U.S. faces action in another Middle Eastern country.

The Experiences Of Widowers Through Stories And Photos

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The stories and faces of people who've suffered the loss of a spouse are profiled in a new book by San Diego writer and photographer Judith Fox.

Domestic Violence Victim Suing Catholic Diocese For Breach Of Contract

A former El Cajon elementary school teacher says she lost her job, because her school was afraid of her abusive ex-husband. Now she's suing the Roman Catholic Diocese because she says the school broke Canon Law when she was terminated. And, California lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would stop employers from firing domestic violence victims.

Chargers Challenging City's Convention Center Expansion Proposal

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The Chargers begin their season as San Diegans hear a new proposal for a downtown stadium. The convention center expansion plan is entering its final phase of approvals...but not so fast. The Chargers are once again proposing a new football stadium with additional convention center space.

How Will New Federal Drug Policy Guidelines Play Out In San Diego?

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The U.S. Department of Justice has been tweaking some of its drug policies lately. We'll find out how the changes affect San Diego.

How Should U.S. Respond To Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria?

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Supporters of a U.S. strike against the Assad regime are working to convince a war weary Congress. What would a strike against Syria mean to opposition forces fighting the Assad regime? A San Diego man who just returned from Syria shares his perspective.

Preventing Wildfire In San Diego County

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The threat of devastating wildfires is a fact of life in California. CalFire says it has a prevention plan. But critics in Southern California say using prescribed burns to clear vast tracts of land isn't the answer.

Studying Same-Sex Marriage

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Intriguing results from early research into same-sex marriage.

U.S. Attorney Says Sequestration Cuts Could Make San Diego Less Safe

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The U.S. Attorney for San Diego says sequestration cuts are about to hit her office hard. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy warns that she may have to pick and choose which offenders to prosecute if the cuts go through. Government lawyers and federal investigators face furloughs in the new fiscal year. Duffy says cuts to federal courts and probation officers could make San Diego less safe.

Talking To Children About Sexual Harassment And Scandals In The News

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Allegations against Mayor Bob Filner give rise to news stories that can puzzle children. The reports about Mayor Filner and other politicians caught up in scandals blare out over the radio and TV. We'll discuss what to say to children who have questions about those lurid headlines.

Critics Challenge Cal Fire's Massive Wildfire Mitigation Plan

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A massive "vegetation treatment" proposal to reduce wildfires is getting push back from Southern California wildland experts. The plan calls for controlled burns and other fire mitigation efforts covering tens of millions of acres across California. But critics say the proposal will not work in San Diego. We'll find out why.

Will The Filner Scandal Cause An Economic Fallout In San Diego?

With all the uncertainty surrounding the future of Mayor Bob Filner, some are wondering if San Diego will begin to feel an economic impact from the scandal.

County Supervisors To Vote To Close Gaps In Programs For Severely Mentally Ill

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San Diego County is reviewing the public services available to people living in the county who are severely mentally ill and are resistant to treatment.

Laura's Law: A Program For Severely Mentally Ill People Who Refuse Treatment

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People with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder often refuse treatment because they don't know they're sick. We’ll hear about an involuntary treatment program, Laura's Law, the county is considering adopting to help the severely mentally ill.